--> Legend about Prince Dmitriy and Volhva
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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


Legend about Prince Dmitriy and Volhva

Recorded from the words of
Prince Dmitriy and Volhva
— by Anna Zubkova, M.A.

Edited and translated from Russian by
Dr.Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
– Hiero Nani.

The “Legend about Prince Dmitriy and Volhva” is a story in which They Themselves narrate the reality of Their life’s journey. (One can also become familiar with Their biographies in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”, by Vladimir Antonov).

The main thing, to which this story is dedicated, — is the theme of the meaning of human life on the Earth and the spiritual self-improvement opportunities, including specific methods of transformation of a soul. In a creative form also is discussed the topic of the deep unity of true Christianity and the more ancient spiritual knowledge of pre-Christian Russia.

The book is designed for anyone seeking the Truth.

* * *

“Prince, prince! Protect! Defense!” — a girl about twelve years old has run into the prince’s court. Thin, breathless from the long run, she wiped away the tears on her face…

“Save, save, prince!” — she continued to repeat, like a prayer…

She wanted to fall at his feet, but the prince held, put his arms around her thin shoulders, and she, burying her tear-stained face on the prince’s wide chest, clung to him as a father…

“Get on, my friends! Hurry! We cannot keep up!”

The girl was from the neighboring border town, where there was with a small part of the prince squad the best friend and sworn brother of Dmitriy — Radim.

“Why were you sent, but not the mounted messenger?”

“The messenger was sent, but he was assailed with arrows, and I was not sent, I myself, through gardens…”

* * *

Horses were not galloping — they were as if flying…

Prince Dmitriy long gathered the best warriors for his squad, he could trust everyone like himself. With a glance, at once everyone understood him.

One thought was with everyone: “Only to have time!”

… The pillars of smoke over the village… Fortress is empty… Dead bodies of three defenders lie on the ground near the portal of the tower…

Dmitriy as if saw how they fought to the death in the narrow aisle before the gates — one defending all others. Among the dead was, of course, Radim. A little further — a wounded messenger was found in coma. But further — no one, neither the living nor the dead…

“But they could not have taken away all as prisoners! It’s there — what army should be for this?! And the aftermath of the battle are no others… The fortress is empty, village is empty…”

The squad was humming:


… Dmitriy did not believe his eyes, when within the area inside the fortress, from a crack between the rock wall and one of the fortress’ towers, began in silence to appear people.

All — living, unharmed! Women with small children in their arms, old men, teenagers… Radonezh — the son of Radim — went ahead. He approached surely: as one has to go, for whom there are those within one’s charge.

“How old is he now? Perhaps not even twelve?…”

Radonezh physically was not like his father — strong, highly athletic. Radim, as well as Dmitriy, had the remarkable strength, which was apparent even through clothing. When they appeared elsewhere together, no one could take their eyes off: the bogatyrs! But Radonezh was like his mother Vladislava: thin, fragile, clear; the force — only in the soul. All her force, up to the last drops, she had given her son: she had died in childbirth… And now — and Radim had been departed…

The squad was still buzzing over the dead friends:


Radonezh came to Dmitriy, bowed to the ground in public:

“Prince Dmitriy, father told me to withdraw all to the caves, because I know there every turn, so as not to get lost… I asked the permission to fight with him…” — the voice of Radonezh began to falter… He paused, took breath very deeply:

“Take me to your squad, Prince Dmitriy!”

“I have taken you already, Radonezh! And for your feat, for the salvation of people, — I do not know how to thank you!” — Dmitriy hugged the boy.

“Now — listen to me all! I forbid killings in vengeance! It should be ceased! And if we do not stop, then who?

“Radim was called my sworn brother. His son — now my son! And this relationship — for blood, for the blood spilled!

“But I do not want the rivers of blood and tears to flow on this land in revenge! And Radim did not want this!

“Now we go to Prince Gavrilo! Sheath your swords, no blood is to be shed!

“Radonezh, you — with me too!

“And here — get ready to bury the dead bodies! We will be back by sunset!”

* * *

Prince Gavrilo rushed in a panic: he was waiting for revenge from Prince Dmitriy after the incident. He has already enlisted allies for the coming battle. But a battle — is not desired right now: the allies will gather the army only two weeks later…

“Or maybe — we will pay a tribute for the peace? Dmitriy — he loves peace!

“But why is he himself on the threshold?! And with his squad!…”

“Oh! Why did you miss them?!” — Gavrilo shouted at the guard, seeing Prince Dmitriy, Radonezh, and two dozen warriors, quickly stepped from outside right into the palaty.

Recovered himself, he welcomed:

“I was not waiting for the Prince…”

“No wait, did not call, did not want to — but just today your people have broken the peace, set fire to the village, killed three of my warriors!…”

“I overlooked, Prince! Name the ransom!”

“What repayment can there be for his father’s life, how to replace husband, son, brother — to those who are orphaned?

“Call your people and criminals!”

“Well, would you like to take my wife and children as hostage of the peace between us?… Let them live with you!… Call Olga!”

“What for?! I do not want hostages!

“People get here! Everyone!”

The servants, meanwhile, led the wife of Prince Gavrilo. A tall, slightly stooped woman, seen, barely had time to clean up her hair, fearfully looked at her husband, Prince Dmitriy, on armed bodyguards. She held one child in her arms, the other clinging sundress to resist…

“Why do you scare your wife?! Not that is needed! Gather people!” — Dmitriy ordered strictly.

“Here?” — Prince Gavrilo panicked.

“Here! If not here together — call them in the yard! And do not make me repeat this!”

* * *

Dmitriy began to engage with people from the balcony of white stone chambers of Prince Gavrilo.

… Dmitriy was taught in public speaking by his teacher, monk Benjamin. When Dmitriy was left an orphan, this wonderful man not only kept for the boy his hereditary possessions, but also taught ethics on the base of the Christian scriptures, also taught him the ability to own a word, influence minds and emotions of the listeners.

The result Dmitriy’s speech was simple: the attackers had been punished, but not put to death. They discussed the way both would build the new houses in return to the burned, and how the property will be reimbursed.

Then for a long time Dmitriy was telling people about how fear of reprisals and revenge between people — can and should be replaced with the promise of mutual help. He talked about Christian love, about forgiveness, about God.

… Agreement on the inviolability of the peace was signed. It was concluded not only on paper, but in the understanding of many people.

Dmitriy aimed to encircle his patrimony by mutual responsibility of peace agreements between the princes. He tried to make a peace treaty reliable, and its violation — inexorably, inevitably resulting in punishment.

… The sun was hidden behind the horizon. The bodies have been committed to earth in the Christian tradition. The bell rang on a belfry of the small temple. Even so, almost all the inhabitants were here to say goodbye to those who gave their lives to save them…

* * *

A year passed.

Radonezh now lived with Dmitriy. He has matured. He was eager to fence, shoot, ride on horseback. Of course, Dmitriy taught him this. Dmitriy watched to ensure that the boy of fragile physique would not overtax his strength by any excessive severity, seeking to be like the prince.

There was also education in book wisdom. Radonezh had been trained in literacy, and he had incredible aptitude for languages. He could remember “on the fly” the words of unfamiliar speech — and never forget them, being able to exactly replicate them.

Dmitriy insisted the boy be taught oversea languages.

Radonezh resisted, considering such classes as an obligation of clerks and monks.

They said this morning the same thing:

“I want to be a real warrior — like you, like father! Why should I converse in these other dialects?!”

“Are not here among us enough strong warriors? But you can become the real diplomat! And it is much more important than waving swords!

“How many warriors are around! Their force — immeasurable! But wisdom — no! The role of diplomats — they are to unarm an enemy and to win without battle!”

“I saw your diplomats! They all lie! They — always lie! Even when they sleep, perhaps, they lie to themselves to not blab when awake!”

“But who makes you to lie?”

“So far — no one. Because I’m with you.”

“Well, so learn other languages, so such liars will not deceive me!” — Dmitriy had found a solution.

“Okay!” — Radonezh had agreed.

