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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Vladimir Antonov

How God Can Be Cognized/Vladimir Antonov

Vladimir Antonov

Continuation of the Biography

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they will be filled.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they will be shown mercy.
Blessed are the pure in heart,
for they will see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they will be called children of God.
Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Blessed are you when people insult you,
persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil
against you because of Me.
Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in Heaven...!”

(Matthew 5:6-11)

I am in my 70s, although my face and entire body look as if they were 40 years old or even less. I do not feel old but rather young and mature. The body, saturated with the energy of the Creator, works perfectly. I wish that everyone were as I am!

But what prevents people from living in the same way? Probably, they just do not know how. You can read about this in our books, in which we explain the ways of eating adequately and living in ethical purity and harmony with the surrounding multidimensional world, including all the diverse forms of life in the Creation and the Creator Himself! After this, you can start following this Path! All our books and films will be of great help to you. Your life then will become filled with health and happiness, and paradise will be inside your body while it is alive, and after its death you will also live in paradise, close to the Creator.

And for some of you, perhaps, even the Abode of the Creator will become your eternal Home.

... I have cognized Him and I can freely enter into the Mergence with Him, although I am completely aware of the fact that I have not yet exhausted all the possibilities of my spiritual growth.

God tells me that I will live in this body on the Earth for 20 more years. I will dedicate these years to my further self-development and to providing spiritual help to you, as I always did during my entire adult life in this incarnation.

My autobiography can be found in the book [11], but since the time that I wrote it, many new things have happened, and many new prospects have appeared. That is why I will only briefly retell here what I had written before.

I was born in “communist” Russia and raised as an atheist. After receiving a university education as a biologist-ecologist, I defended my dissertation on the experimental study of the regularities of formation of adult behavior under the influence of factors that affected one at early age. I taught physiology at a medical university and then worked in medicine for about 30 years, being engaged in neurophysiology, maternal-fetal medicine, sexology, obstetrics, etc.

Then I met people who followed the path of seeking spiritual truths, became a sincere follower of the Orthodox Church for many years, and, as a scientist, took a great interest in experimentations in the spiritual field. These experiments frequently gave positive results. I began to share this new knowledge with other people and... was discharged from the research institute due to this and deprived of the opportunity to work in an official field of science. After this, I “got by” by doing various jobs such as being an assistant at a laboratory or as being a laborer. During this time, I became a real disciple of God and formed a methodological system for teaching the art of psychical self-regulation. Then, after personally receiving the blessing of Jesus Christ, I began to teach this system in houses of culture and youth clubs.

This gave excellent outcomes: people were healed from serious diseases, which medicine* was not able to cure, and rose again to start living in joy, harmony, and love. However, the most important thing was that they were able to perceive themselves as souls during those classes, they stopped identifying themselves with their material bodies, and they felt clear touches of the Holy Spirit. This, in reality and on their personal experience, proved to them the Existence of God.

Afterwards, my missionary activity extended beyond the limits of Saint Petersburg: I gave lectures and conducted mass healing sessions and classes in different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, and others. On the initiative of the doctor A.S.Romen, a well-known popularizer of the very basic levels of psychical self-regulation, I began to publish my first books.

I constantly listened to the guiding instructions of God and learned to hear quite easily and then to see Jesus Christ and other Divine Teachers, the Representatives of the Creator, Who are called the Holy Spirit in aggregate. The studies of spiritual literature of different schools, which were realized under Their guidance, and personal acquaintance with the religious life of the followers of diverse religious movements have allowed me to easily go beyond the sectarian narrow-mindedness, which was predominant in Russia at that time and in which hatred towards participants of other religions was cultivated, replacing love, in which God, in the outlook of a huge number of the believers, became displaced by the figures of a devil, demons, witches, vampires, and other evil spirits…

Along almost all those years that had passed from the time of my dismissal due to my popularization of religion, I had been under an intensive shadowing of the KGB. They even tried to start my criminal prosecution and for many months searched for compromising materials but were not able to find anything. The prosecutor — an upright man — found courage to close this case and gave me advice to quit my job as quickly as possible, because otherwise it would be even worse…

