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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

'Lower i' and 'Modern Psychology'

“Lower i” and “Modern Psychology”
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

The “lower i" is a set of nesting in the head chakra ajna perverse egocentric senses of oneself and the corresponding emotions — such as pride, vanity, arrogance, selfhood, contempt, intolerance, violence, resentment, desire for gain to the detriment of others, etc.

In contrast, it can be said about the "Higher I" when one — by the well-known now spiritual efforts — has realized oneself as the Divine Light, the only state of Which being reasonable altruistic Love presenting Itself. This state is achieved through ethical and bio-energetical cleansing of oneself, plus the development of oneself as a spiritual heart.

To learn more about this topic, you may use the materials in the list of books and films mentioned at the end.

... Psychology is the science of the soul.

What does it mean? And what, more specifically, can this area of science explore?

These are the following topics:

— What is the soul?

— What is the meaning of the existence of souls and incarnate beings? Souls’ relation to God.

— How are souls born and evolve? What conditions are necessary for their proper development? What causes lead to the distortion of soul’s development?

— What are the principles of multi-aspect interactions of souls in different environmental (including social) situations?

— How can one try to correct the pathologies in the development of the soul?

The science of souls must be inseparably associated with the science of God — i.e. theology. And if there is no clear understanding of even what is the meaning of the word God — there can be neither true theology in such human communities nor true psychology.

It is interesting to recall to young modern readers that in the atheistic Soviet Union the word "psychology" did not exist. It was substituted with "the physiology of higher nervous activity", where the focus was not on God and the soul, but the brain... with its reflexes. Of course, to understand and explain to people the meaning of our lives — on the basis of this pseudo-scientific foundation — was not possible.

As a result of Gorbachev's Perestroika, religion in Russia was rehabilitated. But... in none of the "traditional" mass religious movements that exist in Russia and abroad, there was any clear explanation of what is God and the soul! This, in particular, contributed to the maintenance of such a stupid mass belief that there is separate man — and his or her soul. That is, a human being is a body; and a soul... is something different that then goes to hell or to paradise. And also it is possible — even during the life of the body — to "sell", to "lose" the soul...

Although in fact, the truth is quite different and very simple: namely man is the soul! And it is not the soul can be lost but the body.

The essence of the spiritual Path consists, in particular, in efforts of fully realizing self-transformation — as the soul! And after death of the body — we will find ourselves in the immaterial world, in that status which has become habitual during the life in the material body.

What is that status? What are we here talking about? These are, first of all, our emotions.

We, if having chronically lived in fear or sullen, disgruntled, spiteful towards other beings states, — will continue to live in them. This is hell — among beings of our own kind, who will show their hatred and aggression towards us...

If we accustom ourselves to living in subtle and bright emotions of love-tenderness, love-care, in attunement to the subtlest — then in these states and among similar to us beings we will continue to exist. It is the paradise.

The paradise state is the necessary step for direct and multifaceted personal cognition of God.

Let us understand and remember that emotions are the states of souls, consciousnesses!

Hence on this basic "platform" of knowledge — we must clearly understand how to build our own lives on the Earth, what is good and what is bad, what we can and what is forbidden.

And yet — there is an opportunity to learn to regulate our emotional states. How? To do this, our system of psychic self-regulation was developed and presented in the book [13] and our other books and films.

And, if we go this Path offered to us by God from time immemorial, we not only acquire the paradise but the possibility opens to pour ourselves into the Creator in His Abode. All this is discussed in detail in our publications on the subject developed by us, which is a modern branch of science — methodology of spiritual development.

... I repeat that, if there is no fundamental knowledge about what is God, the soul, the Evolution of Consciousness, if there is not a God-centered worldview — then any adequate psychological techniques — without this foundation — cannot be created. Different "psychoanalytic" concepts, in which God is not the Center of consideration, but... human sexuality, aggressiveness, stress of a child at birth into the world of matter, etc. — may be the examples of such inadequacy. And the most malefic manifest here is centering one's attention on that, what creates mass psychopathology among its followers, — i.e. fearsome mystical entities: demons, devils, vampires, "the deadmen", "wrathful deities", "black forces", etc. And the worldview of so many people is built out of all this mystical dirt — including through television and other media!

... The term "modern psychology" has appeared under the influence of the books of Carlos Castaneda [36-43]. These books contain information that has extremely positive significance on the spiritual Path; this is what we discussed in detail in our published materials. But for people who have a tendency to perceive only the bad, the most "valuable" were mainly two topics: the use of drugs and the "destruction" of the “lower i”.

