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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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First Classes

How God Can Be Cognized/First Classes

First Classes

The scheduled classes began in spring. It was the course on the opening of the anahata. It included psycho-physical exercises, pranayamas, latihan, and different methods of cleaning and refining the anahata.

I felt changes in myself after each class: my perception of the world was changing, and I was changing too. By the second class, I learned to smile sincerely. It became possible because I mastered the ability of submerging myself into my anahata, and this was enough to be able to maintain an inner smile, which could be easily turned into an outer smile.

I remember how once, at one of the classes, someone brought seaweed in order to show it to Vladimir. This seaweed supposedly had unique healing properties and excellent energy. After looking at it, Vladimir only winced. Then he looked at me and said:

“How greatly you have changed! The first time I saw you — you were as ‘inedible’ as this seaweed!”

Oh-oh-oh! It was the most awesome compliment I had ever received! I was better than that seaweed! With the background of laughter of the entire group, he hugged and kissed me. I was in “the seventh heaven” of happiness!

It was planned that soon we would go to the forest to a place of power. Vladimir reminded us that synthetic clothes “screens” energy and that for this reason one cannot adequately feel the energy of the surrounding space while being dressed in such clothes.

“You should be warmly dressed! Put on sweaters, vatniks*, and rubber boots” — he said it as if these were the most ordinary things.

They were ordinary but not for me. I was listening to all this, and my jaw was dropping with each word. A vatnik… a backpack… rubber boots…? For me, the one who just yesterday was inedible seaweed, these things were “from another planet”. Even jeans could not be found in my wardrobe of “a fine lady”. But I would have to go to the forest… tomorrow!

“I don’t have a vatnik…” — I whispered while barely moving my lips.

Vladimir, without batting an eyelid, pulled an old and patched vatnik out of his closet and handed it to me with the words: “I can lend you one”. I bought rubber boots fifteen minutes before the store closed, and Anna promised to bring me a backpack and a pair of trousers.

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