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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

“Is the Earth living?” and Some Religious Perversions

“Is the Earth living?”
and Some Religious Perversions

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Anton Teplyy

Corrector of the English translation —
Hiero Nani

Recently I have heard in a television program that more and more scientists consider the Earth as a living organism.

Probably, the authors of this program identified me as one of these scientists. Anyway, those words prompted me to express my opinion on this theme.

* * *

So, is the Earth living?

With confidence, I can answer this question affirmatively. Another matter is what sense should be put in this answer.

When I was in a school, a teacher explained to us during natural science classes that long time ago it had been the norm to classify all objects as animate and inanimate.

People, all animals, and plants were considered as animate. This meant that souls live in their bodies, and this is true.*

All other objects, including rocks, sand, soil, wood, etc., were classified as inanimate. Of course, it was considered that our planet also belongs to the second category.

Yet the theme after which this article is named implies an examination of this problem from a different perspective, much more capacious and deep.

* * *

An atheistic worldview does not admit that our planet can be recognized as a living being. The ideas of most modern atheists are based on the fantasies about the supposed “Big Bang” that once took place in the universal void. As a result, gases and a solid substance in form of cosmic dust appeared. Then, in short, these gases and dust gradually formed lumps. These lumps became more and more condensed and formed stars and planets. In their depths, thanks to ultra-high pressure and temperatures, thermonuclear reactions started and consequently new chemical elements were created… Then some organic molecules appeared in hot water sources on the Earth or came with the meteorites from outer space… Thus organic life began to evolve on the planet…

However, these are the ideas of those who have not been able yet to include the truth about the existence of God into their worldview.

… God really exists! Many people will be convinced of this fact very quickly and at first hand if they start developing themselves in accordance with His Teachings, which He repeats to people for millennia [7]. The methodological system that we elaborated and that consists of three main directions (ethical, intellectual, and psychoenergetical one) can also help you in this [8 and others].

… Only those who have the abilities and aspiration of real scientists, ready for self-sacrifice for the good of others, can cognize and relate the truth about God, using simple and accessible for most people language. It is so, since the attempts to relate new things in the field of religious philosophy always resulted in violent animosity of envious and aggressive primitive people, including the representatives of different sects.

Moreover, in order to study God, the researchers previously should have transformed themselves as souls and should have become the personal disciples of God, worthy of approaching Him. In this case, I am talking primarily about the ethical worthiness, which is reached through the work on the ethical component of our development.

As a result of years of work on self-perfection, which was realized under the direct guidance of God as well, we obtained the possibility to look at the processes of the creation of the material world, at the essence of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, at the meaning of our lives on the Earth, and at the best ways of its realization — from the side of the Creator, and not from the side of incarnate units of His Creation. (Let us not examine this in detail within a given article, since it was discussed in some of our previous publications: [3-5,11-12]).

… Most people on our planet live having a tendency to look for wellbeing only for themselves, their family, and the closest friends or, in the better case, for the sake of wider associations, such as work collective, political party, and so on.

To think on a scale of wellbeing for all humankind, for our entire planet, for the sake of contributing to the realization of the plan and interest of God, is a quality of the souls very developed in their personal evolution.

Yet only such an ability, the ability to think on a scale of One Universal God and live in accordance with His interest, is what, first of all, allows one to come close to Him, to cognize Him directly and, subsequently, merge with Him.

As such seekers approach God, it becomes usual practice for them to communicate with Him easily and directly, including to discuss important topics with Him.

* * *

God explained to us regarding the theme of this article the following:

The creation and subsequent evolution of our planet was entrusted to the Holy Spirit Who calls Himself Adler (this is His name from His last incarnation in Europe) [7].

Adler showed us Himself “in full-length”. He looks like infinite Divine Light-Fire That can also manifest Itself anthropomorphically, assuming a giant Appearance that exceeds the size of the Earth many times.

