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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

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New chapters:
Chapter Eight: Parting,

Chapter Seven: Religious Rituals.

New chapter Chapter Six: Freedom from the body.

New chapter Chapter Five: The Earth.

New chapter Chapter Four: Joint Meditation.

New chapter Healing of Rodion.

New chapter About Satanic Destructive Sects.

New chapter On Recognition, on Power of a Soul and Temptations of Pride.

New chapter New House.

New chapter Short Course of the Basics of Meditation.

New chapter Chapter Eleven: Earthly Love and Love Divine.

New chapter Chapter Ten: Jesus.

New edition of the book "Life for God" is published.

New chapter Chapter Nine: Training from Rada.

New chapter Chapter eight: In the Community.

New chapter Once again about Karma.

New chapter Campfire at Night

New chapters:
Meeting with Alexey,

New Meeting.

New chapters:
Veliyar’s Departure from the Community,

Conversations with Radomir.

New chapter My Treasure

New chapter Chapter Three: Lessons from Starosta Blagoslav. Harmony between People and God

New chapters from the book Anatomy of God:

The Divine Fire. How to Become It?,

On the States of God.

New chapters from the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present:





Master M,


New chapters:
Katya and Ram.

About Love for People and God.

Principles of Life Established for Us by God.

On Patanjali’s Commandments.

The translation of the new book "Fakir. The Science of Miracles" was started.

Once Again about the Straight Path

Perfection Means to Become the Holy Spirit!

The Method of Self-Healing.

Chapter 14: The End of Hamilcar’s Apprenticeship.

Chapter 13: In Babylon.

Chapter 14: The End of Hamilcar’s Apprenticeship.

Comments: On the Path to Spiritual Perfection.

Comments of the Perfects.

About Carlos Castaneda,
Is There Life on Other Planets?.

On Signs of Human Stupidity,
About the Faith,
Whether to Learn Exiting the Body?,
Tolerance — or Blame.

How to Become Osho (Ocean)?,
Why Are Seas and Oceans Salty?

Childhood of Rada,
Is There Really Death?

About Tornados,
On the “Greenhouse Effect”

Taoism (Compilation of the Texts)

On Disputes

Death and Immortality,
Return of Olav,
The Great Traveler

Lao Tse. Treatise on Virtue

What Can We Do in Nature?

“Evening at Roadstead” — the Song by Nakhimov,
How the Earth Was Created.

New book:
Ariadne. Pythagorasʼ School in Crotone

New chapters:
Life without the Elder Nicholas,
Healing the Boy.

New chapters:
A Little Bit about the Passed Path,
On Faith.

New chapters:
The Pyramid is “The Fire from Inside”. Meditation of Thoth – The Atlantean

New chapters:
In Humility, the Soul Is Healed,
Old Believers

New book:
Legend of Rada and Alexey

New chapters:
The Formula of the Perfection,
Conversation with Native American Chieftain Hugh,
A Little Bit about the Passed Path

New chapters:
To the Theme of Beauty: about Mammary Glands,
Dogs — to Paradise, Man — to Hell…

New chapters:
On Traffic Laws for Pedestrians,
Spiritual Self-Realization — It Is Easy!



(author and editor Dr.Vladimir Antonov)

Agni Yoga
Anatomy of God
Atlantis and the Atlanteans
Ariadne. Pythagorasʼ School in Crotone
Avalokiteshvara: On Reaching Nirvana
Bhagavad Gita with Commentaries
Book of the Warrior of the Spirit
Book of Those Born-Again in the Light. Revelations of Divine Atlanteans
“Bubbles of Perception”
Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present
Dialogues with Pythagoras
Divine Parables
Divine Tales of Slavic Lands
Essays on the Main
Fairy Tales of Grandpa Vanya
Forest Lectures on the Highest Yoga
Gold Tablets of Atlanteans
How God Can Be Cognized. Autobiographyof a Scientist Who Studied God
How God Can Be Cognized. Book 2. Autobiographies of the Disciples of God
Kayr — On the Path and Travelers
Lao Tse. Treatise on Virtue
Legend about Prince Dmitriy and Volhva
Legend of Rada and Alexey
Lessons of Pythagoras
Life for God. A Book for Seekers of Freedom!
On the Other Side of the Material World (Essay of the experience which I really had)
Parables about the Elder Zosima
Parables of Lao Tse
Parables of the Masters
Pythagoras and His School
Fakir. The Science of Miracles
Sathya Sai Baba — the Christ of Our Days
Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity
Spiritual Work with Children
Story about Princess Nesmeyana and Ivan
Story of True Magic
Sufi Parables
Tao Te Ching
Taoism (Compilation of the Texts)
The Gospel of Philip
The New Upanishad. Structure and Cognition of the Absolute
The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ
The Saga of Odin
The Teachings of Babaji
The Teachings of Don Juan Matus
Teachings of God
on the Achieving the Spiritual Perfection
To Understand God