Today they were going to sign the last of the twelve agreements which was needed to ensure peace and order in the surrounding lands.

Radonezh gave Dmitriy thin chain mail.

“No! Because we do not go into battle! And not even to a feast! About everything, in fact, already is agreed, we just sign the paper — and get back home!”

* * *

They drove up from the camp, where they pitched by the river, to the city gates, where it happened… Warriors of prince did not notice those who were shooting. They shot not bows but crossbows, from a great distance. Two arrows, one after the other…

Radonezh, too, did not see those who were shooting.

… He loved Prince Dmitriy as a son would. He always knew that he was ready to give him his life — and not only as a warrior, but as a son.

That day, in general, all went wrong… Prince did not put on chain mail, and Radonezh, with every step of his horse, felt unprotected back of the prince.

… Here they dismounted at the gate…

Radonezh heard only the whistling of arrows. He jumped up to hug tighter neck of Dmitriy and cover his body, cover by his own body…

* * *

Dmitriy was holding Radonezh’s body, pierced by an arrow, being afraid to move.

He knew that it was the end: the wound was fatal.

Before the town gates, where it happened, began to gather a crowd of the curious: peasants, artisans, which went into the town or out of it.

Several warriors of Dmitriy rushed in pursuit of those who made the attempt on the life of the prince.

Others, in silence, surrounded Dmitriy, who knelt down and continued to hold in his arms the dying Radonezh. He noticed, it seemed, nothing around and as if was trying to not let go the ebbing away every moment life of Radonezh.

“My God! Save him! Take better my life!”— Dmitriy cried out to God from the depths of the heart, though he knew that to do something was impossible…

Suddenly, voices sounded in the crowd — frightened, malevolent, astonished:



“There appeared! Smelled of Orthodox blood!

“Holy! Holy! Holy! Keep away from me!”

Dmitriy looked up.

From the forest, a high blonde woman went, wearing a white shirt to toe, in, as they said, pagan custom.

The crowd parted before Her, as if afraid of Her touch. Many were crossing themselves.

She walked over, knelt beside the prince.

She said in a steady and confident voice:

“Hold on tight, prince, I will extract the arrow.”

She, by very accurate and strong movements, with thin graceful fingers, broke off the arrowhead and then pulled the arrow out of the boy’s body. Blood spurted as a fountain.

Magus held both hands over the wound… The blood ceased to flow.

Dmitriy thought that it is the end.

But Radonezh was breathing! Under the hands of Magus, wound skinned over before his eyes…

“Witchcraft…” — whispered those who were standing nearby and saw everything.

Magus did not pay attention to the whispering.

She got to Her feet. Attentive and calm look of Her gray-blue eyes caught the sight of Dmitriy. And She began to speak in such a way that the words penetrated deep into the soul:

“He will not die, Prince Dmitriy! I will heal him! But just need him to get a few days with Me. Tell your warriors to make a stretcher and carry the boy to Me.”

… Dmitriy nodded warriors. They quickly built a stretcher of two spears and a cloak. Dmitriy carefully lowered the body of Radonezh on it.

“Do not be afraid, Prince, I will not do any enchantment on him and will not cause him any harm! Complete here all your affairs, sign all the papers — and come to Me in the forest. Let nothing hold you here longer! You will find Radonezh already healthy.”

“How will I find you in the forest?”

“Listen to the heart: it will show you the way!”

“Okay, I’ll come.”

… Dmitriy watched the slim figure of the woman, after which his warriors went with the stretcher.

A few minutes later they went into the forest and disappeared from view.

Dmitriy, with the familiar sight of the warrior, remembered the direction in which they had gone and the trees from which the trail began.

People, crowding to satisfy curiosity about what was happening, began to disperse.

Dmitriy was still in as a transparent mist of all that has happened. Attempted murder, Radonezh, Magus…

“Do not dare go there, Prince! You will destroy the soul and the boy will not be saved!” — croaked back an old woman…

… When the crowd thinned out, a modestly dressed woman touched Dmitriy’s sleeve:

“Do not believe, Prince, that She is a witch! Yes, Her faith is not Orthodox, but Her cure is good! Last year, She had cured my son. And many others have been revived almost from the other world! And nothing bad was with them! Three years ago, a war was beginning, and if not She — as many people would be buried… She helped many, and no one has got evil! And that She is unbaptized — God forgive!”

* * *

On this day, Dmitriy had signed the last of the twelve nonaggression pacts of the peace agreement between the princedoms, to the conclusion of which he was aspiring for the last two years.

Then he returned to the camp. He sat in the tent.

“Let nothing longer hold you here!…” — the words of Magus sounded in the mind…

“Okay, everything is done!”

Dmitriy took a sheet and wrote a new will and disposition for the case, if neither he nor Radonezh, to whom all was bequeathed, come back here alive.

He called his nephew Vsevolod, gave him all the papers, stamps and keys.

Then he gave all the orders to warriors, appointed those who will replace him in various matters.

“Well, now — everything, it seems.”

For a long time, it was dark.

At this time, those two warriors, who went into the forest with Magus, finally returned.

Dmitriy listened to them.

“We went far, Her inconspicuous house is in the forest, stream is next, its purl could be heard… She is strange: animals obey Her…”

“Will you be able to show the road?”

“No, we do not remember. All was as if in a fog. She had conjured. But Radonezh is alive. We left him in Her house.”

“And how did you come back at night?”

“She told a white owl to show us the way, we went after it…”

* * *

At dawn, Dmitriy went into the forest alone.

He walked confidently, as if the inner knowledge told him the direction. Not once, he even wondered where to turn.

The ability to hear and understand the inner voice, or “intuition”, as Dmitriy himself referred to it, was inherent in him since childhood. When he trusted this “intuition”, everything went well. However, there were long pauses when this “intuition” was inactive.

“Listen to the heart: it will show you the way!” — he recalled the words of Magus. So, in this is the secret of “intuition”: the spiritual heart enables to feel the dispensation!

His mentor monk Benjamin was telling him a lot before about the spiritual heart.

“So, God — with me! And there is no harm from witchcraft to Radonezh! So — he will survive!” — Dmitriy thought happily.

Soon the cheerful brook nearby became audible, and birds began to sing.

Dmitriy went along the brook, firmly knowing that the direction is right.

The confidence that he is not lost and goes in the right direction grew stronger with each step.

A few hours later, Dmitriy scared the white owl sleeping in the branches.

It hooted and flew off to the side.

Dmitriy turned in the direction where the owl flew — and a few minutes later was on a cozy glade. At its edge, near the forest, a small house was hiding.

Smiling Magus stood there.

“Come in, Prince! You were looking for a way well; not lost even once!”

… Dmitriy bowed in greeting, touching the ground by hand, went into the house.

On the bench near the wall, Radonezh was sleeping. Dmitriy came closer, bent down. The boy’s breathing was steady and calm. A light blush on his face — instead of former dead pallor — indicated that Radonezh recovers. “Living! Will live!”

The fire burned in an open oven. The table was set.

Magus gave water to wash, invited to dine.

Seeing that the glances of Dmitriy continuously turn to Radonezh, She said:

“He sleeps, and before tomorrow morning it would be good for him to get some sleep. Health will increase. Permit to not wake him now!”

“Will he fully recover?”

“He is already healthy, just let him recover a little more of his forces before morning.”

— You — indeed, the witch?

— No. I am Magus, Volhva*! The magicians are able to heal complex wounds, to restore health in bodies and souls. This is simple; as to be able to use fire for cooking food. But one, who has never seen fire before, can believe that it is magic. But these are the usual laws of life, created by God.”

“To what God do You worship?”

“God — He is one…

“Come on, you could, after the trip, have dinner, then rest, and then I’ll tell you everything, answer all your questions! It is bad — to keep the guest hungry!” — She smiled gently and kindly.

… Now Volhva was like the most ordinary woman who warmly regaled a guest.

Salted mushrooms, bread, honey, nuts, hot cakes from the oven…

Dmitriy just now has realized how hungry he was. Yesterday, he was not up to eat…

And it was all delicious!