Adler described the process of the creation of the Earth as follows:

He, from Himself as a colossal Firelike Spiritual Heart, moved out some sort of bud. This Fire “bud” started becoming “covered” with matter attracted from the eon of protomatter [8]. Then, truly, the above-mentioned thermonuclear processes took place… Later, the life evolved in organic bodies of different species of plants, animals, and people... This is how the Earth became as we know it at present.

Additionally, Adler said that it requires Him only to remove Himself (His Fire State) from the core of the planet — and the planet will crumble into elementary particles. Such could be the end of the Earth: matter will disintegrate. It cannot exist without an active role of God in its existence!

Adler showed us how electrons fell to the nuclei — and matter disappeared. “Why,” —he said — “do electrons revolve around nuclei? What is the cause of this rotation?

“What is the cause of the centrifugal and centripetal forces within the atoms that allow everything in the material world to exist? I am the One Who starts their rotation!”

An atom — in comparative terms — occupies very big amount of space because the majority of its volume is between a nucleus and electrons. A nucleus and electrons themselves are tiny relative to the volume of an atom. Yet an atom exists due to the fact that electrons revolve, i.e., due to their motion around the nuclei of atoms. If we stop this movement, the material objects will disappear.

Anyway, our task is not to try to figure out when “the end of the world” begins, but to hurry to become better before God right now. We should try to do as much as possible in this direction, since an old age and the approaching death of the material body will limit our possibilities for that.

“The end of the world” means, among other things, that only those who managed to gain the completeness of the spiritual Perfection become forever the Inhabitants of the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness (i.e., the Creator).

* * *

Those who have cognized not only the Holy Spirits and the Primordial Consciousness but also the Absolute, perceive It as the Conglomerate of the layers of multidimensionality, inhabited by qualitatively different forms of consciousness. The Absolute is One Macroorganism of the universal scale. In other words, the assertion that God (in the Aspect of the Absolute) is One is true.

On the other hand, it is equally true that God is the Unity of Multitude, the United We. This applies equally to God in the Aspect of the Absolute, of the Primordial Consciousness, and of the Holy Spirit (or Brahman in Sanskrit).

The deepest layer of the Absolute is of double nature. Here one can perceive, as Transparent Calm, the state of the United We of all the Perfect Ones Who are at rest and the Divine Light-Fire, giving Bliss, of the Holy Spirits Who are active at that moment towards the processes taking place in the Creation.

If we move away from this Primordial Layer on the multidimensional scale, we will find paradise and then denser and coarser layers. Their luminosity will reduce in this sequence.

The outermost black layer is hell — the abode of the souls that have become the garbage of the Evolution.

About how we can avoid finding ourselves among the last ones, about how, on the contrary, we can come closer to the state of the Perfect Ones and help others to do the same, you can read in detail in other books and articles published by us.

* * *

Pythagoras, Who now is one of the Holy Spirits [7], and then other Divine Teachers repeated to us several times and at different occasions the following idea, which seemed to be paradoxical at first: there is no dead matter in the whole universe! Yet now this statement should become clear for you as well, my readers.

… Let us sum up:

Yes, the Earth is living. It is the Part of God in the Aspect of the Absolute.

However, it does not exist as something separate, as an autonomous object flying on its orbit in outer space around the Sun. It is an integral Part of its very specific Creator — the Holy Spirit called Adler. He created it practically from Himself or, perhaps, it will be better to say, on the basis of Himself as a Part of the Divine Consciousness. Just in the right place of the cosmos, electrons started spinning around the nuclei of atoms of protomatter…

Now it becomes even clearer how the concept of the Absolute should be understood. It is the Universal Macroorganism, the Creator coessential with His Creation.

In the deepest base of the matter of a human body, there is also the Divine Living Fire of the Creator…

* * *

Using this knowledge, a spiritual seeker — after reaching a proper level of ethical purity — can begin to apply the methods for the refinement of the consciousness and for its quantitative growth. By doing so, this person gradually embraces the Earth in its entire multidimensionality.

For this, it is necessary to learn first to merge with the beauty and harmony on the surface of the planet, then flow into the subtle, white, Living Light of the Holy Spirit inside the planet and learn to live in the consubstantiality with It. After that, it becomes possible to enter even subtler Divine Light-Fire in the core of the Earth.

