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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Meditative Work

How God Can Be Cognized/Meditative Work

Meditative Work

It is impossible to cognize God or even effectively struggle against one’s own spiritual disabilities — without properly constructed meditative work.

Meditation is the work of consciousness. It should be carried out simultaneously on several fronts, including cleansing and subtling, transforming ourselves into Love, increasing the volume of myself-consciousness, making myself-consciousness agile, flexible, powerful, wise. Vladimir taught us to do all this.

“The Path to God — this is, in particular, learning ‘to move’ namely all parts of the consciousness,” — he joked.

... I remember how happy I was when, at the very beginning of our contacts, having heard from Vladimir that to master meditations is usually optimally not indoors but outdoors: in the forest, over the sea, among the meadow and fields! And even — on special, energetically significant areas — places of power! But enclosed premises are suitable, as a rule, only for preparatory trainings in the framework of Raja Yoga.

Vladimir then showed us hundreds of places of power, and taught to use them.

There it is so easy and natural to flow out by the consciousness from purified anahata — rather into the Divine Light! And the arms, emanating from the open spiritual hearts, immediately soar! Then — you can swim, fly, hugging, caressing, growing, feeling, exploring, learning, merging with God!

And, as we were taught by Vladimir, we do not have to close our eyes, sit or stand at the same place: it is much more effective to work at a leisurely walk, searching, in particular, — even within specific places of power — the optimum points for operation. But when the bodily eyes are closed (except for special cases), we have a tendency to “float up” by consciousness into the head chakras — and then we certainly will not swim in the multidimensional Absolute, but only in our own illusions! The serious meditative work is possible only on the basis of the anahata chakra, i.e., by the spiritual heart; other possibilities do not exist.

* * *

... I remember one amusing incident. Once we came to work to the Mahadouble of Huang Di. But the place was desecrated by a “countryside session” of addicts: energy became nauseous, used syringes were littered in the grass everywhere. Therefore, Huang Di moved Himself — on the same forest path — about a hundred meters. I did not notice this — and, out of habit, tried unsuccessfully to merge with Him... where He was the last time, not now. For me, not God was a goalpost, but trees... which I had captured in memory from the previous time.

Vladimir then, laughing, said:

“But God is alive! And Mahadouble is not a statue: was set — and stands!”

... What a great gift God presented to me by introducing me right into the true spiritual School and healthy spiritual family of like-minded with the aspiration to only one Goal — cognizing the Creator, Mergence with Him, and serving Him!

What Vladimir had done is the development of the methodology for spiritual growth from the state of a common man to God. It is unique and great! In other circumstances, for the studies and mastering of only one step of the “ladder” of spiritual ascent, a seeker might need more than one embodiment for the difficult and painful researches...

But to take advantage of this “ladder”, can only mature souls, aspiring in their search for God and devoting themselves entirely to this Path.

... Samadhi, Nirodhi, Nirvana — when I first read about these states in books, they seemed to be something extraordinary. And in the School of Vladimir — using his techniques, special places of power, and, of course, his personal assistance — they can be grasped very quickly.

... But in order to keep the successes and learn to live in these states of consciousness in everyday life — our own efforts are needed.

Vladimir taught it all — with ease. He gave the most intimate knowledge of God with the invariable love — but only, I repeat, for the worthy friends.

And behind this easiness, it was a big job of the scientist-explorer who worked for decades in the field of spirituality — losing nothing, observing, researching, analyzing, and systematizing the results obtained by testing everything on his own experience. Then he selected all the best and effective, and the leftovers were discarded. Thus the methodology of spiritual development was created.

Methodology of spiritual development — it is not only meditations. But this is the comprehensive system of methods for human development, leading to the full self-realization, to achieving Perfection, to the cognition of the Creator and Mergence with Him. Here one cannot get progress without the ethical work on oneself, and without intellectual development. All this was exhaustively developed by Vladimir and described in his books.

Of course, this happened with the help of God and under His direct leadership. What sense could there be to create a methodology for the cognition of God — apart from Him?