It is interesting that during the years of the Soviet rule, the KGB was aimed at the persecution of those who were contributing to the popularization of Orthodoxy. Nevertheless, after the Perestroika, which was headed by M.S.Gorbachov, the same KGB was suddenly redirected… to defend Orthodoxy, and they began to persecute non-Orthodox believers… So, if in the previous years I had been persecuted for the agitation in favor of the Orthodox Church, after Perestroika I had been persecuted — with the same zeal — for the fact that I had “outgrown” Orthodoxy, ceased to “fit” in its scope, and begun to teach the ethical purity suggested by God and the cognition of Him, Who is considered... incognizable by the Orthodox Church…

The KGB was so zealous in its attempts to shadow me that when I finally managed to get out of my terrible communal flat into a separate one, some people visited my new home in my absence in order to inspect it… Nothing disappeared from there then, but irrefragable proofs of the presence of strangers were there. This had repeated for about 10 times.

On my own experience, I got to know that which is called “external observation”, which lasted for months.

There were many other very tough occurrences… But I wrote about only some of them in the first edition of this book (1995), and I do not want to remind our readers once again about the deeds of devils in a book about God.

* * *

Having established myself in the status of a disciple of God, being guided by Him both in my personal development and in my service, and having accepted the principles of a monastic life for myself, I realized very clearly that the true service to Him is incompatible with any egocentric motives, whether it is a desire for material enrichment or a desire to put oneself on a “pedestal of glory”.

Specifically, I never sought to earn money through teaching. When my educational activity was realized on the base of state organizations, participants deposited certain amounts of money to accounts of those organizations, and from the latter I received a tiny salary. However, when people gathered around me in an unofficial manner, I never asked for any money, because they were my best friends and I loved them! I even did not have such a thought — to sell my love for money!

On the contrary, when I myself had money, I sometimes gave it to those who were in difficult financial situations and called this “scholarships”. There was nothing more important for me than their success on the spiritual Path! Serving the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, I did not distinguish between the successes of my friends and mine: we all were involved in the United Evolutionary Flow, which was perceived by me as one whole.

The same thing happened in regard to a “pedestal of glory”, namely, I felt that I was just a part of the Evolutionary Flow directed towards the Creator, into Him. I never had the desire to create from myself a center of attraction for other people. No, I rather stood aside and just helped others to move to Him, by giving them different hints on how to advance on this Path. “There is no me, there is only God and those who are going to Him!” — this was the principle of life that He explained to me, and I accepted it very easily and interacted with my companions on the basis of it.

Nevertheless, I was horrified when sometimes I observed what some of my followers, who started giving classes on the basis of the techniques developed by me, turned these teachings into… The use of even perfect methods of spiritual work, while the ethical component is ignored, resulted in severe damage to people who had entrusted their destinies to the teachers that acted on my behalf. I described some of such cases in [11,19-24], but in fact there were many more of them. I drastically broke off my relationship with such “teachers” and took off my blessing for teaching from them.

* * *

The true mechanisms of spiritual evolution can be understood only on the basis of the integral picture of the structure of the Absolute and of evolutionary processes that take place in Him — rather than on the basis of beliefs of these or those groups of people.

We acquaint you with such an integral picture of scientific-religious philosophical knowledge through our books and films.

It is necessary to spread this knowledge among people of all countries so that every person can attain on the Earth a harmonious and happy existence lacking sorrows and diseases, so that everyone can live an abundant life after the death of the body, so that we can prevent such phenomena as crimes, wars, drug addictions, suicides, madness, etc.

And this is not only our personal desire but such is the Will of the Creator.

We understand that it is not easy to introduce serious philosophical knowledge in the consciousnesses of the masses of people: those people who have already turned away from religious doctrines after seeing their inconsistency and even absurdity, as well as those who are accustomed to relying on ritualism instead of studying and fulfilling the Teachings of God.

Such transformations can not be done quickly, at once, and another reason for this is the resistance of those for whom religion became… a convenient “feeder”.

Another obstacle that is always encountered in such situations is the inertia of thinking of the masses of psychogenetically young souls…

In spite of everything, we need to try to spread this knowledge for the benefit of namely every worthy person and for the benefit of God!

How it’s possible to do this? The best way is by introducing it into the systems of school and university education, through special programs on television and radio, through work of journalists, etc.

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