When we learn to stay firmly in the space inside the core, it is not too difficult to come out of it to the vast expanse of the Ocean of the Divine Fire of Adler and of other Holy Spirits and merge with this Living Blissful Fire. This, I repeat, is an active and creating Aspect of God.

After that, one masters the state of Transparent Divine Calm.

* * *

I understand how unusual the information in this article may seem for those who never worked on themselves from a serious esoteric perspective. Someone even may start choosing a psychiatric diagnosis for the author of this article…

Truly, the aforesaid is so different from what is practiced and preached by atheists and by the representatives of those creeds in which only rituals are performed…

I am not going to argue with those who are unable yet to understand the commandments of Jesus Christ which say that the Kingdom of God (i.e., the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness, of the Creator) is taken only and exclusively by one’s own spiritual efforts (Matthew 11:12, Luke 16:16) and that we should come out to meet God (John 4:23-24), being free from our own material shells, i.e., in a state of the developed spiritual hearts that became much bigger than the size of our earthly bodies.

I also do not suggest that everyone try to begin right now, for example, looking for the core of the Earth… To do such work, one should learn first many other things. Besides, God (in the Aspect of the Holy Spirits) stimulates only those spiritual efforts of each person that correspond to his or her age (ontogenetic and psychogenetic) and to his or her progress in mastering ethical and intellectual components of the development.

Nevertheless, the information given in this article will allow those who now are developed enough to use these methods of self-perfection to accelerate their progress on the spiritual Path.

* * *

Recently I have received the following letter (I reproduce it without any corrections):

“Hello, dear Vladimir! I accidentally found your website and read your speculations. Sorry, but you are very wrong about God and the ways of knowing Him. The worst thing is that you mislead others. To know God and the truth, it is necessary, first of all, to read the Bible. Jesus said: ‘I am the way and the truth and the life (eternal), no one comes to the Father except through me.’ The Gospel of John 14:6. The Scripture speaks about the repentance and faith in Jesus Christ! All the rest is from the evil one.

“‘But even if we or an Angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be anathema.

“‘As we said before, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let them be anathema.’ Galatians 1:8-9

“Please, watch youtube video ‘What church does not teach’. May God help you.”

This polite woman, threatening me with curses (anathema) seems to wish me well sincerely. Moreover, she considers herself as a Christian as opposed to me.

Yet… here it is a habit of lecturing everyone, considering oneself as the one who knows more than anyone else, even though she… just started the path… of acquaintance with the Bible…

Having read only some small part of my works, she reproaches me for not knowing the Teachings of Jesus Christ and not following them…

However, I am the one who wrote the book The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ [1], in which these Teachings were analyzed and systematized by the thematic sections. Later these materials were included in the collection God speaks. Textbook of Religion [2], and then in the book Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present [7].

Moreover, this woman does not know that Jesus was the One Who many decades ago blessed me to pass the knowledge obtained from God to people [4] and that He has been my non-incarnate Teacher for many years and led me, along with other Divine Teachers or Holy Spirits, to the cognition of all that was described in this article and of many other things... She does not know either that the communion with Jesus and with other Divine Teachers became for me as usual and easy as with incarnate interlocutors. More than that, I can not only see and hear Him and Them but also embrace and merge blissfully with Them…

… That woman who wrote me this letter has not learned anything yet, but she already lectures others…

May God help her to understand this and many other things!…

* * *

The actions of ethically vicious people have always contributed to the distortion and even to complete perversion of the Teachings given by God. It is so, because one of the main intentions of such people is to dominate others, to enslave them.

A striking example of this is a claim that an aspiration to make effort to become better is... sinful, since one can become proud of one’s own spiritual progress, and this will be, supposedly, the worst sin!

… Once, 20 years ago, I guardedly asked Jesus about His attitude towards the organizations in which such distortions — opposed to His appeal to us to become perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect — predominate (Matthew 5:48). He replied that He considers such organizations as criminal before God and people.

