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The Method of Self-Healing

Essays on the Main/The Method of Self-Healing

The Method of Self-Healing

For those who have already mastered such elementary exercises of psychical self-regulation, as looking from the chakra anahata in all directions and Pranava (see in the book “Ecopsychology” and in our video-films), I can offer a pleasant and effective summer method of prophylaxis and healing from, I think, any diseases (on, of course, condition of sincere aspiration to ethical purity). (Please understand that these my words in no way exclude, if there is a need, seeking help from physicians!)

Pre-practice may be as follows:

We go swimming in a lake or sea with enough warm and calm water, in sunny weather. It will be better — if there is such an opportunity — to enter the water without any clothing: so it is easier to attune with the tattva (generalized — natural element) of water. (There is the concept of naturism — the naturalness of communication with nature, which includes bodily nudity. Naturism is recognized and protected by the international legislation of UNESCO. Also there is an International Naturist Federation — INF, functioning under the auspices of UNESCO. But I believe that this trend should not have signs of behavior that cause negative emotions in those people who have other beliefs.)

We dive, enjoy contact with water, then stop neck deep in the water. Hands — relaxed, directed to the sides.

I — each — feel not my body in the water, but the water around (at the greatest possible distance) in which my body is located.

Do not let the concentration of attention go on for a long time above the surface of the water.

I perceive — from this state — the body ahead of me. I try to move by Light through the body: first from behind — forward, then — in all directions.

Having imprinted this state (in one, several or many such trainings), it will be possible to repeat the same — outside the reservoir: even, for example, at home.

As far as mastering the exercise, the body will be freed from gross dark energies, become transparent and bright inside. (So at the same time, you can develop the ability of clairvoyance).

And how to deal with the head: because it remained above the surface of the water?

You can use the following methods:

1. We immerse the head for a while in the water or in its image — and act on it, as on the rest of the body.

2. With the hands of the soul, we enter the head from below and scrape out all dark energies from it. Or you can use images of surgical tools of the appropriate size.

3. Create an image of a water-Light fountain, rushing through the head from the bottom up and washing it.

Elimination of the symptoms of diseases or their rudiments can occur either immediately or gradually.

… I would very much like to know that competent adult educators will teach such healing and prophylaxis procedures in the playful style to children — in addition to the techniques mentioned in the book “Spiritual Work with Children”!

Children, who have successfully mastered this healing and spiritualizing game, can be offered to feel themselves Neptunes and Aphrodites, emanating from the water — into the Light above and consisting of Light.

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