What — from a mystical point of view — are drugs used for? It is in order to master the breakaway from one’s material body; it is called an "out of body experience". What comes? — satisfaction of healthy curiosity? — Yes. But all narcotics used for this purpose are pathogens: they cause harm both to body and soul. Moreover, they bear no relation to the spiritual perfecting! They do not make us better — before God! But specifically for the sake of cognition of Him — we have been incarnated into our bodies!

Spiritual perfection is built by quite another way: the intellectual and ethical lines of development, as well as efforts to transform oneself into the refined Godlike Love: because God is Love!

During those "out-of-body" moments one really breaks away from the material body — and finds oneself in that spatial layer of multidimensionality, which — for him or her — has become habitual. Most often it is not the “heavenly abode”: only the rightly-directed spiritual efforts are effective for earning truly paradise.

Also during the "out-of-body" experience, contacts with the creatures of hell are often formed. And these contacts continue after returning to the body.

Moreover, disembodied former addicts crave but cannot — due to not having their own material bodies — feel familiar for them past states. Therefore, they force incarnate drug addicts to further "doses" — to be satisfied in this way, i.e. through feeling their states. The victims of such infernal spirits receive an obsession. Plus — chemical dependence on drugs. The way back is already almost closed. But fate is crippled...

... Another area of \x{200b}\x{200b}"modern psychology" are attempts to "destroy" in others the "lower i". They consists of intentional and sometimes sophisticated humiliation of "disciples": insults, beatings, sexual abuses, etc.

What is it worth? Can it give at least a few beneficial effects? No!

Moreover, rudeness and violence in all their manifestations — are opposed to true spiritual progress. They clearly expose the depravity of the owners of these qualities!

What motivates those who implement such "methods"? Pronounced soul depravity! These people, under cover, in particular, of the diplomas of higher psychological education — merely found a "legitimate" opportunity to satisfy their most primitive perverse soul-properties!

My opinion: such conducted by them "lessons", "retreats" or "seminars" must be considered at least as hooliganism.

... But the theme of "destruction" of “lower i" is really relevant on the Path of spiritual development! This was said by Jesus Christ and other Divine Teachers. Much has been written on this subject in our books.

But this must be done not with hooligan bullying but with methods of Hesychasm, i.e. work in the inner silence of the developed spiritual heart.

Knowledge of the modern developed Hesychasm can easily be explored through our books and films. It is both the initial stages of mastering the art of psychic self-regulation and higher levels mastered in the framework of environmental psychology (ecopsychology).

One of the foundations of ecopsychology is meditative work on so-called places of power, first of all, — at the working sites of Holy Spirits. And it must be emphasized that such work must be preceded by the ethical and bioenergetical purification. And we cannot do this without mastering the art of psychic self-regulation. The reason — that not-cleansed souls are able to perceive only a rough energy of the surrounding space. And the attunement with coarse energies — this is the path in the opposite direction from the Creator. But God — in the Aspects of the Creator and the Holy Spirits — is perceived by only those who have already reached the paradise (i.e. refined) level of development.

... I remember a case from my practice.

I knew in the forest a very thick and very sick old pine. Its bio-field was stunningly rude, even tougher than the bio-fields that are typical for old oaks.

One day we walked along the forest path. Suddenly — we are outstripped by a car. It stops just about that pine. Young people exit and are led by a woman which I — in my youth and inexperience — was trying to teach everything narrated in this article. She explains to her disciples about how great the power is of this tree! And her students are encouraged to embrace the trunk of the pine, intending to be in tune and become fed with its force...

Many people are unable to distinguish between rough (devilish) — and refined (i.e. paradise and Divine) force. They are susceptible to extol the brutal energy force from which their bodies numbs and the abilities to think and speak stops... I met the possessors of such diabolical force among the pseudo-healers, pseudo-yogis, among the "pastors" of some famous religious directions.

I hope my readers will make the right conclusions for themselves about how to distinguish between true — and not true leaders and other preachers.

In this regard, I mention another topic: the current trend to organize for everyone very expensive excursions to places of power. The problem here is the same: real Divine places cannot be perceived by not purified, not subtle souls. Therefore, such trips cannot give benefit to their members. But as for the "guides", their financial benefit is obvious. It is based either on their incompetence in spiritual matters or on malicious gain.

Conclusion: The work on the spiritual self-perfection at true Divine working sites is very useful! But it will be possible only after a proper cleansing of bodies and souls. How to achieve it, detailed in the book [13] and our other materials.

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