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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

What Is Needed to Become Perfect?

What Is Needed to Become Perfect?
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

We talked about this in many of our books and articles, as well as showed in video films.

It was about the same: cognition of God and the gradual deification of oneself, as well as Service to the common Process of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

But can it be expected that such information immediately "will reach" the majority of readers? The population of our (and not only our) country was "brought up" either on atheistic lies or on the falsehood of sects, claiming, for example, that

— only belonging to this sect will "save",

— and that the only thing that we can do for us to be "saved" — these are prayers and hatred to members of other religious movements,

— or that the destruction of certain infidels is the guaranteed way to paradise,

— or that violence against other people for the sake of "saving the ancient foundations of the faith" is a virtuous deed...

The majority of people, living on the Earth right now, have neither any understanding about God, nor even what is a soul! They identify themselves as their bodies!... And a soul — for them — is something… not clear; it then will live in hell or in paradise...

Although the truth is that man is the soul, only for a time infused by God into the material flesh — to grow in it, to master in it the stages of perfecting!

Moreover, animals and plants — they are as we, people, also embodied souls of different ages, usually younger if compared with people.

"Understanding nothing" in the religious theme among the masses of "believers" — is now a common happening in all existing dominant directions of religion! True religious values are replaced by substitutes — sometimes only diversifying true deeds, but sometimes — leading to the diametrically opposite direction from God!

But spiritual progress, indeed, is not achieved

— either by tortures and killings of dissidents,

— or by the "exhaustion or mortification of the flesh",

— or by only various prayers and rituals —

but by the purification of thoughts and emotions, kindness to all kind beings, development of oneself as a spiritual heart, subtling oneself (as a soul, consciousness), the formation of the aspiration in love to God!

Therefore God suggests — to finally "come down" — to tell about the Truth over and over again and in different words, observing the Truth in many ways.

By doing so, in this article, we will talk about God and the Path to Him in yet another variant of consideration.

So, on the spiritual Path, one needs, in particular:

1. To get general information about God, about the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, the proper place in it for each of us, in other words, — the meaning of our lives on the Earth and the possibilities of its implementation.

2. To take care of the health of the body. The body is a "factory" for remaking energy, coming as ordinary food, — into the energy for developing the soul. Moreover, this energy must be adequate for the spiritual growth.

The conventional medicine may help in the recovery of the body.

But more importantly, we are not to harm our physical health! I mean both the inclusion of harmonious communication with nature, and the exclusion of alcohol, tobacco, any medicines called narcotics, and the categorical rejection of eating the bodies of animals. In our diet, it is necessary to take care of the full protein maintenance, vitamins, trace elements... We talked about this in some detail, including, in our other books and articles [7-8,13, et al.].

3. To purify our thoughts and emotions; they must be devoid of coarseness. This does not exclude a critical evaluation of observed phenomena; it indeed is needed! But we should consider our own level of subtlety in the states of the soul (consciousness). When people talk about the sin of condemnation, we should focus not on critically assessing certain events, but on the presence or absence of emotions of condemnation.

Remember: our emotions are the states of the soul (consciousness)!

Dominating in us subtle emotions lead us to paradise and then — to the Abode of Holy Spirits and the Creator.

But people, accustom themselves to coarse emotions and go to hell — the "rubbish heap" of the Evolution.

And no prayers will help: oneself alone inevitably programs himself or herself into a fixed layer of the multidimensional space — in accordance to the corresponding states of oneself-soul as per the "scale of subtlety — rudeness"!

On the spiritual Path, we should talk about mastering volitional control of our own emotions. And without special knowledge about this, it is very difficult to achieve adequate progress. Therefore, we have developed and published methods of psychical self-regulation, which can be found in the books [13 etc.].

4. The complete ethical purity must be achieved and impeccably kept [12-14, et al.].

We discussed the theme of ethics in more detail in the book [13]. In particular, it was said there that the ethical attitude should be applied towards everyone: not only towards other people, but also towards animals, plants, and — which is most important — towards God in His various Aspects and Manifestations.

In particular, the undying love-aspiration to cognition of our common Creator should win in us, despite difficulties which are put by Him in front of each of us — simply to test the strength of our love for Him.