… Many absurd and malignant opinions existed and exist in the religious field.

Those Perfect Ones Who came to the Earth as the Messengers of God were tortured and killed by aggressive and primitive people...

The same was done with those who strived for the Perfection, realizing the Will of God by this. Let us recall, for example, the lives of many Hesychasts…

There is a belief that the more of the “infidels” (i.e., people who have different religious views) you kill, the more chances you have of getting a place in paradise, although, actually, it is quite the contrary…

There were and are religious organizations, including “satanic” sects, in which people offer bloody sacrifices supposedly to God or to spirits, torturing and killing animals, and sometimes even people… But is it what God wants from us?…

In different schools of black magic, the magical methods for harming others are taught…

Now there are sects in which the main task is to destroy the intellects of their adherents. For this purpose, drugs or special psychological methods may be used. The meaning of such actions is “theoretically justified”. How? The general scheme is the following:

An intellect is the carrier of the lower “I” of a person and creates the feeling of his or her individuality. The feeling of one’s own individuality is the basis for the duality or dvaita in Sanskrit. This term implies that there is “I” and there is God, whereas only one “I” should remain — the “I” of God. To reach “enlightenment”, one should eliminate this duality by destroying the ability to think. The mind is the main enemy of a person. Therefore, by destroying the mind, an adherent merges with the Primordial Consciousness.

To accomplish this task, a practitioner masters the “spontaneity” of thoughts, emotions, and actions, accompanied by the rejection of all limitations, which implies, among other things, the rejection of the basic decency in relations with other people, the admissibility of any emotions, and the readiness to commit any crime. “What I want I do without thinking even for a moment, since God is directing me!”, this is their motto.

In these sects, drugs are usual help on the way towards a total ethical degradation and dementia.

Demons find pleasant and attractive the coarse uncontrollable emotions of the adherents of such sects, and possession among them becomes a usual phenomenon.

What is the main error of this absurd pseudo-religious concept? It is in the total lack of the understanding of what God is and what He expects from us.

He offers us quite the opposite: the development of an intellect, the control of one’s own thoughts and emotions (which implies, among other things, avoiding even the slightest rudeness), ethically irreproachable conduct, qualitative and quantitative development of the consciousness, based on the purity and inner silence of the spiritual heart that became huge. Only when we become such, we will be truly worthy of flowing into the Primordial Consciousness, since It receives inside Itself only really worthy ones!

Concerning the mind, we should not destroy but to develop it in every possible way and learn to control its activity.

… For the young souls, it is hard to understand where lie is and where the truth is. What can they do such a situation?

The answer is quite obvious: they need to seek truth at God, and not at these or those people proclaiming themselves as spiritual leaders.

If we are not able yet to speak directly with God, it will be useful for us to broaden our horizons by studying the outlooks of different religious organizations and the religious experience of all humankind from a historical perspective.

In this case, it will become clear that there are no “saving” rituals and that belonging to those organizations which promise paradise in exchange for their membership does not save from hell.

… Try to ask yourself: why did God need to create us, humans? Could it be that He did it only to sort us into those who go to paradise and those who go to hell after the end of our earthly lives?

This conclusion seems absurd for any reasonable person!

And how few are those who have looked for the answer to this question. And even fewer are those who have found it…

So, what is the answer?

It is as follows:

The Life of the Absolute is a constant self-development. This Life is the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

We are these living units whose purpose is also self-development, realized in order to flow into the Primordial Consciousness after gaining the Perfection. Thus we enrich It with ourselves.

This happens not only on the Earth but also on other planets of the universe, inhabited by intelligent beings.

… So God is directly interested in that we, people, dedicate our lives to self-perfection!

He sent us to the Earth so that we can develop ourselves day after day, trying to come closer to the Perfection!