And the hostess was also glad that the treat was excellent!

And, indeed, she was — so beautiful! Only now Dmitriy considered Her body. It was slender, lithe! Light-brown hair was intercepted by a band around the head. Eyes, quiet and gentle, shone by light.

And it was so nice and peaceful all around! All the apprehension, with which Dmitriy was supplied for the road by counselors, has dissipated.

When they had dined, Volhva suddenly asked:

“If you want, I’ll treat your shoulder? And you’ll see My healing!”

“Are You seeing through clothes?”

“I see. The wound was treated badly: it hurts you.”

“Yes, there was no time…”

“Relax, rest! You got tired, Prince, during the last time from the heavy thoughts, the joyless events! I’ll show you the Light that will move away the pain and all the damages to the body and soul! More precisely, you yourself will move away the pain and see that there is here no magic!”

… Dmitriy plunged into a soft glowing Light.

He could look at his body from all sides. The body was as in luminous water, and itself was translucent.

He heard the gentle voice of Volhva:

“Do you see? Where the dark spot is — it’s a trace of your old wound. You throw out that spot by your hands of the soul!”

… Dmitriy tried to move by his bodily hands, but could not. And then he suddenly clearly understood that, in the Light in Which he now was, he could see, hear… And he had the hands of the soul, by which he could act!

“You are the soul, not the body! You have heard about it for a long time! So, by the hands of the soul, — throw out of your body all the dark that you see there!”

… Dmitriy followed this instruction.

In this Light, he saw Volhva. Her thin fingers of Light, similar to those of the hands of Her body, touched and completed his treatment. Ineffable Bliss filled his whole body and soul at the same time!

… Aching pain in the past six months was continuously detecting a trail of badly healed wound. But now, only extraordinary lightness and joy were in the body, as if he rejuvenated ten years, as if the load had left him, which he had long carried!

‘What kind of magic is here?! Why such good and calm is in my heart now?” — Dmitriy thought.

“It is not magic at all!” — Volhva said softly.

“Can you read my thoughts?”

“I can, if you want and let.”

“Let’s try! When I was a child, I dreamed of a world, where people say what they think and do not hide under false deceptive words. I do not know why — but I believe You. I do not know what You did with me… What is it: magic or a miracle?”

“Forget the stupid fears of little people, the disputes about dogmas and faiths that forbid to think, to love, to feel and to know the Truth of God!

“You asked, to what ‘gods’ I worship?

“But I confess the same God as you, the same God as Jesus! I confess and know: both see, hear Him, understand His Will in Myself, I give away His Power and Love to others! God is the Greatest Universal Power!

“But the scribes and Pharisees, which forbade Jesus to speak the truth about God, who alleged that Jesus broke the laws, preaching the Truth and healing the sick on Saturday, — they were the same ministers of dogmas, who continue even now to scare people of posthumous hell for non-compliance to the ‘rules’ that had been invented by people, not by God!

“I’m sorry, I’m talking hard… Now I try to explain softer.

“I really too long had no one to talk with, who could understand Me about God Who is willing to be cognized, and not be afraid! This one should — with all his heart — want it!”

“What power do You heal with?” — Dmitriy asked.

“In Me — the same Power as That in Jesus! This is the same Power Which is in you and in other people, but It as if sleeps in them for the time being.

“A part of this Power acts in the grain that grows through the layer of the ground — to ascend. Or — it is in the huge tree grown of a small seed!

“A part of that Power awakens in the spring call of love in animals — and they fawn each other, they are joining in bliss and produce offspring.

“The same Power can manifest Itself in man and impels him or her to seek God outside the visible world.

“It also attracts the soul to God-the-Creator!

“It is the Divine Power of Creating!

“But it operates at all levels of life — differently.

“People have lost the knowledge of how to merge with this Power and manifest It in themselves! And so they, like plants and animals, simply unconsciously obey this Force.

“Only the developed consciousnesses, existing in human bodies, can cognize and use this Power consciously, filling, connecting with It and acting in mergence with It.

“If you want, I’ll teach you everything I know and can do.”

“Do you think, I will be able to learn this?”

“God brought me to that place where they wanted to kill you. I thought that I was too late, that the trouble did not have time to withdraw. But it turned out, everything is so planned: so that you saw the manifest Power of God!

“Do you remember, when you asked God to save the life of thy sworn son, — and God replied to you at that moment?”

“How do you know that?!”

“I know. It is — quite simple! Each is able to understand easily thoughts of another person, if you just become able to look with attention and love to your companion!”

* * *

They talked a lot into the evening.

Dmitriy listened, breathed in with whole soul so simple and understandable words on the appointment of human life and improving soul, about God, in Whom the Greatest Love, Wisdom, and Power are united. And — that He controls everything in the universe!

But Dmitriy not only listened to the words, but at the same time he touched the soul by soul. He could not get enough pleasure from Her Beauty! The scent came from Her hair, also heat and light — from Her body and from Soul! Peace and bliss inside were great! He seemed to flare up from every accidental touch of Her hands… And this fire in the Soul — flared up so quickly!

How long he was not in love! And so, as now, — this never was in his whole life! The soul rejoiced because Volhva was near! — so beautiful, so wise and mysterious, gentle, and affectionate!

“So — this is the fate! Come, what must be!”

He touched Her shoulders, pulled Her body, kissed Her lips.

Volhva did not resist, but leaned obediently, flexible towards his affection.

Such night was never in the life of Dmitriy! He could not assume that the mergence in harmony of bodies and souls can bestow such bliss!

… The next morning, he continued to admire Her.

He tried to drive away the uninvited thoughts of sin and punishment…

“Why are you still thinking that the proximity between people, who love each other, is a sin?”

“It was so firmly put into our heads!” — Dmitriy laughed.

“Lust — it is truly a vice! But love — is from God! Love between a man and a woman is, in fact, the prototype of love between the human soul and God! It is, in truth, holy! Even in the Bible there is a ‘Song of Songs of King Solomon!’”

“Did you read it too?”

“Yes. But the Bible contains many contradictions in itself. And not everything is clear in it, even for those who studied it. There are also other holy books. And there are many other ways to understand the Will of God!

“… And now — let’s go to wash! Then I have to tell you a lot more!”

… They have come to the forest lake.

She undressed, not ashamed of nudity and Her Beauty. Then She went to the water.

Morning fog caressed Her delicate beautiful body.

Dmitriy admired.

“Well, what are you?” — She called already out of water.

Dmitriy took off his clothes.

Strong and beautiful body of Dmitriy, brown hair with large curls, quite short trimmed beard…

They were together the surprisingly beautiful couple!

… Then he brought Her in his arms on the beach.

“What a miracle! Even in dreams, I did not imagine such!”— he thought.

“I — also!” — Volhva replied aloud to his thoughts. — “Well, let’s go to wake up your son! It’s time!”

They got dressed, went to the house.

… Volhva, by some special way, ran Her hands over the body of Radonezh — and he opened his eyes, sat up on the bed.

He looked with astonishment at Volhva, Dmitriy, at an unusual situation around.

“She is — Volhva! She cured you!” — Dmitriy said.

“I saw You in my dream,” — he said to Volhva. — “And yet I saw my father and my mother. I saw her for the first time! You are like her a little.”

“Dmitriy, you lead Radonezh to the lake, let him also bathe. And I will set the table.

* * *

When going to the lake, Radonezh questioningly looked at Dmitriy.

“Yes, a lot has happened here, it’s difficult to tell at once!” — Dmitriy replied to his look.

“Do you love Her?”

“Yes. I would like Her to become wife for me and mother for you. Yes, I do not know how everything will go. We did not discuss about that.

“She for almost two days was healing you, has returned you back from the death. She knows and can do so much!

“She is Magus. I first thought that the magi — they are the elder-pagans, who bring sacrifice to their ‘gods’ and practice witchcraft.

“And here is how it all turned out! So quickly everything has happened, that I did not understand all around!”

“Is it really true that only two days passed?”

“I myself cannot believe in it until!

