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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Clothed in the Four Quarters of the Sky

The Clothed in the Four Quarters of the Sky

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Mikhail Nikolenko

© Antonov V.V., 2010.

We have discussed already in our other conversations the subject of the meaning of human life and the ways of its realization. We said, in particular, that the ultimate goal of the life of every one of us consists in achieving spiritual Perfection and Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator). The Path to this Mergence consists of stages of ethical and bioenergetical purification of oneself, and then of refinement and quantitative growth of the refined consciousness (soul) — through the growth of the spiritual heart, first of all.

It is important to emphasize that:

a) one’s progress on this Path is determined by one’s success in mastering the art of psychical self-regulation (it is described by us in detail in the book Ecopsychology and demonstrated in the film Psychical Self-Regulation).

b) Mergence with God, Who is Love (1 John 4:8, 4:16), is feasible only for those who themselves have mastered the functions of the spiritual heart (the organ of emotional love) and got rid of negative emotional states to such an extent that one may say about them that they, too, have become Love.

Such self-transformation — for every person who is well developed intellectually — is an obvious reality. One just needs to know HOW to achieve this.

Spiritual development was the subject of Teachings of Thoth-the-Atlantean, Pythagoras, Krishna, Lao Tse, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, and other Divine Teachers. But it is only by us that, for the first time, this Path was described in detail in a modern language understandable to all reasonable people. It was described, in particular, how one can traverse this Path quickly, avoiding unnecessary problems and tragic mistakes. This Path can be denoted by the terms ‘modern developed Hesychasm’, ‘Raja and Buddhi Yoga’, ‘true Sufism, Taoism, or Buddhism. It can be viewed also — in the scheme of modern scientific knowledge — as a well-developed and well-described, with the use of historical and modern information received from Divine Teachers, new direction of modern science — METHODOLOGY OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT.

This knowledge includes information:

— about the multidimensional structure of the Absolute and about the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness,

— about what God wants us, people, to be,

— about possible variations of one’s advancement along the spiritual Path, which every one of us can use when advancing to Perfection,

— about the universal principles of development of individual consciousnesses (souls) and about possible errors,

— about concrete methods of self-development.

The Will of God is to make this knowledge available to all people living on our planet. And all people, including the leaders of countries, have to realize that they are interested in this: after all, if all people understand the meaning of their lives on the Earth, then it will result in a sharp decrease of the levels of crime, suicide, alcoholism and drug addiction, enmity in all its manifestations including international and inter-confessional ones. The health of the masses would improve as well: after all, many diseases result from our ethical mistakes. And people would be able to unite their efforts — for the sake of BECOMING BETTER before God!

Why do all these calamities happen to humankind? Because people do not know the meaning of their lives of the Earth! They do not know what to do — and thus many of them begin to do foolish things!…

* * *

We have discussed already that the main suggestion of God for us is that we develop love in ourselves — love for other people, for all the living, love for God.

Realization of this task requires both personal intellectual efforts and use of the methods of psychical self-regulation. Among the latter, the most important ones are the methods of development of the spiritual heart and then the methods of transformation of oneself (as a soul, consciousness) — into a giant spiritual heart, which should be enriched then with all the valuable things accumulated by the person during the entire time of the personal evolution. It concerns, first of all, one’s intellectual outfit and the ability to think creatively and wisely without using the material structures of the body.

If one knows HOW to do it — and it is described in our books and in films — then such a transformation (for an evolutionary matured soul) can be realized in a short period of time: for example, in several months or years of work on oneself.

One, who has mastered this, becomes a giant consciousness able to live and to act far outside the material body, to heal both one’s own body and the bodies of other incarnated beings, to explore all the spatial dimensions (eons, lokas), to communicate easily with Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits and to learn from Them, and together with Them to provide help to incarnated beings. And then the Divine Teachers guide Their worthy disciples to the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness. This signifies the beginning of the stage of Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness and mastering the ability of living and acting in this state.

* * *

I should make an important remark: it is only the emotions of love that enable souls to merge with each other!

… What does cause the pain of parting with the beloved one? It is caused by separation of ONE into parts, i.e. separation of souls formerly merged into ONE.

This sad situation, which is known probably to all adult individuals, illustrates very well what MERGENCE of souls is.

It is such a state of Mergence with the Creator that we have to achieve — and never become separated again!

… I want to make sure that everyone understands me correctly: the Creator, God-the-Father is not an old man sitting on a cloud, as He is depicted in primitive sects! He is the Universal Boundless and Eternal Ocean of the Subtlest Primordial Consciousness dwelling in the highest loka of the multidimensional Absolute! We have described this in detail in some of our books, for example in Anatomy of God, Ecopsychology, Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity, also in our lectures and films.

… Can we trace: how do we merge by souls with each other?…

This happens in a natural way, involuntary…

But what does contribute to it? Usually it is long relations in the conditions of conformity of each other’s worldviews and interests, also emotional harmony in relations. An important favorable factor can be the harmony of sexual relations if they take place.

This concerns mergence of human souls.

And when the spiritual warrior achieves in personal development (judging by the criteria of intellectual and ethical maturity, subtlety of the consciousness, size of the soul, and the ability to live and to act outside the material body) the capability of perceiving non-incarnated Divine Teachers and interacting with Them, in this case Mergence with Them — on the background of intensive emotions of mutual love — happens very simply and naturally.

