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Why Should We Keep the Commandments of Jesus Christ?

Vice of Condemnation.

Mordancy Is an “Ulcer Disease” of the Soul!

Vladimir Antonov

Translated from Russian
by Anton Teplyy

Corrector of the English translation —
Hiero Nani.

© Vladimir Antonov, 2013.

What is the vice of condemnation about which Jesus spoke?

Condemnation concerns not intellectual processes but emotions, negative emotions.

This phenomenon is manifested most vividly in the tendency of seeing only the bad in other people and events and condemning them for this. And when one cannot see something bad in someone or something, one starts making up defiling fibs.

Why do people do this? In order to (consciously or unconsciously) denigrate others in this way and make them look worse in comparison with themselves! Thus those void of spirituality raise their own self-esteem before themselves and before others, which gives them a false sense of satisfaction.

Many people are accustomed to constantly living in such a state, without comprehending that by doing this they cause harm, first of all, to themselves: dooming themselves to the life in hell. It is so because hell is a place (in the corresponding layers of the multidimensional space) where the souls that developed these and other coarse qualities are gathered.

Such quality of the soul is called mordancy.

People who are of this quality enjoy, among other things, “stinging” others with caustic, acid remarks. They also try to defile others in their absence during conversations with other people. It also happens — more rarely — that they do not manifest mordancy verbally but rather use silence or false external agreement as its cover.

The last “hidden” form of mordancy is difficult to notice sometimes. To do this, one needs to see the emotional states of another person instead of just believing his or her words.

Mordant people destroy the harmonic relations in every collective of people who are respectively healthy souls.

It also occurs that a strong incarnate diabolic soul involves other people of weaker will and development in the sphere of his or her influence, attuning them to him or herself and programming them for hell too. This phenomenon is especially tragic when the youth falls under the influence of such leaders. This can take place in the field of politics, in unhealthy religious environments, or just in everyday life.

It is typical that children contract this disease from their parents (through the mechanism of identification*).

Yes, mordancy is infectious! Watch out!

… How can one who has found this terrible vice in oneself overcome it?

First of all, this person should understand that God, Who is Love, does not look at his or her mordancy with Love! Yet He allows people to choose their own path for themselves: someone wants to go to His Embrace, someone wants hell…

Is it really true that we can choose where we want to go?

So, what should we do if we want to cognize God, and not hell?

The first thing is to learn to control our own thoughts, since our emotions often arise because of our thoughts. So, as soon as we see our thoughts starting to take a vicious course, we should stop this. How? Just by switching the mind to another subject or by remembering something virtuous and pleasant. We also should repent!

Nevertheless, it is possible to resolve this problem radically only through mastering the methods of psychical self-regulation and developing oneself as a spiritual heart.

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