“She said that it is not miracles or witchcraft. And she promised to teach us, if we wish.

“We, in some incomprehensible way, as if turned out to be in paradise! And She is in this paradise — the Hostess!”

… Radonezh was playing and splashing in water. Dmitriy also could not resist — and bathed with him again.

“Will we stay here?” — Radonezh asked on the back way.

“I would like to stay. It is interesting to me what She says and what She can do. All my ideas about God and the world — have turned upside down! And the new understanding has not yet happened. Do you want to live here a bit, if She does not drive us out?”

“No problem! I have never lived in paradise!”

* * *

Dmitriy read a lot of books in his life. He spoke much with his teacher — a man wise and well educated, at that time.

And he interviewed other people, to the knowledge and wisdom of whom he was attracted. But not many such people he met in his life.

He considered himself free from empty religious dogma. He believed deeply, truly in the existence of God, strived to live righteously.

Dmitriy also thought much on the meaning of human life, on the mismatch of the life which people live around — with the Commandments of Christ.

Internecine conflicts between the principalities, robberies, alliances treacherously destructive… The thirst for power and for gold, which ruled princes, — surprised Dmitriy! He wanted to defeat the evil and injustice that were seen around! All around are rivers of blood, orphans, widows… And also — poverty of people who work the ground! And, as a result, — their unwillingness to work… This is because the cultivated crop is stolen — by either enemies of the neighboring principalities, or simply robbers, or their own “princes-defenders”.

He tried to change all this, when he began to reign. But his patrimony could not live in peace and prosperity — in a raging sea of looting, hatred, and betrayal!

Dmitriy gained many friends and enemies — because of his honesty, selfless willingness to protect people.

And the recent attempt on his life — it was not the first.

… And now — Volhva! She came into his life — and changed everything! She — by love and bliss, by the unknown Light and inviting Knowledge — called him into the Divine world!

And Dmitriy decided to take that destiny, which God has prepared for him, and tried to understand and cognize the unknown in this huge world, on the threshold of which Volhva was waiting for him.

Thoughts of treason by the tenets of the Orthodox faith a little confused Dmitriy. But he decided to find the truth here himself.

For Radonezh — all around was a holiday! Volhva gave him the maternal tenderness, of which he had not even dreamed! Her lessons were interesting to him as though fairy tales have come to real life!

Part of these tales was tame wild animals, who obey Volhva and understood Her thoughts.

White owl recognized Radonezh as its friend, sat on his shoulders, showed him the way to the house, if he went too far into the forest.

He has made friends with the female-bear that guarded the residence of Volhva. Squirrels, hares ran up, asking him to pet, birds happily sit on his hands and sang their songs…

All residents of the forest — mammals, birds, fish — were close friends for Volhva. And She taught such life to Dmitriy and Radonezh. She dreamed to say the same to all people, but did not realize exactly — how.

She talked about it a lot. In particular, She explained in detail, why to consider indecent using bodies of killed animals for food:

“Maybe, wars and murders, robbery and violence are in the human world, because people took in a terrible habit to get food from killing, to feed their own flesh from murder. Maybe, because of the fact that people condemn those, whom they eat, to suffering and death, — the lives of people are so high in suffering?”

“But plants? Is it not a sin then — to kill them too?” — Dmitriy asked.

“To kill in vain — it is a sin. But if for nourishment — it is not a sin. The plants were created by God so that they bring seeds, fruits, and so on. And God appointed some of them as food for humanity. And it does not hurt those seeds and fruits, when they are collected. On the contrary, for example, a tree has a great joy when people thank it for the fruits that they taste.

“People can collect and store a portion of their seeds and grow the next crop.

“And if man takes some of the milk from animals — that, too, is not a sin.

“But if man, like a beast-predator, will kill to eat dead bodies, this man becomes like a predator.

“What is natural for the nature of a beast — it is shameful for man! And people — live in this shame, not even noticing it, without realizing it!

“And they wonder: where from are the villains, who, as the predators, capture wealth and power, are ready to shed human blood with no fear before God — in their own pursuit for profit!

“And all this is considered as customary for many centuries!

“But those who want to develop love in themselves — definitely need to think about it! And they are obliged to understand for themselves that they do not want to bear the pain and death of both people and animals!”

… For Dmitriy and Radonezh this had become so clear that they did not even think to taste sinful food.

* * *

One evening, Dmitriy asked Volhva:

“Tell us about Yourself.”

… Volhva wondered briefly.

Then She started the story. When She spoke, it seemed to Dmitriy and Radonezh that they saw everything that happened: as if the color pictures, in which all the talking was illustrated, followed one another.

“My foster father, Bayan, was a Sorcerer. But He had chosen not the path of hermit’s life, as many Magi, but concrete help to people — for the sake of preserving among people the ancient Knowledge. He wanted to bring to human souls a little bit of good and light, to teach not to obey the anger and fear, to learn how — with heart love — to change their lives to the better.

“He roamed with the psaltery about villages and towns, sang songs and told tales, from which people could learn and understand much.

“He sang the songs as well as I am now telling you this: every listener could see as if animated pictures.

“Once on the site of burned down settlement of those, who are now called the pagans, He found a miraculously survived child. That was Me.

“Bayan long tried to place Me into some family: it was hard to keep His path with an infant. But no one agreed to take Me. And then My father took it as an assignment from God.

“That’s how I grew under His wise songs — instead of lullabies.

“He taught Me to sing and dance, to speak in front of people who came to listen to us. When I danced and sang, as if a sun in my chest — love shone, light flowed from My hands.

“We performed in both poor villages and prince’s chambers. Much has been walked!

“And then, I began to ask Him to teach Me more: to make Me Volhva. But while His body was alive, He had no time to teach Me entirely. I was stubborn and headstrong! Therefore, He was in no hurry to give Me the great Knowledge, until I have learned to control My emotions and desires.

“And then He knew from God that His death had become imminent. And — that He must take it before many people: so that the songs He sang would be memorized over the centuries. And — that many people would feel the Love of God That was always with Him in Unity.

“He did not want Me to see His death. Also He did not want Me to perish together with Him. He sent Me to study to Magi Who lived in seclusion and taught only several people in ancient Knowledge.

“Even then, I could see and feel a lot by the soul.

“When I lived with Magi, I suddenly had felt that death threatened My father. I saw that the wickedness surrounded and thickened Him, like dark cloud. But He — like the sun — brighter and brighter shone with the Divine Power and Love!

“I have said the same to Magi.

“And They answered:

‘We know all about it. He Himself has chosen this fate. And about You — He told You to live and learn here!’

“… Everything then revolted in Me! I had uttered bitter words to Magi: that They talk about love — but do not know love Themselves, if They do not want to save My father!

“I ran from there! I did not know from the despair, what I will do: either whisk Him from death or die with Him!

“When ran up, I had found that place — only the ashes from the bonfire. He was burned alive there.

“Despair overfilled Me! Even could not cry! What to do — I did not know!

“Here a woman shook Me by the shoulders: ‘Run quickly from hence! You are searched for! The girl, who went with the singer, was told to the soldiers to be found and killed!’

“But it was too late. I was seen by the riders!

“Once again, I ran to the forest, in a windbreak — to the place where it was impossible to ride on horses.

“They dismounted, combed the forest, ringing by swords, shouting to each other.

“I then ran a long time from the last efforts. And thought not to come close to the place where Magi were: in order not to betray Them involuntarily. I was long running. I thought that it is the end.

“But I was saved by an elder who lived in the hermitage. I ran into his cell. There was only a coffin in the corner and one icon on the wall. Before the icon a gray man was kneeling.

“He looked at me — and continued to pray.

“I climbed into the coffin and closed the lid.

“Soldiers, when they ran into the cell, did not see Me, bowed, crossed themselves — and rushed to continue to hunt for Me.

“When all they had gone, I climbed out of the coffin, was going to go.

“But the elder poured Me some water, gave Me bread. He spoke:

‘Because God has brought You — stay here, live, as long as You want.’

“… And I stayed.

“I had lived there a year.

