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We Were Released for Independent Work

How God Can Be Cognized/We Were Released for Independent Work

We Were Released for Independent Work

It was a very cold winter, so cold that I was freezing even in my flat and managed to warm my body for a while only under a hot shower. In spite of this cold and in spite of the darkness outside the window, Anna and I overcame ourselves every morning, got up and started the day with spiritual exercises: Awakening, Giving Away, Cross of Buddha… [13].

What a happiness it was when we managed to do some of the exercises well! Before this I had perceived the world around me from my head chakras as most people do, but now, when I managed to enter my anahata, I felt peace and calm both inside myself and around me! It was so new to me and so beautiful! I wanted to share this happiness with everyone…

A bus stop also became my working site where I practiced. That bus usually took me to my work and passed once every 40 minutes. And this was when God started showing me some small miracles: every time when I came to the bus stop and entered my anahata — the bus came in. It was one week already when it did not come late or leave the bus stop earlier or broke down!

One morning I, as always, entered my anahata and after a minute saw the bus coming slowly to the bus stop… All people, who were waiting for it, took a cheerful and confident step forward, but at this time I thought: “Well, it’s just my fantasy! There are no miracles! The bus just runs on a schedule. That’s it!” At that moment the bus dramatically accelerated and passed by… The stunned passengers could not even swear. They just silently watched it driving off…

I definitely knew then that I would be late for work and have to freeze for another forty minutes at the bus stop… However, I was flooded with laughter and joy, for I recognized the Hand and “handwriting” of my Beloved!

… One of my regular meditations was Sathya Sai Baba’s meditation with a candle (it is described in the book of Vladimir Antonov “Sathya Sai Baba — the Christ of Our Days”). During this meditation, I felt a warm and gentle flame of a candle in my anahata, then this flame began to expand, embracing more and more space, and spread out as the waves of love and light further and further… I was recalling people I knew and I tried to fill them with this light. I felt the states of unity, love, peace, harmony…

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