Those who have achieved success on this Path flow into the Primordial Consciousness, enriching It with themselves, while those who impede, in one way or another, the realization of this plan of God place themselves as His enemies and construct for themselves the respective destinies …

* * *

Ivan Krylov, an ingenious fabulist who lived in Russia in the 18th-19th centuries, wrote a fable on this subject. Its gist is the following:

Two friends met. One of them told that he was in the zoo and saw many wonderful bugs there! A friend asked him: “Have you seen an elephant?” “Well, sorry friend, I haven’t noticed it…”

… We have already discussed that we were incarnated on the Earth in order to perfect ourselves actively, trying to obtain Godlikeness. As a result of our spiritual efforts, we should cognize God directly and flow into Him. This is how non-duality or advaita in relation to God is achieved.

Yet in the circles of pseudo-followers of Advaita and in those Buddhist sects in which the existence of the Primordial Consciousness (i.e. God) is rejected, it is said that our goal is not the Primordial Consciousness, but “Nothing”. Therefore, each of us should transform himself or herself into “nothing” in order to… disappear forever from the world of samsara…

Such people are very far away from the understanding of the essence of God, of the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, of the meaning of our lives on the Earth…

… Actually, God is the Greatest Universal Organism, the greatest Being of all beings! He is really Akbar — the Great, the Greatest! It is necessary to add to this that He also the Subtlest One in the Aspect of the Creator, of the Holy Spirits and of the Messiah! Besides, He possesses the absolute Wisdom and Omnipotence.

To come closer to Him in these Aspects, we should learn to love Him emotionally, because love is, among other things, an aspiration to mergence; love is what brings everything together.

When we love God like this, the necessity to serve Him arises naturally, and we try to turn the course of the development of other incarnate souls in the right direction.

Besides that, we should actively develop ourselves, which implies, among other things, our quantitative growth. To flow into Him — Eternal, Universal, and the Subtlest One — is the only way of the true fulfillment of Advaita!

Those who, instead of this, strive to go in the opposite direction, transforming themselves into “nothing”, just waste their incarnations or go to the garbage of the Evolution, since “nothing” — in this perspective — is equivalent to “worthlessness”…

… Truly, having become the adherent of such destructive sects (destructive for the consciousness), one can spend the life without noticing the Greatest Being of all beings…

* * *

A pertinent question arises: how can one start the realization of the aforesaid? After all, it is always useful to start from the beginning, and not from the end!

One should start with the acceptance into one’s outlook of the knowledge about the Evolution of the Consciousness, about one’s own place and role in it, and about the methodology of spiritual development, based on ethics [3,7-9,11-24].

Jesus taught that God is Love! (1 John 4:16). Therefore, to come closer to Him and to cognize Him, we should become gradually similar to God in this.


It is all about the transformation of one’s own emotional sphere, since emotions are the states of the consciousness. Consequently, we should try to be always only in the states of love, immediately noticing in ourselves all other states and eliminating them.

It is quite possible to learn to control our emotions! For this, we need to master the regulation of the activity of our chakras. Let all chakras be cleansed and developed, especially the anahata chakra, which is a bioenergetic structure located in the chest (primarily, in the area of the lungs) and which should become dominant.

It is from the cleansed and developed anahata that a spiritual heart — the main part of the soul — can begin to grow then. We should become it and grow, refining ourselves. In this case —gradually— all the highest will become possible.

… In addiction, we should remember that our emotions are produced by thoughts to a considerable extent. Therefore, it is very important to learn to control them and immediately stop those thoughts that can make us leave the state of love.

Besides, every one of us should comprehend that God — in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness and the Holy Spirits — is not “out there” but everywhere, including here, in the place where a body of each one of us is now. He is inside you, in the multidimensional depth beneath you.

He is in other spatial dimensions. Hence, we cannot see Him, but He can see every one of us very well at any time. He sees our bodies, feels our emotions, hears even each thought…

If you want to come closer to God, if you want Him to allow you to do this, you should assume the responsibility for the control and regulation of your thoughts and emotions. Let each one of your wrong emotions or thoughts immediately stir up shame, first of all, before Him!

“Every instance of leaving the state of love results in the accumulation of bad karma!” — this is how He taught me once [4]. That really helped me a lot!

Well, many other useful things can be found in our books and other materials [1-24].

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