“During that year, we only several times had exchanged words. But I learned — a lot! Though he lived his life, and I, likewise, — mine.

“When I looked, how he reads the prayers, — I saw silence, peace, and tranquility in his heart, and to all people — love and forgiveness.

“And slowly this calm of him began to heal me of my despair.

“I used to go for the day, went through the forest, berries, mushroom gathering, came back in the evening, ate with the elder. Then I slept in a corner on an armful of dried grass, but he still read his prayers, praying for the whole world…

“So we lived.

“And then, I finally was able to return to life in the Light, recalling everything, that My father Bayan taught me. Here, I began to see Him by soul, could speak with Him, He taught Me again. Since then, the hatred to the murderers of My father, to the Orthodox faith — never was in Me.

“On that day, when I saw again My father, the elder spoke to Me:

‘Joy is great,’ — he said, — ‘that love in Your heart has returned! So, I can go soon! As the soul will leave the body, will you bury it?’

‘As you say, all will be done,’ — I said.

“He showed Me the place where his body must be buried. There were already grave and cross ready.

“Then he presented me a white shirt, completely new. He spoke:

‘In the other world, if I deserved — I will be given another new shirt. But if not deserved — it will be well in the old. And You, when I will not be here, put on this shirt — and go to Yours. Your time has come!’

“Greater forgiveness and humility, which the elder had taught Me in and that he had saved Me from the bitter fate, had returned on the Path to God — I still remember with gratitude!

“One morning, I woke up and realized that the elder had left his body. But it was not anywhere!

“I went to the place where he dug his own grave. And his body was at the bottom already. He himself came and lay down, to trouble me less…

“… I buried his body, put a cross. He then approached by the soul, thanked and blessed according to his custom.

“A little I lived there alone.

“My father continued to teach Me, revealed God before the soul more and more!

“And much had changed in Me!

“My life with My father taught Me much. But His death taught Me even greater! I saw what His love was for God! I realized His willingness to give His life — to awaken love in human souls!

“I read then Christian scriptures, have learned about Jesus, that He, too, accepted death — for His Teachings of Love to stay in the world! And I saw Jesus in the Shining Light, I spoke with Him as well as with My father Bayan.

“Due to all this, I realized the Truth about God! I felt the Divine Love in My heart, have learned to be connected by the soul with It!

“Then I went to Magi.

“Having been another, I came to Them, not the former capricious and proud girl! Magi greeted Me with the bows to the ground, and I — greeted them as well. I asked Them to teach Me in what I did not yet know.

“They said:

‘What can We teach You, when Your father already has taught all already?’

“Then I asked them to teach me healing and how to merge with the Power of God. And — how to not transgress the Will of God.

“And I learned this from Them.

“Then — I have come here to live, trying to help people. But not a lot of use is from it…

“If I will be able to teach you what I know Myself — then maybe not in vain was everything in My life!…

“Today I showed you the past. And tomorrow — I will show you the present. So now — it’s time to sleep!”

* * *

The next morning, after bathing and breakfast, Volhva started Her lesson:

“Both of you already know what love is. So it will be easy for Me to teach you to look and see through the eyes of the spiritual heart, that is, through the eyes of the soul.

“One can also listen by the spiritual heart.

“And — to speak, always connecting words with the heart love.

“And even one needs to learn to think by connecting the mind with the heart!

“The spiritual heart — this is the main part of the soul of each person. It may be easily felt in the chest, where we can perceive inhaled air. A chest — it’s like a room where heart love is born and lives in a body.

“The soul needs not be a prisoner of a body but its master!

“When a person inhales air, the air not only fills the chest, but it is — also in all the space around the body. The soul — it is transparent and nearly invisible, like air. And it can be not only in the body, though it is connected with the body during the life of the body. But it, gradually expanding, is able to develop its presence everywhere.

“Now — each look from the spiritual heart — with love! — on the far shore of this lake. Let the soul actually touch the thin reeds that are reflected in the water! You can also touch by the soul both trees and the clouds.

“So the spiritual heart, consisting of love and tenderness, can reach the distant objects. Exercising so, you can grow by the soul, becoming more and more.

“And yet — there are hands of the spiritual heart. They are more convenient to touch everything with love. Birds and other animals will feel these touches!”

… And indeed, when Dmitriy and Radonezh tried to do it, birds became bucked up and were singing joyfully, some squirrels were comically jumping on tree branches, hares peered curiously out of bushes, ducks hurried to swim closer. And if to take them on the palms of the spiritual hearts — they would bask in the bliss emanating from people!

“The soul can grow much larger than our human bodies!” — Volhva repeated.

“What for?” — Radonezh asked.

“To change something in the world around ourselves, to serve God and people — we must be quite a big part of this world.

“Here — ants: they can pave their paths from the anthill — somewhere else. But they are small and so cannot afford something more in this world.

“Ordinary people can, for example, build towns and roads between them.

“But you can do also much more: to pave the way to the Abode of the Creator, to His Divine House!

“God-the-Creator is Huge!

“He is right here, next to our bodies and within them. And He is everywhere in the universe. Wherever we gaze by the eyes of the spiritual hearts — up or down, left or right — He is everywhere!

“A human mind cannot grasp His Infinity!

“But only love can feel it, because love with love — can always be connected!

“And man — by soul — should be subtle, clean, and huge in the universe to find his or her way and to cognize God!

“Let us feel now, that — as the sunlight shines on us — God is sending to all His Love and Light!

“Ask God to help us feel His Light — and to wash us-souls and our bodies by This Light!”

… Volhva held out Her hands of the Soul as if under the waterfall of the Divine Light, Her body glowed, danced in this Flow!

Dmitriy and Radonezh also appeared in this Stream poured above their bodies — in the Flow of Love, Light, and Bliss of the Grace of God!

Light flowed both outside and through the bodies…

“I cannot bear so much bliss and happiness!” — Radonezh exclaimed.

“That’s good! So, it is necessary to start giving all it to other beings: trees, grass, birds, people!”

… When they — happy and exhausted — went to the house, Dmitriy said:

“It’s so interesting: the stronger the flow of love pours out of the heart, the more love from outside comes — like Strength of the Great Flow comes!”

“Is it true what you’re talking about! If now to look back from the spiritual heart: from whence the Stream flows out — you will see the boundless shining Light! This is the Light of God: Light of the Holy Spirit! He is always there!

“After, I’ll teach you how to go into this Light, to merge with Him, live in Him!”

* * *

The next day, Volhva had invited Her students to a huge stone, which lay on the shore of the lake.

Granite giant was lying calmly and majestically, as if basking in the rays of sun.

“Sit down here, lean backs to the stone. This stone — it, too, is God’s creation. God had created everything — from Himself! This stone has inside the living energies. Feel its life! It lays here Millenniums, its life is long — much longer than a human incarnation! And it will be still lying here for many centuries, perhaps millennia. Slowly life moves in it. And this is important — to feel its calm…

“All dense matter is in some ways similar to the life of this stone…”

… Half an hour later, Volhva said:

“Come on, that’s enough! Otherwise you yourselves turn into stones!” — she laughed loudly.

But Dmitriy still could not leave this amazing feeling of life of the stone in eternal calm…

Volhva led them to the birches growing on the shore:

“Well, now let’s try to love birches, like the stone, and — even more! Choose among them the most dear!

“Trees — they feel human love very well!

“All plants will feel it! You can talk with them, they understand not words, but emotions that can be connected with the words.

“To feel how trees are living — this is very important! Trees can teach us, people, a lot!

“For example, they have their roots. These roots may penetrate deep into the Earth. Each tree feels very well the Earth-Mother, which nurtures and raises it!

“Not many people realize that they should be connected, just like plants, with our Earth-Mother and with the Father-God!

“A tree does not forget this, because its roots teach it.

“Let’s feel how the tree accomplishes its existence in the world! The trunk, the crown, the roots — let us feel them by the souls! Also — how the juices are flowing, dive in twigs to reach each leaf.

“Each plant — it is life.

“Let us feel how the tree lives! Much in a human body is subject to the same laws of life, as in the body of a tree.

