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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

First Classes

How God Can Be Cognized/First Classes

First Classes

“The Heavenly Kingdom is taken by efforts,
and the person, who makes the efforts, cognize It”.*

(Matthew 11:12)

The first attempts to change myself actively began when I was in 8th grade. I realized that girls who were “suffering from complexes”, who were shy and foolishly proud, — could not achieve anything in life. They could get success only if they change themselves in the opposite direction.

Now this work had a new — highest — meaning for me. I did not do this for myself but for God. So, it was no longer possible to indulge in my weaknesses! Every morning — gymnastics, psycho-physical exercises, etc., and I did this even if I had to go to work at seven in the morning, I did this even if I only slept 2-3 hours. And so on – month after month.

At that time I was mastering the course of Raja Yoga. I will not describe these exercises in detail: since they are described in the book “Ecopsychology” [8].

For our meetings with Vladimir, I always prepared a list of questions which I intended to ask him. But I never managed to do so! Vladimir started to speak… — and answered all of my questions before I had the time to ask them aloud…

A very significant event occurred to me during our second meeting.

I was still sitting on a mat on the floor after shavasana — the final relaxation exercise. Tiredness and happiness at the same time were so great, that I did not want to move or speak.

Vladimir suddenly asked:

“Which Divine Teacher is here with us?”

And our Guest answered:

“‘God of Sun’ — Assyris*. I conducted Anna in her previous incarnation and I am very glad to see her here now!”

And Assyris further said that in my previous earthly life I was embodied at the north of Novgorod Russia. There was a spiritual School, which was supervised by Assyris. The steps of studying in that School led to the cognition of the single Creator of all people.

… I can hardly remember the words that He said, because Assyris — my former Divine Teacher — entered with Consciousness into my body granting me the bliss of feeling Him entirely…

It was the first time when such a thing happened to me. The Light and Love filled and overflowed me so much that I could not move. Tears of happiness were flowing down my cheeks. I almost ceased to perceive what was around me. Everything was filled with the miraculous touch of the Living God, Who, finally, took His rightful place in my heart…

God — Living God! — came into my life so tangibly, the same as the most beloved human being comes. I had never before experienced such a strong love in this life! I waited for so long: the moment when that Main Beloved would come, whose name is — God…

* * *

This was how we received touches of God during the meetings with Vladimir — and after these meetings, we plunged again into the hustle of earthly life… But it was important that we should not dive into it for too long a time. We learned to swim out of it when necessary.

During that time it seemed to me that this marathon would now end and that there would be a breathing-space, a stop. But there was no stop: just as a certain spring began to untwist, to unclamp, — it was giving my life a growing acceleration: to make up for the lost time of my spiritual idleness, time which I previously considered as “conscious life”…

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