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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


On the Path and Travelers

Written down by
Anna Zubkova, M.A.

Edited and translated from Russian
by Dr.Vladimir Antonov

Corrector of English translation
— Hiero Nani

Many lives I had to live to overcome the entire Path. And not everything in them was smooth. But both achievements and mistakes — they taught the main thing: I have managed to achieve the fullness of Mergence with the Creator — and this is the greatest Victory! It is called Nirvana, the fullness of Enlightenment or Self-Realization.

However the development of even Divine Souls continues endlessly. All We continue to improve Ourselves now.

How? What do I mean?

What I would like to explain now, is that what I was cognizing in not only my past when I was incarnate and followed the spiritual Path, trying — not once — to go through it to the end. But even now, I continue to collect experience and wisdom, participating in life and work with promising embodied disciples of God.

Many other Great Spiritual Masters take part in this work. They are Those Who have reached the cognition of the One Creator of the entire universe. Their Perfection, Their experience, Their knowledge are the basis of what I want to tell all people of the Earth.

Much of what, I describe now, was cognized by Me in My own incarnations. Much — I still watch and currently cognize.

I believe that it is very useful to know — for the travelers on the Great Path of Merging with the United We.

I am very pleased with the opportunity to share My knowledge! It is much easier to overcome the Path — for those travelers who already know about what to encounter on it! After all, all the obstacles, which they encounter on the Path, are similar, and the ways of overcoming them are also similar.

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