“There are trees, embracing which by the soul, — you can even cure some diseases. I treated so a lot of people whom God did not permit to heal by His Great Power, but wanted to awake the human souls with such small forces.

“Man, too, has the root, but it is simply invisible. But about that, I’ll tell you after.”

… Dmitriy remembered for a long time, how it was an amazing feeling — hugging the birch, like a gentle girl! Then — to feel the Earth, on which the tree grows… Even then — to become the flow of life force which is slowly rising from the roots to all above… — to where the wind plays with leaves in the crown…

Then they got acquainted with the majestic firs and pines, poplars, and ashes. Each tree has its own character and its slightly distinctive energy.

“That’s where a miracle exists! How much I went through the forest, but did not mind that they — are alive!” — Radonezh uttered in delight.

* * *

Two weeks later, Volhva told Dmitriy and Radonezh that they need to return to the world of ordinary people.

The time spent with Volhva, they felt as incredibly long, like a whole era has passed. And yet — how they did not want to leave!

They received so much new and important! A world that had opened for them by Volhva, was filled with Divine Love! As if in a sea of \x{200b}\x{200b}Light-Love — swimming, basking in It — they lived all this time!

“You need to go back, so that people do not start searching in the forests the Prince, perished along with his son. And — not to come here to kill the ‘witch’ that ruined them.

“At the same time, and you understand yourselves: do you need what I have started to teach you? It is not simple to live in the world with the Knowledge of the Great! Because this Knowledge builds a new destiny for each!

“It’s well — to live in Union with Love of God! But this is — not easy! You both consider: while I am not near, do you want more?

“Or will all lived by during this time — in the distance — be imagined as dream or My witchcraft?

“And if you want — after a month come back. Come here so that no one could see and know that you will stay here.

“I’ll be waiting!”

* * *

Dmitriy and Radonezh returned to the town, where the last contract was signed. They stayed for a few days with the local prince.

Dmitriy explained that Magus healed his son and that — for the miraculous rescue — he took a vow before God: up to the end of life to be strictly fasting. And — after his fiefdom visit, he intends to make a spiritual pilgrimage. And he is even thinking about life as a monk, in repentance and seclusion.

Hearing about this gently circled the neighborhood, and Dmitriy with Radonezh returned home.

Everything that happened with them at Volhva seemed almost a dream: so unlike was it from life here around!

But the new knowledge rooted in the souls. And there could be no question about stopping the continuation of study.

At home, Dmitriy spent a lot of time in the library. Questions before tormenting him, were replaced by new ones. Mismatches of what he read — with what he felt by the soul, produced thoughts: “Do I disturb those vows that I gave to Jesus in my youth? Is it true that God is cognizable: what a sacrilege to many is the thought of it! But Jesus taught precisely the cognition of the Heavenly Father! Not for nothing it was said in the Gospels: “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect!”*

* * *

When, a month later, they drove up to the house of Volhva, Dmitriy no longer was assailed by doubts. Only light alarm was concerning the beloved: “Suddenly there was any trouble with Her?”

They traveled on horseback. The third white horse was taken for Volhva.

Sometimes they had to dismount and wade through the dense thicket.

Dmitriy made a very large circle, bypassing all the settlements and paved the way so that no one saw them.

… Volhva was waiting on the doorstep.

She took the reins, brought the horses up to a stack of fresh hay, especially harvested by Her.

“She knew it, it seems!” — Dmitriy fondly thought about the insight of the beloved.

… In the evening they sat together by the fire on the lake. Radonezh slept.

Volhva and Dmitriy could not breathe by the love that warmed the souls brighter than fire! Their love had only strengthened when they were apart!

“I thought that I already was not afraid of anything in life… But now, I realized that I was afraid that you would not come back!”

“Then never suffer us to part, my beloved!”

“That will not happen… But you remember: love — it connects souls. So, if you call — I always will be with you! And the worldly bodies — it is another. They are only small particles. I should have time to show you all this! Then — no separations will be dangerous for us!”

* * *

The next day, Volhva began to tell them about the Divine Fire.

They sat by the campfire, lit from the evening and throughout the night it warmed their peace and love.

Now, in the afternoon, the fire on the sandy shore of the lake was another: there was the lightness, joy!

The flames danced like in a magic dance of freedom, rushing up.

The talk was about death and the existence of a soul after leaving the body.

Volhva said so:

“People after death of their bodies are not dead: the souls are alive, and they can come again to the Earth in new bodies.

“But the states after death are different for different souls.

“Here, Radonezh, your mother and father are now. They were kind and beautiful when they lived on the Earth, and so their abode is the paradise, as one would say in the Christian tradition.”

… Dmitriy and Radonezh saw Radim and Vladislava — such young, beautiful! Sorrows and burdens have left them completely, they were — free and happy!

Vladislava hugged Radonezh by her transparent hands and kissed.

“They tell you how they love you and are happy for you! They are asking not to be sad about them!

“You yourself — have you realized, heard them?” — Volhva asked.

Radonezh nodded silently, being unable to express in words what he felt.

They sat in silence.

Then the campfire was approached by Bayan — radiant, dressed in white. The Light from His Appearance was unique: like the rays of sun, woven with the immaterial body. The calm of Bayan was wise and gentle. His deep velvet voice rang out, as if covering all the mysteries of the universe. But Dmitriy and Radonezh still could not understand the words.

Volhva said:

“Here we are — not near by the bodies. But souls are always close. Bayan even tells Me what and how to teach you.

“But many souls were so weak while living in bodies that they lived only by bodies, not as free souls. Such souls after death of bodies remain as if little gray clouds of mist. They are like sleeping — until the next birth.

“And there are also those who were strong and not kind. They after death remain such. They are here and can be called devils. They really can cripple other souls and cause disease in bodies. But they suffer in their intangible abode — among others of their own kind. And many of them understand then that they had to live another way of life. Then — their lives in new bodies will be full of suffering: to atone for the pain that they have caused to other beings. But such a fate allows them to acquire new insights and go through cleansing. And then the path to the Light can be opened for them.

“But right now, we need to talk about something else: the fact that you need to clean up your bodies in a certain way — to be, as souls, free from material bodies while yet living in these bodies. And then it will be possible to fully realize yourselves in the intangible worlds, to live and work there, to take a lot of skills!

“Human being can live in multiple worlds. But most people consider the worlds, which are not visible to bodily eyes, — as non-existing. Or they think up different sorts of fairy tales and horror stories about those worlds. Or they believe in those stories that others tell.

“Most people do not even realize that the world of the Divine can be revealed to the soul. Although about it — many chapters of the Bible are written. And all religions have been called to teach just this.

“In order to penetrate into the Divine worlds — the soul must be free of defects, that is, first of all, of thoughts and emotions evil and vile. Spiritual heart should become the center of the soul! By love — people must transform both their thoughts and emotions!

“And the remnants of the old energies that stay in the bodies from life not quite clear — soul can remove with the help of Divine Fire. This Fire is similar to the little fire that is burning in our campfire. Fire — it, too, exists not only in the material world!

“There are in the human body special centers and channels that distribute throughout the body the Light-Fire and the living force.”

… Volhva showed how to cleanse the cavities in which the energy is stored. Through them, the soul can control the health of the body and the work of all organs.

Volhva explained all this by not only words, She also as if flashed those structures in Her body.

She showed also many channels that interconnect those cavities. And the energy clots gray and more dense than the golden Light that flooded all around Volhva — became visible.

She explained even how souls can merge with the intangible components of a conventional flame of fire — and how this fire, too, can be used in cleansing the body.

… Dmitriy and Radonezh did not expect that such work can lead souls to fatigue. But they were tired, as if they led the battle for clean energies a few hours and have come out victorious!

Their new life has become filled again with this new work — cleansing bodies, developing souls!

* * *

And they now three went riding. What a joy it was!

Over the lake, one could soon leave the vast expanse of gentle hills, covered with thick green grass. These grasses, swaying in the wind, were like a sea of \x{200b}\x{200b}green. And horses — as if were flying over this sea!

