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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Religious Disputes, Sects \x97 and God

Religious Disputes, Sects — and God
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

What do people argue about in connection with religious themes?

— By what word is it correct to call God?

— How to pray to Him for "salvation"?

— How to dress our bodies?

— When people should or should not put on a headwear "in a sign of submission to God"?

— What haircuts is necessary to wear, what "religious" movements to make, and in what rituals to take part?

— What territories on the surface of the Earth "belong" to mine and other sects?...

But for a reasonable person, it is clear that all this is irrelevant to true religion! God offers us something quite different: the inner work on ourselves! Everyone should start from:

— understanding what is God and what is the Path to Him,

— removal of one’s own arrogance, selfhood, deceit, contempt for other beings, of the desire to get — at the detriment of others, of jealousy, moodiness, violence, anger, irritability, ability to take offense, and other manifestations of egocentrism,

— in contrast to the above — to develop love-giving, love-care, love-tenderness, love-forgiveness.

The system of psychical self-regulation, published in the book [13] and in our other materials, can help in all this.

But followers of certain sects, on the contrary, possess anger and aggressiveness; they are ready to go to war and kill, maim others — to crush infidels and capture their territories...

And regardless of whether there is war or no war — males of those sects rape women, treating them sometimes worse than cattle.

They can write on banners and rally their terrifying enemies with slogans like "God is with us!". And it may seem to them that God approves their actions... But those are demons (not God!) waiting for them in hell, rubbing hands, grinning and gloating...

But God teaches us just the opposite: lack of strife, humility, peace, forwarding efforts primarily on self-improvement where the most important aspect is the refinement of the consciousness and improvement of ourselves in love!

... Worship to invented fairy "gods", the willingness to die for the sake of this "faith"...

Or — adult members of one of many sects perform "quite seriously" child's play: they conduct "religious marriages" between disembodied people... Otherwise,… they do not get paradise!...

And only those, who are able to rise in their worldview above the sectarian outlook, are capable of actually fulfilling the Will of God: to cognize Him and enrich Him with ourselves after obtaining the spiritual Perfection.

What does it depend on? Why some people are able to successfully improve themselves in accordance with the Will of God, but the others... just hate everyone and everything around them, and hurt, hurt, hurt... while honoring themselves as the most righteous?

It depends on two factors: a) on the age of the soul, and b) on what qualities they developed in themselves. And, of course, inaccessibility of sources of true spiritual knowledge for most people contributes to the “flourishing” of religious primitivism.

... And God... is overseeing the development of each soul, trying to help, reinforcing with His Grace any right intentions, efforts and actions — or pointing out mistakes through pain, illness, and failures.

... Someone will ask: so where is this God? What is He?

We have repeatedly mentioned this in our published materials. But I will repeat this again briefly in connection with the subject of this article.

God — in the broadest sense of the word — is called the Absolute.

The Absolute is the One Eternal and Infinite (in spatial extent) Macro-Organism, filling with Himself the universal space.

And we — people and other incarnate beings — are like cells of His Universal Body.

It can be drawn in an analogy with our bodies: they include cells which have some autonomy and mobility (among other traits). These are, for example, spermatozoa, some red blood cells.

On the spiritual Path, one of the objectives for devotees is to learn — at the height of their own evolution — to join God, thus becoming Him.

... But in the ideological basis of some sects of oriental origin, there is the belief that Perfection is acquired by only the mental understanding of the just now described; and its simplified version is the following: "There is Universal God, I am in Him. And, if, at the same time, I cease to feel myself, and just imagine only God in all the surrounding space — that's it — the Perfection."

But, in fact, it is a trap.

Let us trace the further course of thinking in this direction of adherents of those sects:

"If I am part of God, then all my thoughts, desires, and actions are Divine. They are the realization of the Will of One Universal God!

"Therefore, for example, if I want to beat, rob, rape, kill someone, — I do not doubt that I am right, because by such manner God expresses His Will!"

In psychiatry, there is the term "logical delirium". It is when someone makes an obvious logical error and does not notice it, but continues further reasoning without a sense of error, feeling correct.

And what is the error in our mentioned false paradigm?

It is based on a lack of knowledge about God.

God — in the Aspect of the Absolute — is precisely the Multidimensional Structure. He consists of layers of multidimensionality located one beneath the other. The outer layers are denser and less perfect. Deeper ones are increasingly more and more subtle and perfect. His most deep layer is the "Heart of the Absolute" — this is God in the Aspect of the Creator, the Primordial Consciousness.

