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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.


How God Can Be Cognized/Lao


We were walking to Lao*. The soul rejoiced at the spring freshness and purity of the forest, embracing pines and young birches that had tender recently opened foliage... The words of Lao started sounding in my heart:

We Are Walking

We are walking...

Everything is rain-washed and shining with purity...

A forest is rustling, greeting us,

And it opens its arms, saying: “We are waiting for you!”

We are walking... The smell of fresh grass

And of tender May leaves

Fills the space around us...

Lao says:

“Open your hearts wide: I am your Friend!

“I will help you all

“To pour your voices into the melody of the forest,

“To dissolve in its harmony,

“To feel that the Earth is living, and to embrace it!”

We are walking...

We love and are ready

To accept and hold

All living, the entire created world,

On the palms of our selfless love!

However, what happened next on the place of power itself — in the ashram of Lao — was even more wonderful! Lao showed us His monastery, which existed and exists in a “non-manifested” world!

... It had a lake, and a mist was floating above its surface... From that mist, dim contours of Asian styled gazebos (the ones with curved roofs) appeared... Tiny brooks and small waterfalls were seen among stones... There were a lot of flowers with gentle fragrance and many other plants... Thickets of bamboo were here and there... Small fields of scarlet poppies irradiated warmth, and it was possible to feel it even on the physical plane... It was a marvelous human-made tropical garden in a northern land!

A song started sounding again in my heart:

Garden in the Ashram of Lao

A gentle scent of flowers...,

The warmth of petals...,

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

A soft and light wave of calm

Fills you —

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

Many tender arms

Create and take care of

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

Light is streaming everywhere:

In you and in me...

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

How can you find a way to this Garden?

On the palms of God is

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

As the soul blossoms,

Your flower will grow into

A marvelous Garden — the Garden of blissful Love!

Thus, shining with Love,

And inspiring people,

May a marvelous Garden flourish on the Earth!

It was impossible to leave this place! The blissful state of the consciousness in the ashram of Lao has imprinted forever in me and helped me in my hours of need.

“Learn to love, to create love, and to hold on the palms of love, everything living — plants, animals, and people — like I do,” — this was what Lao explained by His Love to us.

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