Here, in the open space, Volhva explained how to merge with the “River” of Divine Light, Which flows over the land washing all with Its bliss and caress!

Many days they spent so flying by bodies over the expanse on horseback and by souls — hovering in the Flow of Light of God!

… On that day, they stopped on a high hill.

“Why do people not live in this happiness, this joy?” — Radonezh uttered. — “Why they prefer envy, enmity, strife? How simple is to live in the world of the Blissful Divine Love! Why does no one know it?!”

“That you — now know! Dmitriy knows! And you could be able to teach others! Yes, but it’s not so easy to help people give up their evil internal habits! Those being in hatred, envy, resentment, sadness, fear, laziness — the soul-destroying, binding souls to the sorrow!

“The soul non-cleansed, braided with vices — cannot enter into the Divine Love! Vile motives and emotions are destroying souls and bodies! Understanding is eclipsed by a vicious way of life! These people do not see the Light of God! They live in misery and suffering themselves — and carry ills and sorrows to others!

“Both you before our meeting were living with love and good thoughts. You were trying to fill your lives with kind deeds. I was looking for such people for a long time, but I have not met many…

“You were the first whom I could really teach! Others were afraid to disturb foolish rules and dogma! Fear of the unknown stopped them before the start of the Path to the Light and Love!

“It is said that there were times when all people knew God-the-Father and quietly were living in love and harmony, beauty and peace! They ate fruits from the ground, did not commit blood meals, did not fight each other. But probably it was too long ago…

“And now, about how to understand and feel God — only a very few people know! And how to explain all this to others — almost all have forgotten.

“It is necessary to preserve this knowledge in purity! It is necessary to give it to the worthy people!”

* * *

Once Dmitriy and Volhva were riding. They were two together. That day Radonezh did not go with them. He understood that sometimes they had to be together alone, and did not interfere. He readily found for himself deeds in the house.

They drove very far from their usual places.

Ahead above the hills a settlement became visible. From there, a noise and screams were heard. But that was so far that it was not clearly audible: either people quarrel with each other, or something was happening.

Dmitriy stood up in the stirrups, peering into there by eyes of the experienced warrior.

He put, as was for him habit, his hand on the handle of the sword.

“You stay here! I’ll go there closer to see what the matter is. Wrong, likely, is going on there!”

Volhva wanted to stop him, but decided against it.

Dmitriy drove the horse.

From the next hill the whole situation was already clearly visible to him. The attackers were about six. They robbed small village of five or six houses. They committed violence against women, took all that could be taken from the homes of poor people.

Dmitriy rushed to the defense, drawing his sword:

“Cease robbery and violence!”

… Bandits saw that Dmitriy is one. They drew their swords. They had no doubt that, being six, they can easily kill this daring warrior and loot what he owns.

The three, who tried to rape a woman, Dmitriy struck with the flat of the sword; they were knocked down. But others began to try to cripple the horse to get to the rider. Then Dmitriy dismounted, realizing that a horse without a rider will not be targeted: the horse has great value! But now, he had to use the sword not only as a club. And he stabbed the bandits, attacking from all sides. They all were experienced fighters. It seemed that they were of those hired mercenaries who swallowed the blood in the battles for one or the other of the rulers, and then had chosen the free life of robbers. They possessed a weapon good.

The fight turned out to be much harder than Dmitriy initially anticipated.

But he was a craftsman in the possession of a sword, and a huge force was in his body. He wounded the others, but he was struck with the sword as well. The shirt was torn, blood flowed at the left body side from the wound. The wound was not deep, but still significant.

That fight ended. He lowered his sword.

He felt himself a hero and winner… — and then saw Volhva.

She bandaged the wounds of those three who were defeated first.

Then, pale and not saying a word to Dmitriy, she came to lying on the ground last defeated.

She did not stop the blood, so as then to Radonezh. She just smeared the wounds with some potion, which was always on her belt, and then bandaged.

Crazed from happening woman, several children and the elderly, who constituted the whole population of this village, like curdle, watched the scene.

Volhva came to the last lying bandit. She looked into his eyes, peered into the soul — and said very quietly:

“When will your thirst for revenge be satiated? They cannot still be back here! Why do you sow even more and more pain and misery?! You should be ashamed in front of them! See: you have become worse than their murderers!”

… Dmitriy did not know whether the others saw what he saw. But someone to whom Volhva spoke — no doubt, saw. It was a picture of the burnt house, the dead bodies of his wife and two sons. But they — in translucent appearance — were standing here and looked at the man who was once their husband and father.

“Stop it here, now, at once! Otherwise, even after your death you will not see them!”

… Then she bowed to the land to the inhabitants of the village:

“You decide their fate! Merciful — will receive mercy from God!”

… Only now she turned to Dmitriy, who was standing a bit further and tried to understand why and what She does.

She bandaged his wound as well as wounds of the robbers, smeared with Her potion.

At the well, two full buckets of water stood.

Volhva has washed Her hands and face. Then called up the horses.

… Then She and Dmitriy went, and people began to think about how they were to live further.

Volhva turned once more. In Her eyes was the power of love and forgiveness, which could make attackers — loving husbands and advocates for those whom they wanted to humiliate and rob. And the victims — could become healers caring for the bodies of robbers and for the souls.

But they will have to decide themselves.

Ride back was in silence. Dmitriy felt guilty, though he did not understand — why? He could not act otherwise, leaving the people without care and protection!

When they returned Home, it was dark.

Worried Radonezh grumbled like an adult: “How to let you alone?!…”

* * *

When bedtime, Volhva changed the bandage on the wound of Dmitriy. She said quietly:

“Forgive Me, darling, but God does not allow Me to heal your pain at all!”

He gently caressed Her hair:

“What are You, my beloved! You do not worry: everything will heal! You tell me better: what did I do wrong?”

“Pain and punishment that the robbers have got — slightly exceeded their crime. Two of them, in general, could not survive. One — escaped the fatal blow, only having slipped…”

Dmitriy shuddered inwardly and realized that that robber slipped not by chance…

“How would you live today with a load of killing? Have you thought about this?”

“No… I was as the former prince, who holds court and fights, defending the innocents…”

“Everyone gets in one’s own destiny the pain that he or she has caused to others. Your wound is for you to recall all your battles. And — for you to bring repentance for those pain and deaths brought ever!

“Soon you will have the Power, by Which you can really act! The Power of God will be connected with not only the soul but with your body! And now you have to clean yourself thoroughly of anger, even ‘righteous’, in the human sense. All your past exploits, of which you were proud before, have also the downside. Now you should see it!

“Yes, you have always fought for the truth, as you understood it. But now you’ll have to fight for the Truth that God approves!”

… Dmitriy changed much in his mind that night! He slept restlessly, waking up again, remembering the events, for which he had not repented…

In the morning, he woke up and saw Volhva sitting on the edge of the bed. Her palms were over his wound.

“But You said that I am not allowed by God to be healed, yet do You not listen to Him?” — He smiled, kissing her hands.

“I would assume your pain on Me! It is possible!” — She smiled through the streaming tears…

“No, that’s not necessary, my beloved!”

He pulled Her and kissed.

“Well, then I’ll show you another…” — and She began to explain to Dmitriy how the Divine Atmic Energy can be raised to the body. This Energy — in the eastern countries — is known as Kundalini, and in Russia in the old days was called Atman, that is, Shining. Then She showed how this Energy can be carried through the body and pours through the head. This way, you can relieve the pain, heal the wound yourself.

“The bliss of love that occurs between a man and a woman when there is a connection — is only a small part of the Bliss, which is given by the Flow of the radiant Atmic Light passing through the body.”

… Dmitriy had immersed in the state of bliss which fills every cell of the body…

These few days of his recovery brought him so much happiness and understanding that even in his earlier views about the Divine Love could not be imagined!

Volhva and Radonezh cared for him tenderly and carefully. And he — swam in the River of Bliss and Divine Light!

* * *

Meanwhile, Volhva received another concern. Radonezh suddenly has become sad. He was sitting on the bank of the creek.