But how one needs to love God, relying only on Him non-incarnate, to pass and to pave the whole Path for others — from the beginning — up to the full Mergence with the Creator — in only one earthly life?!

... Before us, too, it was given the task: not only receiving the prepared knowledge — but to explore, to seek, to check everything on our own experience. Also — to learn to give this knowledge to others. Otherwise, God did not “sign the student’s record book” of our destinies...

“You can lose very quickly all the meditative achievements, if there is no aspiration, a passionate love for the Creator, the desire to merge with Him and to serve Him,” — not once Vladimir said to us.

* * *

When Vladimir himself showed the meditations — all turned out easily, beautifully, in a big way. Then we were asked to repeat it by our own efforts.

I used to quickly “grasp” the meditative state and thought: well, right now... I still remember everything, once — and do!

I puffed, stiffened... But, alas, nothing happened: God turn away from such efforts!...

“You’re doing a ‘physical training,’” — finally, He explained. — “For such work there are gyms. But here, in Me, there are other rules: only the emotions of love to Me are recognized!

“Pure desire to give away yourself to Me and unceasing work in this — this opens My Embraces!

“The force that you are trying to use in meditations, without love, — is violence. This is incompatible with the life in Me!

“In the Divine eons, the Consciousnesses smoothly and gently interact with Each Other, living in Mergence, mutual Penetration, Love and Harmony.

“Meditative work is the major part of your lives. I’m — Living, Real! And to love and to cognize Me is possible — only living My Life.”

* * *

“Look for Me in the forests!” — this call of God to seekers of Him was recorded by Helena Roerich.*

And Vladimir supplemented it with the words of the song of Yuri Kukin: it is necessary “to live by kilometers rather than square meters!”

And we “were living by kilometers”, sometimes walking in the forests during a given day tens of kilometers — to get to the next place of power.

In any season, in any weather, we went for working out the next meditations. Rain, snow, heat, cold, heavy wind — were not the obstacles. On the contrary, they only strengthened both our arms of consciousnesses and understanding that God can and should be beloved always, regardless of the weather.

“Whatever happens on the ‘surface’ of the Absolute, in the material world, even though a hurricane, — in the Abode of the Creator is always Love, Peace, always Tenderness and Warmth,” — Vladimir told.

Once we meditated and picked up mushrooms and cowberries in a huge — for kilometers — Mahadouble of Babaji. Rain was coming. We took raincoats and covered our bodies with backpacks, thinking that rain will soon be over. But it was not! Soon rain poured such that it was as a solid vertical wall of water, almost nothing could be seen. Flashes of lightning ripped the sky. Thunder shook the surrounding area. Streams of water fell, wrapping the bodies, blew cloaks to the ground.

But the raging elements aroused in me a delight! My body is negligible! But I will — by consciousness — merge with Babaji!

I came out from under my cloak and went into Him... He was... absolutely dry and sunny... And I plunged into the Infinite Light of His tender Love!... Only a few movements of arms of consciousness... — and I was in the Heart of the Absolute. Rain ceased to exist for me, the body was not felt: it remained under the cloak. There was only God: Living Light, Tenderness, Infinity!

... When I began again to feel the body and perceive the material world, sun was shining, all picked up mushrooms, which suddenly appeared a lot around after that rain...

* * *

Extensive struggle against manifestations of the lower “i”, constantly overcoming the “self” — all this is replaced by a deep inner peace at the higher stages of Buddhi Yoga.

Hesychia — means an inner calm. It is an amazing state of the fullness of me by God with a feeling of complete peace within myself — within a huge spiritual heart.

The ability to remain in hesychia — this is a necessary quality for the spiritual seeker. All meditative achievements cannot be more or less strong, if not to learn it.

“The gate from the world of matter to the hidden world is open when one stays in calm. The understanding of this truth comes in non-doing (wuwei)*,” — Lao Tse recorded in ancient Chinese manual on the basics of Taoism Tao Te Ching (fragment 10) [8,17].

