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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Conversations with Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin

Conversations with Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

We for the first time saw non-incarnate Lenin, when he came to our campfire.

He was a spirit of mean size, not light. He wanted to say very much, but his enunciation was chaotic. He also spoke somehow not about the important: neither about the meaning of life, nor of God. But — he is still enthusiastic about revolutionary events, civil war… Concerning God — he did not want to think:

“God, how He was represented at that time in Orthodoxy, — such a God, of course, cannot be. And into any other nuances of religious peripeteia — no leisure for me, I do not want to learn!”

“Do you regret what happened in Russia around 1917?”

“Of course, no! It was a great turning point in the history of the country!

“Another thing is that those who have seized power — they have to endure a stern response in their karma for the crimes they have committed!”

“So, after all, you do admit the ‘law of karma’, right?”

“Where to hide?! — archly replied Lenin. — I wanted to talk with you not about God but on something quite different!”

“About what?”

“Will there ever be a brighter time for Russia? — for the country, for which I fought and tried to do so much to make better, but was distorted by the infernal souls!”

“So, is it that you admit the existence of hell?”

“Well, what to do?! I watch it all! And I am myself — not far from it…”

“There is hell, there is paradise, and there are other ‘gray’ layers of space, which are between paradise and hell, is that right?

“Yes. I represent namely that ‘gray astral plane’, as you call it in one of your books.”

“Have you read all our published materials?”

“I read a lot: Kropotkin, Tolstoy… I'm trying to understand and yet do not understand, why God has created all this? Why people die, what are wars for?! What for? Why? We wanted to build the communism: the welfare for all working people in our country and not only in it! And suddenly… — some ridiculous path came about…

“I’m very happy, thank you, Vladimir, for you have ‘mentioned a word’ for me in one of your recent articles! It will be sobering for many souls who — after praising me — made a complete reversal: they began to run down and run down me, as if I’m the devil! (Crying). I wished only better for the country! But it was so perverted!”

… Two women showed themselves next to Lenin: Nadezhda Krupskaya and someone else.

I asked all three them:

“How is Alexandra Kollontai? She was one of the leaders of the Komsomol’s ‘sexual revolution’! How is she? Where she is now?”

“Embodied, in a male body.”


“In Europe, north-east of Italy. The young brave officer. A little something is out of his line — he just ‘grabs the sword’.”

“Would you now agree that the ‘sexual revolution’ — is not always good? Usually, during such innovations only ‘free sex’ is proclaimed. This creates a sense of ‘celebration of freedom!’… But… venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies start…

“Without the introduction of sexological knowledge and instilling a culture of sexual relations with the emphasis on ethical components — such a ‘revolution’, in my opinion, presents to people more harm than good.

“It is quite another — the subtle love of two alone before God! It is love-tenderness involving sexual components! Namely this is blessed by God!

“We should implement knowledge about the proper role of sexuality in the spiritual development! In particular, it must be cultivated: the sexually which is colored by tenderness — but not crude and selfish sexual fervor!

“What do you think about this now?”

… Lenin — in mourning — turned and walked away. Women followed him.

Comment from Huang Di

“He, as well as the majority of people who lived in that time on the Earth and living now, is a wretched creature who did not recognize God — among the mosaic of philosophical concepts. If he would have been guided by God in the activity of the leader of the country — then everything would be otherwise! But he operated “from himself” — from his own phenomenal intellect with regards to leadership, which was even so imperfect.”

“What is his future fate?”

“He will exist a few centuries in that ‘abode of mourning’ — ‘gray astral plane’. Then he will be embodied again — when there will be the favorable conditions for further development of this soul.”

A Few Days Later

Lenin again approached us. His state was more light.

He said:

“Now, thanks to the fact that I have known how you live and what you offer to people, — now I know how to live! I will prepare the new revolution!

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