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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Where Does God Live?

Where Does God Live?
Vladimir Antonov, Ph.D. (in biology)

Translated from Russian
by Vladimir Antonov.

Corrector of the translation
— Hiero Nani.

Being embodied, we find ourselves on this material "island", which was created by the Creator, as it were "bulging" from Himself — into the spatial dimension of the material world. Then, during millions of years, the transformation of this "island" — up to its present state — occurred over time. [11-12,14-17, etc.]

The beauty and grandeur space above this "island", as well as sattva of fragrant flowers on meadows and trees, also the beauty of harmonious bodies of humans and even animals — all this is a hint of the Creator for us to learn to love all this and envelop, merge with, all the Harmony of Creation as souls, or rather, as the spiritual heart.

When it is well understood by us, as well as when hatred, greed, violence, selfishness, and other properties of vicious souls are completely eliminated, — it is time to begin to cognize the Creator. For this, a mature soul, in obedience to His Call, rushes — in love for Him — to the depth of multi-layered (multi-dimensional) space — towards ever greater subtlety.

As far as one’s improvement and approaching similarity to the Creator by quality indications — the soul now becomes huge in size, learns to love Those Who have reached the Abode of the Creator before. Now, communications with Them become easy, free!

Then such a Perfect Consciousness fixes Oneself in the Abode of the Creator forever — and only in cases of necessity comes forth — as Part of the Creator — to help incarnate beings.

And some of such Consciousnesses even incarnate again into human bodies — to tell people — in the most convenient for them form — about the Creator and the Path to Him. These are Their great acts of self-sacrifice: because men-primitives strive to torture and kill these Divine Zealots…

… What is the Abode of the Creator?

And of what appearance is the Creator?

Creator is the Total Aggregate of all Perfect Consciousnesses Who have reached Him in the entire history of His eternal existence. These Consciousnesses (Holy Spirits) are not burdened with solid material forms — and therefore easily interpenetrate Each Other, merge with Each Other in Their United We.

Thus, the Creator is really One but represents the Unity of a lot of interpenetrated Perfect Consciousnesses.

How appears this Unity?

We can speak here about the Living Transparency, not having intense luminosity and existing in the state of Blissful Peace.

But if One of the Holy Spirits comes out of this state to the Creation for the sake of helping embodied beings — He or She will acquire the state of the Divine Luminosity. This Luminosity is a sign of increased activity of the individualized Holy Spirit or of a group of Them. It may appear as the Divine Light or Fire — the Light and Fire of Their Love!

This Light and Fire may appear in the Abode of the Creator.

But the Holy Spirits, Who are for us the non-incarnate Divine Teachers, can also come into the world of Creation and become noticeable for incarnate people. In such cases, They usually appear in giant anthropomorphic Forms of Light or Fire — Mahadoubles.

* * *

So, what makes sense for us to deal with in the material world — from a spiritual perspective — if we accept the existence of God?

First of all — it is necessary to get rid of all those qualities which are opposed to love. These are — anger, irritability, violence and any other rudeness, also falsity, all other manifestations of egocentrism, including arrogance, selfishness, desire to claim what is not mine, also pride of one’s own achievements, self-admiration, self-glorification, etc.

I emphasize that self-admiration and self-glorification are typical ethical mistakes of many people who wanted to become better. This is — a trap, forcing a reduction or complete discontinuation of further efforts in self-development.

And any manifestation of coarse emotions are opposite to the Creator: the Creator Himself is the most subtle form throughout all forms of consciousness existing in the universe.

… Then — let there be spaces for growth of the spiritual heart! Let the open spaces be — at the beginning — above the world of matter, then — in the subtlest spatial dimensions where the Holy Spirits act. And then further — in the Abode of the Creator!

In particular, you can learn to light the Fire of Love via one’s huge — the size of a planet and even much more — Spiritual Heart, having become the Divine Sun!

… Once more, it is necessary to live in the Mergence with God. For this, it requires mastery of the Infusion into Him, finding Co-Dissolving with Him.

This is what we are beginning to learn while still in the Creation — by means of, in particular, love with a sexual basis. Looking into our past, most of us will be able to follow the process of the merging of human souls into one. And — how painful sometimes were the ruptures of such relations!

There are special techniques, training mergence — for example, with the beautiful in nature. "There is only this beauty — and no me apart from it!" In this case, the soul learns to co-dissolve in the subtleness of the Beauty in Creation.

To master this in the Creation — means it will be easy to learn Co-Dissolution also with the Creator.

Let me draw your attention to the fact that the proud and conceited individual "I" impedes the Infusions into the Creator. To infuse into Him and merge with Him, there must remain only one "I" — His "I". That's why it makes sense to avoid even small manifestations of self-centeredness and radically be rid of them if they exist in the soul.

Egocentrism has to be replaced by God-centrism! [17 etc.].

* * *

In different religious traditions, the state of co-dissolving with God is termed Nirvana, Liberation and other synonyms.

Many details about this Path can be found in our other published materials. In particular, I mean the system of psychic self-regulation which was developed by us. [12]

But those who do not follow the path of ethical purification, who, in particular, are capable of causing needless harm to any creature, even kill them for the sake of satisfying their gluttony — those are the opposite of the Creator. In particular, God considers such predatory lifestyle of various people — as wicked [1,11-13,18,21,29-30, et al.].

But righteousness is the ability to live so that one does not disappoint (with the exception of, perhaps, cases of extreme necessity) either people, or animals, or yet plants (because they are also animate beings!). And even more — do not disappoint God!

* * *

So where does God live?

He — in the Aspect of the Creator — fills by Himself the entire universe. He is not only above the surface of our round planet (as many are convinced) — but He is in truth everywhere including under our bodies, under each atom. Also — under the matter of our planet, as well as of other planets, stars, and other material objects. He is the infinite in size Ocean of the Universal Perfect Consciousness!

He invites us into Himself, waiting for us in Himself. But each of us, to merge with Him and become Part of Him, must first reach the Perfection — by both qualitative and quantitative criteria.

… But the majority of people — rather than eliminate their soul defects and actively increase virtues — pray to God for Him to forgive and forgive our sins…

… Why do we usually not see Him?

Because — He is in another spatial dimension. From there — He sees and hears everything that each of us do, say, even think. All our emotions and desires are also in His sight. Sometimes, He intervenes in them, as well as in our thoughts. But more often — He does not do this.

He usually gives us free will. And — on the basis of our right or wrong decisions — He forms the future destiny for each of us.

To learn how to make only the right decisions, we have reason to attempt, as far as possible, to understand the Process of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — and include ourselves in Its Flow. By this, we fasten our lives with the Life of God and come to Victory.

It is possible to achieve this result only by means of the development of oneself as the spiritual heart. This is — the proven by centuries Path of Hesychasm. And we — a team of Russian experts in the field of spiritual knowledge — have introduced this significant contribution into the development of this branch of spiritual knowledge.

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