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How God Can Be Cognized/Ocean


Places of power over the sea expanse always helped me to greatly extend my arms of the consciousness and attain that purity, tenderness, and aspiration, without which it is impossible to enter the Ocean of the Primordial One.

The sea was so huge, tender, and caressing... Waves, by incessantly running over the shore, by splashing while colliding with sand or small pebbles, created a constant rhythm, their own melody, in which the verses of the poems of Divine Maenuel came into being as if rolling waves.

Become a River, Become the Ocean

Become a river...

Become the river that flows...

Become the river that carries

Its waters of pure and tender love to the Ocean...

Become a Wave...

Become the Waves That one after another

Manifest with Themselves

The Ocean of Infinite Universal Love...

Thus you will become the Ocean of Me,

The Ocean That lives creating islands inside Itself,

So that It can love

Rivers, steppes, forests,

And people... —

Those people who grow

And who, like rivers, carry

The waters of pure and tender love to the Ocean...

The consciousness expanded freely and easily over the vastness of the sea!

Meditative states that are expressed in verses — quite often have a stronger effect and are imprinted deeper. This is what Maenuel dictated to me on His seaside place of power:

Turn into the Ocean!

The sea... A gentle whisper of breaking waves,

Early morning mist...

The sea... One wave after another

Embraces me...

I want to dissolve in this mist!

I want to reach the edge of the horizon!

I want to become Light and expand over the sea!

I want to rise as the Sun over the land —

And shine!

The sea... The sea of Light!

The sea of Love is in Heaven!...

The Sun... The Sun of God will help me

Get into the Ocean!

The Primordial Ocean,

The Ocean of Infinite Love!...

By pushing myself away from the solid earth,

I get into It!

By filling yourself with Love and opening arms

Expand yourself more and more and go deeper!

Dissolve so that nothing remains

And turn into the Ocean!...

The sea... The Sea of Light reigns in Heaven!...

The Primordial Ocean

Tenderly cradles the Earth

In Its huge Arms...

Wonderful! I was at the Black Sea several times before, and what arose in the soul now, on these places of power, was so dear and familiar that it evoked memories from my past life... I, as a consciousness, began to recall the ability, which I developed then, to attune with the sattva of nature and to dissolve in the infinite expanses above the sea and in the sky, shining with goldish-pink light.

All this became even clearer to me (it was like a breach into the deep memory of the consciousness) — when I read the chapter about Danish Lady-Gott from the book [8].

I realized that I had known Her! I remembered Her body, which was slim and tall, much taller than mine. It seems that I was a child at that time... Her hair was gathered on the backside of Her head in a simple haircut. I knew Her character, which was strict but fair. She was and is the Lady Who loves wisely, truly!

Yes, I was Her disciple in my previous incarnation, and now I started to recall Her lessons...

... I, without being aware of this, always used the pure and clear energy of water to recover myself from unfavorable energy influences...

... And when I began spiritual practices, it was easy for me to attune myself with the harmony of nature, to fill my body with goldish transparent light and to wash it inside and outside with sponges consisting of light, thus calming my emotions and mind...

... The depth of the perception of the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness changes as the consciousness grows. Now in meditations, I can perceive the Ocean of the Creator Which surrounds me from all sides, or I can, by merging with It, flow freely through my energy cocoon and my body inside of it...

If the soul grows in the aspiration for the Creator, it transforms into the Consubstantiality with Him...

Now I aspire to never separate myself from Him...

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