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Whether to Learn Exiting the Body?

Essays on the Main/Whether to Learn Exiting the Body?

Whether to Learn Exiting the Body?

Many people were fond of this theme during the heyday of occultism. In the literature, tales of shamanic legends had been described… Although the goals, probably, of almost all those people were only peeping at others or searching for material treasures. They usually did not set spiritual tasks and did not discuss them. The exception was, perhaps, only Annie Besant and those who were close to Her.

Later this topic was again stirred up, thanks to the books of Carlos Castaneda, where psychotropic drugs were used to achieve the effect of getting out of the body.

Although it is important to understand that such attempts by the heroes of Castaneda’s narratives were made exclusively during the beginning of their personal spiritual search.

Aurobindo Ghose and the Tibetan lamas also spoke on this topic. They are united by the desire to master the exits from the body through the top of the head that, in fact, is not at all even a little promising. And the methods used by them, including long “seclusions” (without understanding what to do during them), described by Satprem, and the ajnic rough mooing of mantras, are completely untenable.

Equally untenable is the statement of one of the sects, widely known in past decades, that “at the point above the head”, going out there, we find God.

It is important to see and understand that in all the mentioned cases, God was not the Goal of almost all adherents of those sects. They were not motivated by love-aspiration toward our Creator, but — in the best cases — curiosity, the desire for personal perfection, the desire to get rid of personal dependence on the world of matter, as well as involvement in this fascinating search of others.

And I emphasize that positive results from these attempts were not known. Because — they simply were not.

But I know about one very specific admonitory case of achieving a negative result.

A guy, fond of alcohol and thinking about himself as about a successful mystic, suddenly involuntarily found himself outside his lying on the bed body. He saw around a mass of attacking terrible hell creatures — and made an extraordinary attempt to hide from them again in his body. He succeeded. But he remembered about that case — with horror.

And what will happen to him and to anyone like him, when the body dies and to hide in it is no longer?…

Are we striving to find a posthumous life in hell?

If not — we need to refine ourselves-souls! Only then will we be able to escape hell!

* * *

It is not necessary to begin spiritual work on oneself with attempts to acquire super-abilities! We must begin with ethical and bioenergy purification of oneself. And also — with the mastery of the completeness of the worldview and the development in oneself of love-aspiration towards the Supreme Goal of our existence — God-the-Creator.

Further — it makes sense to move onto the next steps of the Path of Modern Developed Hesychasm, which was detailed in this and our other books and even films.

Life outside one’s own quite healthy and viable material body — in the subtlest layers of the Absolute, where Peace, Love, and Bliss reigns — it will come by itself, if you master the depths of space within your own developed spiritual heart.

And there — the Real Living God — fully visible, palpable, proving by only His Presence that He is the Most Gentle Love — opens His Embraces. And we — from our own experience — learn that He was always inside of me, in the subtlest layers of multidimensionality, — and waited for when I finally switch my attention from the outer — to the inner.

External — in this context — is the world of matter, in which we grew and developed. And the inner — the immaterial subtlest layers of multidimensionality, in the very depth of the totality of which we find loving us the Creator waiting for us in Himself.

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