The Absolute exists in constant development. This development consists in turning less perfect — into more perfect.

Each of us can try to understand one’s own personal role in this Process of the Evolution of the Universe Consciousness — and to live in accordance with this knowledge.

The ultimate task of each of us is to find ourselves living not just in the Absolute, but in His "Heart", i.e. in the most important and maximally subtle Part of Him Which manages all.

At the beginning of this article, we looked at how a lot of people, living now on the Earth, disfigure their fates by dedicating their lives to crime, yet, considering felonies as the acts righteous before God...

But God is waiting for the completely different from us, the opposite!

In [12] it was shown, in particular, how to obtain the Perfection, walking towards it by seemingly very different ways. It may be, including:

— monastic deepening in spiritual practices,

— creativity in the arts dedicated to the refinement of consciousness,

— self-sacrifice in bearing the highest spiritual knowledge to others,

— even participating in feats of arms.

... People, who are bogged down in vices, nominated the well-known concept of the incognizability of God. Yes, for them — God is really incognizable!

But those who have dedicated their lives to improve their love for Him, who live and act for Him — their fates are completely otherwise!

If to live not by the Teachings of God, also being far from understanding what God expects from us, — it means to begin fantasizing on a religious theme. Plexuses of "faith" are formed of these fantasies... Among them there are those which lead adherents not to the Abode of the Creator…

... Now I remember a curious old case from my life. In those years, I constantly visited an Orthodox church, temple. And professionally, I was teaching the psychical self-regulation, which at that time was called by the term "autogenous training". (Such words as "psyche", "psychical", "psychology" in the atheistic Soviet Union were banned).

One of the priests of that temple — during each of his sermons before confession — declared the following: "When you succeeded in a toilet "give everything" well — do not exclaim ‘Thank You, God!’ do not say the name of God in vain!".

One day, I could not bear it and — after mass — appealed to him in the sense that would it not be better to talk about something more significant?

He gestured towards the crowd of congregation: "But they — do not understand anything! So, they would remember this if anything!".

Then he asked me about my profession. I replied that I am a scientist-biologist, teaching autogenous training. He joyfully cried: "Yes-yes! And I also once studied autogenous welding!".

That priest was nice! But, on the other hand, do he and others like him really perform in past and now their priestly duties before God?

... People who do not know anything about God, sometimes begin to fantasize about the methods of spiritual development, including even the toilet theme... Others, with the same purpose, for example, drink urine...

But only those, who have really cognized God, can conceptualize the full knowledge about His Will to us.

Let us remember that, as we discussed at the outset of this article, our task as humans consists in development of ourselves to the point of being worthy to join with the Creator, bringing to Him our — valuable for Him! — qualities.

Among these qualities, there can be high competence in sciences, such as medicine, biology, psychology, etc. Also — creative ability in the arts, which refine souls. Also — mastery even in the military — in the broadest sense of the word.

One can begin to move towards the spiritual heights — through any useful for people vocation. It is important only to live, respecting the fundamental ethical principles, such as the following, which are in my opinion, the most general:

"I do no harm to anyone for any reason — not even grieve them!

"And I am helping everyone in everything good!"

Moreover, these principles should be applied in relationships not only with other people, but with all harmless creatures.

... So, it is necessary for God — people receive a broader education, in particular, they could study the Teachings of God. Also — each one research oneself from the point of view of soul’s defects — to release from them.

It is appropriate, in particular, to compose and write down for oneself the personal plans of self-improvement. Then — to write the reports for God on their implementation. And — the new plans of moving above the already mastered steps.

Repentance will help on the way of cleansing souls. Everyone can look at one’s own past — and see it as a road paved with given by me to others — intentionally or unintentionally — pain, grievances, and injustices… Also — pain of animals killed by me or for me... Or — when my feet stepped on ants, snails, worms... We could get used to ignoring the pain of these little ones, but it does not become less because of this!

It is necessary to walk emotionally through the pain of all them — with my own emotional pain!

It should be understood that the task of repentance consists not in begging forgiveness from God, but to learn not to repeat the ethical mistakes, not to sin!

Let people, who have cleansed themselves of soul’s defects, including coarse emotional states, — send their love to the Creator! Then — Holy Spirits, coming from the "Heart of the Absolute", take every such adept of the Truth in Their disciples and lead him or her to Their Abode — the Abode of the Creator!

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