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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

This Hurts God!

God-Centrism/This Hurts God!

This Hurts God!

Holy Spirits — the Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness — say that They feel pain every time They watch how embodied people torture and kill beautiful animals…

But… everyone has the right to do one’s own destiny, making righteous deeds — or sinning. Therefore, the Holy Spirits do not interfere in these events…

It would be useful for all people to know about this!

We need to understand that animals are settled by God on the Earth not for their bodies to become food for people! No: the meaning of their lives, as well as our own, human, consists in the development of souls — in the general stream of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness [1-3,7-9,11,13-25,34,36,39-40,43-62]!

God spoke about this enough clearly through the Bible: “… Behold: I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the whole Earth, and every tree, on which is the fruit yielding seed, — to you it shall be for food” (Genesis 1 : 29). And do not try to eat the flesh of those creatures, in whose bodies you see blood (Genesis 9: 1-4)!

But people-gluttons reinterpreted these words of God. They pretended that God, unlike themselves, is weak-minded, because He declares that the blood of animals… is “their souls”! And so, they say, it is necessary only to pour the blood out of their bodies to the ground — and then such bodies can be eaten. (Who is here an imbecile — let everyone decide on their own).

On the impermissibility of killing animals for food — talked and talk all embodied and non-incarnate Representatives of the Creator [8,15,19-25, et al.]. But gluttonous passion, composed in feasting on corpses, — now is for the greater part of embodied humanity more powerful than God’s opinion!

According to biological nature, man is not a predator. But most people make predators of themselves, thus separating themselves from being — at least in this respect — righteous before God. The results are the serious illnesses and rejection of them from God’s help in the most important aspects of their spiritual development.

Among the diseases striking these gluttons — atherosclerosis (clogging of vessels with deposits of excess cholesterol), podagra in its various manifestations (deposition of uric acid salts in the vessels of the brain, joint, and other organs), the malfunction of the digestive system by coarse bioenergies, the embodiment of the disembodied offended animals to the bodies of offenders that can result, in particular, in cancer. Also — the inability to properly refine the consciousness; such subtling is necessary for the soul to approach God, and for direct cognition of Him.

Let us remember that each of us creates one’s own destiny by, in particular, programming in it the pain and suffering, which were caused by me to other beings.

It’s also important to emphasize that those people are deaf to the theme of compassion.

It is believed that Jesus in His Jewish incarnation necessarily, like all Jews of the time, used meat food, especially in the form of a “sacrificial” lamb at Passover. Most likely, it really was in His childhood. But He very soon abandoned His earthly family and left to wander. When He returned to Judea, having grown up, — He did not eat meat. Entries of Epiphany recorded the surprise-disgruntled reaction of Jesus when He was asked to taste the meat of a lamb at Passover (Epiphany, Jerez, 22:4) [8,18].

Sathya Sai Baba pointed out [2,8,34,43-44] that He does not want people to quarrel with each other because of differences in their nutrition: let secular people eat meat. But if you rise to the spiritual Path — the ethical aspect of nutrition has to be observed impeccably!

Yes, there are people who under no circumstances refuse their sinful gluttony, from delicacies that are made from animal corpses.

The compromise here can be as follows: to use as food (and for other purposes) — the bodies of those animals, which have already terminated their programs of their own evolution in these bodies.

Also, there should be no unnecessary doubts about the right to kill harmful and dangerous for people animals.

Or — for example, if you have nowhere to place some males of farm animals bred by people, in particular — bulls. For males are born about the same rate as females. And it would not be well to feed them for life! Or — to let them live “at will”!

But if the killing — it should be done in the most painless, gentle ways, compassionately.

By the way, long-ago, bull-calves were cut in their childhood (for deliverance from aggressiveness in adulthood) and used in agriculture, as well as horses, as draft animals.

… Let us think, what is the compassion? It is not crying over someone’s misfortune or death! But — maximum caution to not inflict on anyone, voluntarily or involuntarily, vain pain or other troubles. In particular — not to grieve anyone by my emotions, words, or other actions.

Let us understand that without developed compassion, it is not possible to fundamentally approach closer to Perfection!

Compassion is one of the basic qualities of the Holy Spirit. And They — as potential Divine Teachers for each of us — will not permit to be closer to Them those who have gross ethical flaws.

* * *

Someone, who never before thought seriously about food ethics, may ask: so what should I eat?!

I will answer briefly.

We need the following groups of nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber.

Proteins consist of sets of various amino acids. There are among these some, which are produced in our bodies. But others — are not usually produced, and it is necessary to bring them in with food. Therefore, you should try to diversify the food intake. The ethically acceptable products, containing the complete sets of amino acids, are milk, dairy products, and birds’ eggs. Also a lot of different amino acids are in mushrooms, nuts, soy.

But we must take into account that the majority of adults, unlike children, no longer produce the enzyme lactase needed to digest the milk sugar lactose. Therefore, adults often have digestive problems caused by milk consumption.

What concerns soy, it is useful to know that some products, made from it, cause a weak irritation in the intestine. It’s a reason for each to search this problem by experimenting.

From vegetable fats, the least dense ones are considered as the most useful.

Butter — as an animal fat — is valuable, because it contains important for us vitamins.

If we fry foods (eggs, mushrooms), it is necessary to use the most dense edible fats, because their constituent elements are more resistant to rancidity (oxidation with the formation of harmful substances).

A curious fact, about which not many people know, is that the fats in the digestive system are first broken down into fatty acids, but then, if they are to be used in the body “in reserve”, are combined again into the fat structure identical to the original. Such structures — are species-specific. For example, if someone loves pork fat, it is swine fat that composes one’s own body. In other words, the body becomes largely swine.

But our own human — in chemical composition — fats are formed from plant carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates — these are both sugars and starches. We get sufficient amounts of them from cereal seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Fiber is also important, because it is conducive to the moving of food mass through the intestine. In medicine, cases are known when fans of the experiments on themselves, not having studied the scientific theory of nutrition, were trying to live on a diet with complete elimination of fiber. Such experiments often were fatal.

Knowledge is also needed about the compatibility of food components. Namely, when in the stomach are mixed large amounts of proteins and fats — with sugars, sugar fermentation begins. This leads to a so-called flatulence — gas-formation in the intestine.

As for vitamins, we need to ensure, especially, to get enough quantity of the vitamin C. It is much in greenery, fruits and garlic. When they lack, one can buy in pharmacies the ascorbic acid (this is the vitamin C).

It is also desirable to have in the diet carrots and tomatoes (including, tomato paste and other products from them).

What concerns the full set of micro-elements, one need not worry, if to add clear sea water when cooking food. Or — to include in the diet laminaria.

* * *

I repeat that our ethical perfection before God consists, first of all, in not harming anyone, not even upset — but in trying to help everyone in everything good.

Let us live so as not to hurt anyone: neither God, nor the people, nor any other creature!

We must learn to love them all!

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