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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


How God Can Be Cognized/Teaching


We were not only learning new things for ourselves, we were also learning to give received knowledge to others, in particular, to teach.

There were always only a few worthy students ready to receive this teaching. Sometimes we all, in turn, conducted classes with one or two chosen ones. For a very long time, many years, Vladimir did not make a massive recruitment among those who wanted to study. Since then, very few received the possibility to study at least at the initial stages.

One of the difficulties for me was always the ability to see the drawbacks, mistakes and vices of students. Here my “rose-colored glasses” were greatly hindering me. Drawbacks in others, if I noticed them, seemed to me to be insignificant. I talked about those excessively softly — and… people were just not taking my words seriously…

But this is extremely dangerous — when the process of the growth of consciousness happens… along with the soul’s vices…

Vladimir, of course, scolded me for this. And God scolded me too — and the further, the more strictly:

“Are you really ready to serve Me?

“Here: I give My children into your hands! You have to love them, as I do, bring them up, as Vladimir does! But you… only 'smooth’ their defects!

“You, when bringing them up, should take responsibility for their destinies! Your concern for them cannot be limited to the subjects of eating, drinking, and giving meditations! For there is also God and ethics, philosophy, there is a life side by side with Me, in which you must be an example to be followed, imitated…

“Your role now — is not correct: you just want to be ‘a good mom!’… You depict an upbringing, instead of love, from which I both — scold and praise, and never let My hands go, on which I hold the whole situation from My Depths!

“My Love has no pity! I make precise strikes against vices of My students, because I know that this clears them from 'ego shells’ which separate them from Me!

“Are you ready henceforth to take the whole burden of responsibility for the lives — of whom I entrusted you?

“Herewith, it must be remembered that the fullness of the responsibility for the fate of the students implies the ability to feel My Will in every moment — Will of the Creator, which is directed to the benefit of each soul!”

… Thus God was teaching me to understand people, to see the abilities and potentials of souls, see the longing for Him, or its absence, see vices and the ability of each student to discover them in oneself and get rid of them…

And it was not always those, who seemed to be more capable than others — due to their achievements of past lives — who stayed with us. For some reasons, it seemed that God, turned out to be,… was not needed to many of those, for whom everything was easy to master. And only those, who were working tirelessly over themselves and burning with great love for Him, stayed with us. It were such souls, who were ready to fight for their impeccability and filled with love, — those are needed for God!

* * *

Sometimes it was very painful for me, as for all of us, to see and understand that certain person could not move on…

The causes of their withdrawal in such cases may be different, but the best thing that could happen is if they just lost interest in the work — and leave.

But if a person is unable to deal intellectually with one’s vices and sometimes even defends one’s right to possess them: “I am right, I am scolded for nothing”, or they do not put efforts in their elimination — then a student must be immediately stopped.

God spoke to me about this in such a way:

“Serious meditative practice is associated with the rapid growth of the consciousness, and this requires getting rid of vices quickly.

“The work of remaking oneself is performed by the students themselves, God-the-Teacher — only helps and gives advices. The students must consciously accept the Path and put themselves under the strikes of God. Thus, the students ask God to strike them. In this way the students become allies of God in this work over their own imperfections and make maximum efforts to change. They must, with ‘clenched teeth’, endure the pain of surgery removing the vicious pieces of one’s self.

“If the students do so — they can move on, if not — then STOP!”

* * *

I would like to say one more thing. I personally witnessed this only once, but I heard that such things happened before.

How easily it is forgotten sometimes by some former followers, that not they paved the way, that they were helped to go on, that the most powerful techniques were received by them as the gifts!

And the one who receives gifts and gives nothing in return is in reality a thief, — so God taught us. *

But somehow, some of them suddenly say: “Now I will create my own techniques, Antonov is too strict and demanding, I now know God better than he, I hear, see and can do everything myself!…”.

Then a complete “rollback” takes place, loss of past accomplishment, degradation, or at best a stand still till the end of the incarnation.

Like a branch, that grew up attached to the trunk of a tree — would suddenly announce a disagreement with the roots and trunk, which nourished and nurtured it. Such a branch would dry up and bring no more fruit, because the further development of such people is stopped by God…

* * *

Once, Vladimir told us a parable, saying that the spiritual Path is similar to crossing to the other bank of a turbulent and broad river. And we should not take with us in the boat those, who at the middle of a river, suddenly, will be scared, or they recall that they forgot to take something with them and want to run back, start to panic and sink the boat… It is better for those, who are not ready to overcome the Path, to stay at their bank. We should not take them with us, even if they strongly ask for it…

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