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Acquaintance with Books of Vladimir Antonov

How God Can Be Cognized/Acquaintance with Books of Vladimir Antonov

Acquaintance with Books
of Vladimir Antonov

“When a simple man is ready — the Power gives him/her a Master” [8,26-28] — a phrase that I could subscribe to. I was absolutely sure that it always happens exactly so.

Only one question was confusing me: I read that “the party of Nagual” did not accept volunteers. On the contrary, the students, who were being pointed out by the Power, were being lured into the School with the help of various kinds of tricks.

“How should I deal with such a situation?” — I was thinking. — “I am a volunteer and know that I want only this and nothing more in life. I do not have to be dragged either by force or trickery, just give a sign of where to go — and I will fly…”

But I had not read the Quran up to that moment and therefore did not know that “God is the best of rogues”… And when He gave me — just into the hands — the book of my future Nagual, I was so discouraged that… I almost rejected it.

It was so:

Castaneda’s books “opened” me so much that I started to take them each time I was visiting all my friends, as if it was a panacea:

“Here! Look! That Freedom, to which we all aspire, — really exists!”

… But according to the reactions of people I understood that they… did not need this Freedom! Someone was reading the book as a fantasy novel, and many others were too lazy even to open it…

But I was not losing hope.

One day I was visiting a longstanding friend — Anna. Once we became acquainted with one another at the film studio. Even though we have worked side by side for a short time, our friendly relations had been preserved and we continued to meet each other several times per year.

Of course, I did not miss the opportunity to offer her the books. Anna — accepted the gift and, moreover, she said that she also had a gift for me and put a small book in front of me called “The Original Teachings of Jesus Christ”. The author was listed as Vladimir Antonov.

I will not hide that for a while it took me by surprise. I knew that Anna attends church, and decided that it was — some kind of Orthodox literature or fairy tales about “good God” in the style of today’s Protestant churches. But, fortunately, I was “well brought up”, and I knew that it was indecent to refuse reciprocal gifts. So, I picked up the book. “The more so, as it is thin. Somehow I will do it…” — with a sigh, I decided to myself.

But, moreover, Anna added: “And can you imagine?! The author of this book acted in my last film — in mob scene!”

Well! Another surprise! The author is also acting in mob scenes!… I immediately recalled what was such acting… The crowd of people came alive in the memory, who boringly wait for a few hours in the studio bus or move with cigarettes through the corridors and for a long time are waiting to be invited for three minutes of filming. Yes, one can write a book due to such boredom…

I think, Don Juan many times “was formed in half” with laughter that evening watching the progression of my thoughts… So brilliantly to present the book of a Master — it was in His style!

… I did not put the book into “the back burner”. I read it very quickly. How erroneous and biased was my first view! More than once I mentally apologized to the author...

After reading it, I realized, for the first time in my life, what is the true Christianity! Not being able to separate the truth, which lies at its core, from distortion and surface layers, which are imposed on it by almost all the modern churches, — all my life I looked at Christianity as if through a dirty glass…

Next two books of Vladimir Antonov — “How God Can Be Cognized” and “God Speaks” — I was waiting for with impatience. Besides his autobiography, I found in them the most important quotes from all the major religious teachings. It is necessary to read these books to understand how valuable the information they contain for the spiritual seeker is!

Before this, I was interested, of course, in various esoteric literature: about religion, psychoenergy, healing, magic, astrology… But I was not even trying to differentiate this information, organize it. I even had no idea that it was possible to do it at all. There were as if many pieces of an intricate mosaic in front of me. But since I did not see the whole picture in its entirety, I had no idea what to do with all these fragments of knowledge.

I accepted these books as another gift from God! The author gathered that mosaic, which I did not expect to gather by myself, — and gave it to everyone! For the first time, I saw how beautiful it was, and, at the same time, — how easy!

Books have answered all my questions! When I asked mentally any question — I found the answer to them on the next pages. I really liked that those books did not force the reader to the blind acceptance of faith, but rather provoked one’s own reasoning, making one to think about many aspects of life.

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