“Here, on the Earth, birth and death are conquered by the one whose mind is appeased! Brahman is devoid of sin and exists in calm. Therefore, those, living in calm, cognize Brahman! (Bhagavad Gita 5:19). Managing indriyas, adopting as the goal the achievement of Liberation, renouncing worldly attractions, fear, anger — a person attains full Freedom” (Bhagavad Gita 5:28) — Krishna taught us [8,10].

“Stopping the internal dialogue is the only way to do this.

“This is — the key to everything. When the (spiritual) warrior learns to stop the mind — everything becomes possible. The most far-reaching plans are achievable” — on the same Juan Matus spoke through the works of Carlos Castaneda [8,28].

“Only the heart having immersed in calm can radiate pure love.

“... When the mind is motionless and silent, God’s voice can be heard. ... Anyone, who has the ability to purify the mind from anxiety, agitation, thoughts, conflicts, and is able to keep itself in a state of silent equilibrium, — can tune in to the voice of God within oneself,” — says the same our contemporary Messiah Sathya Sai Baba*.

... But most people in our modern society are used to living by the minds, not hearts. And I was not an exception: for me, the state of rest was not a natural state of consciousness. I had just slowly — long and hard — begun to explore peace, using the whole arsenal of techniques developed by Vladimir.

At first, it was moving the concentration of the consciousness to the anahata chakra from the head and stable sense of my head there (in anahata), including face and separately eyes, lips, ears...

It was enough to get away by the consciousness from the head chakras — and then the mind, absorbed in the spiritual heart, immediately calmed down, stopped rushing.

When I opened my new eyes in anahata and looked ahead from this chakra — even the look of my physical eyes had changed: it became soft, warm, gentle, as if it was caressing all around. And when I looked out from anahata to behind — I felt that the entire multidimensional Absolute was revealed before me. And in the depths — the Creator is willing to take me in His Embraces of Love.

Later, looking back from the anahata, which now significantly exceeds the size of the body, I immediately was sinking into the depths of the Absolute. There, in those depths, it was possible to explore the Eternal Primordial Calm... This rest was not something static, it was the Calm of namely Living Love of the Creator.

... Vladimir, too, taught tranquility by his own example, always being in this state.

“On the spiritual Path, one must master the deep inner peace,” — he said. — “And external indicators of its absence are, in particular, different stereotypic movements of the body, such as twitching, tapping fingers, grazing nails, etc.

“In the bustle of a city it is difficult to learn peace and quiet. But in nature — the ability to listen and look at the world from the spiritual heart helps to quickly master this quality.

“The best time to learn this — morning or evening — in the forest, on the shore of a lake or sea.”

... I remember how at one of the forest places of power Vladimir acquainted us with Surya.

We had come to the small swamp in lowland, which was almost always filled with water. Only in winter it was possible to stand there on the ice, and at other times we had to wade in it, stepping from hummock to hummock.

Spring was now. Each chooses a hummock, and Vladimir began to explain:

“Here is with us now Divine Surya. Let’s enter into anahatas — and then get out from anahatas to behind — into Her finest, gentle, like a morning sun, Divine Light. Feel Her Love — and give away our love to Her, hugging Her by arms of our spiritual hearts.

“Note that Surya here... is as without head. But Her Face can be seen in Her Anahata. She shows how we should live: always being only the spiritual hearts. Let’s imprint this state as a standard.”

... I completely forgot that my body stood on a small hummock, which is now completely submerged under water...

I merged with Surya, having filled Her form of Divine Consciousness. Now I realized myself in a new quality! How it was good: easy and quiet life — that is! Nothing prevented one to love: to give love away to all around! I consisted now of only Love!

... Then we were on one of the places of power of Jesus, where it was easy to communicate with Him and with His Divine Disciples: Apostles Philip and Andrew.

When I first felt Andrew — He, too, was full of steady calm Love.

“Are You always so calm, Andrew? How have You achieved this?” — I asked.

“It is hesychia!” — He said, smiling. — “Jesus taught Us this.

“To find it, one needs, first and foremost, — to understand and accept the Will of the Creator. And then — everything is very simple: you need to perform that which is understood and accepted. This is how Jesus lived Himself and taught us. Only in this case it is possible to act in Union with Us all!”

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