Children's Books

Fairy Tales of Grandpa Vanya
Divine Parables
Divine Tales of Slavic Lands
Fakir. The Science of Miracles
Parables about the Elder Zosima
Story about Princess Nesmeyana and Ivan
Story of True Magic
Spiritual Work with Children
The Tale of the Boy Who Could Do Magic
The Tale of Matryonushka

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Articles and lectures by Dr.Vladimir Antonov

On the States of God
The Divine Fire. How to Become It?
Seek for the Treasure beneath the Pyramid!
For Successful Disciples of God
On the Principles of Correct Upbringing Souls
Conversations with Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin
Where Does God Live?
Is It Right to Present Flowers to the Beloved?
God Is Living God!
What Is Needed to Become Perfect?
Religious Disputes, Sects — and God
“Lower i” and “Modern Psychology”
Three Steps of Centering
On Nirodhi and Ways to Achieve It
God, Gods, “gods”, and the Spiritual Path
On Sufi Practices
What Is Consciousness?
About Violence
On the Subject of the Reform of Spirituality in Russia
Jesus Heals Now As Well
The "Star of David" and a Pentagram
The Straight Path
Why Should We Keep the Commandments of Jesus Christ?
Sects, Heresies and the Straight Path
"Is the Earth living?" and Some Religious Perversions
Vice of Condemnation. Mordancy Is an "Ulcer Disease" of the Soul!
Two Sexes
On Yoga
"Babaji's Formula" and "Allahu Akbar!"
How Is It — to Merge with God?
The Science of the Development of Souls
Why are we needed for God?
Buddhi Yoga
Love the Lord, Your God!... Love Your Neighbor!
The Creator and His Creation
The Most Important in Our Lives
Is God Cognizable?
Faith — and Knowledge
Psychical Self-Regulation and Spiritual Growth
The Clothed in the Four Quarters of the Sky
Five Stages of Growth of the Consciousness on the Spiritual Path
Art and Spiritual Development
About the Path to God: Questions and Answers
"Losing the Human Form" and the Centrism in God
The Lower "i" and the Higher "I"



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Vladimir Antonov

Vladi­mir Anto­nov was born in 1946 in Saint Peters­burg, Rus­sia. After gradu­at­ing from the Saint Peters­burg State Uni­versity as a bio-eco­lo­gist, he worked for many years in such fields of sci­ence as bio­logy, medi­cine, eco­logy. He re­ceived a Ph.D. in bio­logy. In par­tic­u­lar, he cre­ated a new ef­fect­ive sys­tem of psych­ic­al self-reg­u­la­tion based on work with the chakras and me­ridi­ans.

Gradu­ally Dr.Anto­nov re-dir­ec­ted his search of a sci­ent­ist-bio­lo­gist — in­to the field of spir­itu­al know­ledge: study of non-in­carn­ated forms of life, in­clud­ing God, and dir­ect cog­ni­tion of God in His dif­fer­ent Mani­fest­a­tions. As a res­ult, Dr.Anto­nov cre­ated the new branch of mod­ern sci­ence — Meth­od­o­logy of Spir­itu­al De­vel­op­ment.

Vladi­mir Anto­nov is known for his many books and films ded­ic­ated to theo­logy, spir­itu­al evol­u­tion­al an­thro­po­logy, the­ory and prac­tices of spir­itu­al growth; at present these ma­ter­i­als are trans­lated in­to many lan­guages and are known in al­most all coun­tries of the Earth.

If you would like to help us (for free) with the translation of our books and articles from English into other languages, please contact us.