… But how can one merge with non-personified Aspect of God — with the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness?

In this case, one can benefit from the knowledge that this Ocean is an Aggregate of the countless number of Perfect Souls, Who attained Mergence with It in the past and Who abide now in the state of Unity, in the state of United We (which is the same as United Higher Self, or Paramatman, in Sanskrit). They are united by Their Perfect Love.

It makes sense for every one of us to prepare ourselves for this by learning love and the methods of “dissolution” of oneself through mastery of special techniques of laya yoga.

Laya yoga (we have discussed it in our corresponding conversation) is an important and essential section of buddhi yoga. Its task is to bring spiritual warriors, if they have achieved stability at the necessary level of the refinement of the consciousness, to the state of Nirvana. This allows one to stay in the state of Mergence with the Ocean of the Creator, feeling at the same time that “there is no me; there is only He”. Those, who have achieved this, receive then the right to act on behalf of the United We, and then — to use the power of the United We for realization of particular tasks.

The main mechanism of Nirodhi is the total reciprocity, i.e. transfer of the consciousness into the state of “non-I”.

The state of “non-I” implies dissolution of oneself in the object of one’s love: “I do not feel former myself; I feel only him, her, it”.

On this basis — when one has come to the Mergence with the Creator — there appears the perception of oneself not as the former individual “I” but as the United We.

In trainings intended for achievement of success in this task, two conditions must be fulfilled:

— full hesychia inside the expanded spiritual heart, and

— the ability to “switch off” temporarily (for the time of the training) the complex of the three upper chakras (i.e. the upper dantian).

* * *

Let us consider now some methods which prepare one for achievement of Nirodhi. (I am going to discuss only some methods, because there are certain meditative techniques which can be harmful for the practitioners if they are used untimely; they should not be publicly available).

… So, in the forest at the time of sunset, in clear and serene weather (it is especially good to do it in spring in the forest with many birches and singing of many birds) one can stay for a long time in the following blissful meditation: “There is only the forest: there is no me!”.

… Another similar variation of this — is the words from the song Taiga composed by I.Zhdanov and performed by A.Duglov: “Taiga is everywhere around us! Only taiga! And we are in the midst of it!” In this state we merge with the sea of taiga over many kilometers around our bodies, while the vectors of attention are directed from all sides — toward the center.

… Or we can feel ourselves as an embryo in the body of the Universal Mother. First, we feel ourselves the embryo. Then we feel ourselves the Mother in whose body this embryo is contained. In this state, the attention is directed toward the embryo.

… One can also use meditations on mastering the state of total reciprocity at special places of power created by the Holy Spirits on Their working sites. (We discussed these possibilities in our corresponding conversations).

As the individual consciousness grows, one can embrace — from the state of “non-I” — larger and larger volumes of space.

… And now we have come to the meditation mentioned in the title of this conversation: “to be clothed in the four quarters of the sky”. This is the summit of the sequence of training stages in mastering total reciprocity on the path to Nirodhi. This is a very large-scale meditation!

This meditation was suggested by the Founder of the Indian religious movement of Jains — by Mahavir.

This meditation is great! And He Himself was Great!

Yet He did not give for His followers a description (recorded on paper or on other mediums) of the methodical stages that could bring one to the possibility to perform this meditation…

Degradation of the movement of Jains, which happened with time, was depicted by Rajneesh (Osho) in one of His lectures. In the last incarnation, He was born into a family of Jains and knew very well their “religious life”. (This lecture was published in the book titled Bible of Rajneesh). All the “methodology” of Jains was reduced only to… the keeping of certain rules. Among these rules are the following:

— representatives of different sexes (with exception of spouses) must not stay for a night in the same house, even if it is a multi-storied house in a city,

— one must not use tomatoes for food, because they resemble blood by their color,

— one must not urinate to water, even to water in a toilet…

And many other similar things…

Thus it requires the keeping of so silly “rules” — instead of transformation of oneself as a consciousness and aspiration for cognition of God and Mergence with Him in Love!…

(By the way, similar phenomena are found in some other religious movements, which also have lost God as the purpose for our cognition).

… At present time in India, nude Indian men dance in city squares during Jain celebrations… The call to be clothed in the four quarters of the sky was understood as the precept that one should not use ordinary material clothes… Merely this…

… By the way, you may see that my usual forest clothes do not prevent me from staying in this meditation! It is not necessary to undress the body for performing this meditation!

* * *

I saw on TV these non-sattvic dances of Indian Jain nudists. It was a non-pleasing view, to put it mildly…

I know that the true spiritual nudism has to be completely different. It can be really helpful for the correct development of one’s emotional sphere — though cultivation of the emotions of tenderness! It can help also to establishing oneself in the state of harmony and hesychia. Also it teaches one to be detached from earthly passions. And all these are feasible only for those who are capable of living in the spiritual hearts.

However, our today’s conversation is not about the nudism. Those, interested in this subject, can read the corresponding chapter from the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present, namely from the section dedicated to the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, let me note that Jesus attached much importance to the development of love by people — love in the aspect of tenderness! After all, the emotions of tenderness are among the most subtle states of the consciousness! Habituating ourselves to these emotions makes us closer to the Divine state in which the Divine Teachers live, the state which is found in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness!…

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