“What has laid down on your thoughts?”

“I do not know how to say… Well, Prince Dmitriy — he is a warrior: he participated in the battles, became a hero in deadly dangerous fights. And, if he now will act only by words, — no one would call him a coward, no one will accuse of cowardice.

“And I — still have done nothing, flimsy, never really learned how to fight!

“I understand that Love has the great Power, but no one at all sees that Power! People do not see the Power of God!

“But I want to be really strong and courageous! This is not for fame… It is other… I can not explain…”

Volhva hugged Radonezh. “Is he — not bold! He has rescued people during the attack, he has barred from death by his own body Dmitriy…” Love for this brave and pure boy filled Her! But She was well aware, what bothered him now. She also understood that it was impossible to help now by words…

“Let’s go: I’ll show you, how, without sword and bloodshed, you can beat any opponent!”

Radonezh looked at Her by eyes dilated with surprise.

“Take the sword — and forward!”

“I cannot! If suddenly I hurt You?!”

“Well, then — here is a stick instead of the sword! Is it suitable?”

… Volhva with such ease and speed was slipping from attacks that Radonezh could not cease to marvel at it. At first, he stabbed at half-strength, then — with all his strength. But flexible and elusive opponent, not being even out of breath, evaded all the attacks. Then suddenly She slipped — and with deft movement snatched the stick out from the hands of Radonezh.

“Well-well!” — Dmitriy stood on the threshold. — “I thought I could even teach others how to battle! And it turns out, that I have to learn from You!”

“I will teach!

“The soul can feel both oneself and another. And — to perceive as if time slowed down. Or — you can notice everything around you in a small fraction of a second.”

… Dmitriy knew what Volhva spoke about. It happened that during the battle, he saw the tiniest movements of the enemy’s blade, and felt exactly how the enemy will lead the sword. However, such moments were involuntary, but Volhva knew it perfectly!

Dmitriy only marveled, knowing that even he could not defeat in the battle the elusive, unattainable for any weapons Volhva!

That was Bayan Who taught Her — for the girl to be protected as possible by the dexterity and other skills.

“To begin, I must show you — how to feel and understand others as well as yourselves.

“Do you remember, how you could feel the trees like yourselves, when the soul was merged with the soul of the tree?

“Now let’s feel each other so, to feel as if your bodies have been exchanged.

“Now, Radonezh, stand in front of Me! I will come, by a soul, into your body, and you — in Mine. Look from My spiritual heart to your body, and I will — out of yours.”

… It was so amazing!

Then they changed places and did the same with Dmitriy.

“When you feel so — in love! — the other person, you can understand his or her thoughts and desires. And, too, you can transfer your thoughts to the other person.

“This is a very important skill: to feel the other as clearly and strongly as myself! But only — with love it should be done! And — without any violence.”

… Then Volhva taught them, how to watch one’s own body from all sides at the same time. And — how to dissolve myself in the Light, from Which you look — from all the sides — to that side, where the body is, but the sense of myself in it is not.

After such trainings, it was a state where the soul and body are united with all the visible space — into one. You could feel every tree, every bird, every little animal — like myself. The space was transparent, and as if a ringing silence had enveloped from all sides from an incredible distance.

So, quietly, from the theme of the warrior, who is invulnerable, who can fight both for himself and for others, — they turned to the most important topic, when, dissolved in the surrounding area, the spiritual warriors lose a sense of themselves as separate. And others — are felt better than myself! It is so significant, because it is needed for really cognizing God. The ability to dissolve myself in His Love and Light and disappear in Him — must be developed! It is only through this — it is possible to merge with Him, become Him!

* * *

Sometimes Volhva and Dmitriy were only two.

“Not everything that I can show now, would be adequate for Radonezh. Then — you will tell and show him it. But for you, I must tell and show it now,” — Volhva said. — “You remember, I spoke about the ‘root’ of every person that connects each with the Heart of the Earth. As long as the heart of man is not inflamed — the ‘root’ is invisible: the Divine Light-Fire does not flow through it. And when the heart is filled with the Fire of Love, this ‘root’ can be revived. It is so, because it connects the human Fiery heart with the Fiery Heart of our Earth and with the Creating Fire of God-the-Father.

“Feel that there, in the depths of the Earth, in the Heart of it, there is the Fire — the same as our campfire, but many times larger and — subtle, delicate It is. The Source of the Fire is like the Sun of the enormous, immense size!

“The ‘root’ is connected with the body by the specific channel. And if you extend — with your hands of the soul — that channel within, then the Divine Fire can be easily let into the body.

“Try to look from the spiritual heart not forward but back-depth.”

… Dmitriy fulfilled: the soul was poured out into the Light-Fire. And he felt, he became the Soul consisting of the Fire in the Divine Fire of God.

… The days passed. The longer — the stronger and brighter it all was. Dmitriy was able to maintain such state of the soul more and more for a long time.

Finally, he was able to confidently feel Himself the Immense Fiery Spiritual Heart.

It was as if He had disappeared in the Divine Unity — and had been born again!

When it had happened, Divine Dmitriy — composed of the Divine Light-Fire — stood up above the land, possessing the Great Power of God! Huge was His new Body consisting of the Divine Light-Fire! Hands — strong, gentle, which can take every soul on the palm, caress, fill with the life force. Heart in the chest — was shining like the Sun, flowing the Light over the Earth! In Depth — infinite Creating Power, like the mighty Ocean!

“Well, now you must also learn to live so always!” — Dmitriy heard the voice of Volhva. — “Also You can fill all Your body with this Primordial Fire, then there will be indestructible Mergence!”

… When They went to the house, She said:

“I saw the Magi, Who had cognized the fullness of Mergence with the Divine Fire Power, come into this Fire along with their bodies. After that, They could move the bodies instantly any distance. Such a body is not threatened by the death or destruction: it has acquired the Divine Immortality.

“It can be that in such a body Jesus resurrected before people, for them to see firsthand the Power of His Divinity!

“I… am not able now to do it. But I speak about it for You to know that there are no limits of the achievements for the soul!

* * *

The great happiness of cognition of God and Merging with Him in His Great Fire — for a long time was the main happiness in Their lives.

Radonezh also touched by the soul the Divine states of consciousness. He has transformed from a teenage boy — into a strong slender young man.

But once Volhva said:

“You must go, Dmitriy. You both are waited for a long-distance road: embassy in the foreign country.”

“Where? What for?!”

… She paused, gathering together an understanding that now had to say.

Volhva rarely saw into the future. She did not like to predict, because she knew that the future depends not only on the past events but also on the present. Each can change a lot in his or her life, but not all.

But that day She saw the picture of an unknown for Her land, and She knew that it is the future that God wants for Dmitriy and Radonezh.

She saw the sea coast, sandy shallows, sailing boats, people in white unusual clothes, woman with a golden crown on her thick hair. Name — Margarita. Near are they: Dmitriy and Radonezh. Radonezh is speaking in the foreign language, he translates. How beautiful they are — the most beloved of Her people! Their spiritual hearts are shining, like the Suns burning! Dmitriy stands out by heroic physique. His Peace and Love fill all around…

“You’ll have to leave. Moscow prince will send You to the embassy of distant country — and you agree.”

“Is it for a long time? I do not want to be separated from You!”

“I do not know, I say what God reveals.

“And those, who truly serve God, — they make not that, what they want, but what God wishes!

“And in this — a great happiness! United Love that rules everything in the universe — blooms in their hearts, and It is shining for the world brighter than the Sun!”

“Will we meet with You, My beloved?”

… Volhva tried to take Her gaze from Her future. She was waiting for Her fate, like of Her father Bayan… And to see it before — what for?

But in front of Her inward sight She got the different picture: battles, fires, and above all this — huge and strong Dmitriy with sword in hand. And She next to Him — dressed in man’s clothes…

It was revealed to Her that after a long time, They together will come back to the Earth with a mission of Love and Peace.

“We will see each other, we will be close, My Beloved! You and Me will always be together, because our Hearts are united in God!” — She said confidently.

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