5. A necessary attribute for the spiritual ascent is the knowledge of meditative techniques for development of consciousness. This is what we have discussed a lot in other publications [12,35, et al.]. Now I will repeat that what spiritual seekers do not always pay attention to:

— The basis of spirituality in man is his or her ability to live in a state of spiritual heart. This quality is called also sincerity, frankness, anahatness. The spiritual Path begins from this threshold. All that was mastered before, was only preparation, a prerequisite.

Further progress is determined by the success in this direction: the growing spiritual heart becomes at the rate of meters, then of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers, further... If the proper level of subtlety of the consciousness is keeping up, the Holy Spirits become for each Divine Teachers — easily perceptible: visible for the eyes of consciousness, clearly audible, always ready to give the Divine Love, if we progress flawlessly. One acquires the ability to embrace Them, merge with Them...

Merging with God in the beginning is made precisely so. Then the variants of the existence of the United We of Holy Spirits are cognized in different versions: the Transparent Calm, the states of Divine Light and Fire.

— Starting to work with the anahata chakra, you need to learn to look from it not only forward but also backward. Looking forward, we shine out of it into the world of the Creation. Looking back — into intangible subtlest layers of the Universe, including the Holy Spirit’s world. All this and more — in a meditative perspective of development — is carried out behind the body and under the matter, in the multidimensional depth.

— It is necessary to meditate with physical eyes open. Then — the eyes of the soul inadvertently are open; this determines the development of clairvoyance.

To close the body's eyes, when trying to meditate, means that such a person is immersing in the mental images which arise in the chakra ajna. This, of course, gives no good, only the illusion of success.

— I do not consider that it's right to make mass group lessons for all comers — on serious psycho-energetics.

Usually, in particular, schizophrenics and other people with poor mental function come to such groups. And also — incorrigible freaks on the ethical direction of development.

And it is necessary to take into account, too, that people who master the methods developed by us heal themselves of various diseases, including the very heavy. And this in many cases — no matter how strange it may seem — is bad. For those who were — before God — unworthy of health due to the ignoring ethical flaws, obtain healing during such sessions as advances and debts to God. If they do not then make returns on these debts, it "hangs a heavy load" in their fates, only worsening them...

So I would recommend to everyone to try moving forward on such programs — independently or in small groups of friends.

As for the mass trainings, including such for children of all ages (particularly, together with their harmoniously developing parents) [11], such programs should be restricted mainly within basic psycho-physical exercises and work on anahata chakra; this then lets each raise independently the spiritual heart.

These classes would have a huge positive impact in the further development of children. The activity in halls could be combined with ecopsychological tourism: development of the ability to live in nature, eating edible plants and storing them for future use, also attunement with the beauty and harmony of sunrise and sunset, studying the vocalization of birds, the cultivation of heart friendliness towards all the good inhabitants of forests, meadows, reservoirs... This, in particular, would favor children who then will never in future become killers (direct or indirect) of animals. And this is very important for success in spiritual perfecting!

But we must not overload children mentally with difficult for their age information about non-incarnate forms of life: it can lead to open inadequate behavior.

Let us remember that, for example, among adults, too, can be seen the not so uncommon lack of ability to distinguish between information which is received from God — and from whispering "voices" of demons and devils.

Many children at an early age easily meditate — sometimes even better than adults. And they can see the Holy Spirits. (Under the influence of materialist education these abilities are lost with age). But... I will make an example in this respect:

Once we were on one of the working sites of Holy Spirit Assyris — in a company with about a six-year-old girl. We trained in meditation communicating with Assyris and His Divine Disciples. All was easily done by the young girl as well as by the adults. We were surprised and delighted looking at her!

When we were walking back to the train, we came upon a pile of elk excrements. The girl never before saw it. But I explained — what this is.

Then, as we walked, the girl all the time lagged behind — near every puddle. I went to see — what was there that she found interesting?

It turned out that there were likenesses of elk excrements of mud; she sculpted them by hand and laid at the edges of each of the puddles...

Conclusion: for adults — the most significant from that day was the communication with Divine Assyris, but for the girl — elk wastes...

Such is the reality of children perception…

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