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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Beginning

How God Can Be Cognized/The Beginning

The Beginning

At the age of 45, I started becoming interested in spiritual literature, including the books of Helena Blavatsky. They captivated me greatly and made me think that a human is a multidimensional being.

But what could I do next? How could I begin the cognition and transformation of myself? There was no response to these questions in those books.

I mentally started appealing to God, Whose existence was not a question of doubts for me anymore. I asked Him for help.

And help came!

One day my daughter brought from her friend a book of Vladimir Antonov “How God Can Be Cognized” [11]. This book impressed me very much! I immediately renounced my non-vegetarian diet and soon began to practice the exercises that were described in that book. My life stopped being pointless and obtained a confident meaning! It became filled with joy and love from the exploration of opening prospects.

... Shortly I found like-minded people. Oleg, the leader of our group, offered us the simplest methods at the beginning, such as attunement to the harmony of nature, psychophysical exercises, and others, which were described in books of Vladimir Antonov and which were accessible for everyone. We all received first-hand evidence that these exercises were indeed effective and gave results, if one repeats them everyday until they become habitual.

It was especially pleasant to practice them in the morning under the warm trickles of the “rain” from a shower. Thus I was able to fill myself with love as soon as I woke up and then started a new day with positive emotions!

I then clearly and definitely comprehended that it would not be possible for me to correctly develop myself as a consciousness, if I did not learn to stay in the emotions of tender love from the very beginning of the spiritual Path.

Oleg taught us to watch ourselves, to overcome our defects, to be strong and firm, to live in the anahata, and to constantly aspire for God with our thoughts.

... Our classes took place primarily in nature, which allowed us to simultaneously memorize species of plants and birds. During my childhood, I had learned to recognize only a dozen birds by sight, but it turned out that there were many more of them in our forests!

It was also a discovery for me that having boiled some water on a campfire, one can quite easily brush one’s teeth in camp conditions and wash the entire body.

At one point in time, we intended to spend two days with overnight stay in the forest with our tents; one woman of forty years became afraid of going with us. For her, camp conditions of life turned out to be an insuperable obstacle. In this way, God draws aside people who are not capable of overcoming their own habits.

... After my personal meeting with Vladimir Antonov and his co-workers — people who entirely dedicated their lives to spiritual self-perfection and to giving the knowledge about the Path to God to other people — I got an opportunity to learn by observing their living examples of spiritual selfless devotion.

... I remember quite well our first meeting with Vladimir. I was worried and afraid of doing something wrong... However, his joyous hug made me forget all my fears!

Vladimir hugged me and kissed me as if he was my own relative who knew me and loved me for a long time! In his arms, you feel as if the Infinity is hugging you, as if the tender Ocean of Love is admitting you into His soft waters, and you dissolve in this Love.

I observed him. He is always calm and placid. If he looks at you, it is Love itself that looks! He is sometimes strict when he speaks about your mistakes, but it is impossible to be offended by this, because what he says is always true. He is tender and caring and every time finds endearing words when he addresses you. He never looses anyone from his sight and remembers everything important about everyone. During winter he shakes snow off our jackets so that it cannot get to the scruff of the neck; in his flat, in narrow passages, he always moves aside and stops to allow you to pass.

He is always dressed very simply, without wearing anything unnecessary. Things serve him for a very long time, because he never throws anything away until it is completely worn-out, until, as he joked by using a medical term, a complete tissue disintegration of this piece of clothing happens.

To me, and probably to any one of us, it has always seemed that he has paid special attention to my person by trying to teach me to live being Love, and not simply to feel it, to manifest it to the world, to saturate my entire body with it, to smile from my anahata always and to live joyfully.

If suddenly a wave of his Love flowed over me, I immediately realized that he was watching me and supporting me.

... There were a lot of cases during my discipleship when I could laugh at myself.

On one occasion, during a spring freshet, we had to cross a flooded river. Water was higher than the edge of our boots. What could we do?

Nevertheless, Vladimir calmly said:

“Well, let’s take our boots and pants off — and go!”

We already had an experience of winter swimming, but such a solution would never come to my mind! And someone might even hesitate, be stopped by it...

Later on, we crossed flooded places many times in this way.

... On another occasion, we passed by the place where it was said in the film “Places of Power. Three Steps of Centering” that mushrooms grow even during a very early spring. It was spring at that moment; the middle of May. In some holes, here and there, one could still see snow. It is in central Russia that May is almost summer, but in its northern part, spring comes one month later. I firmly said to myself that I would in no way believe in mushrooms growing this time, if I did not see them with my own eyes! How amazed I was when I found a family of prickly cups that just came out and that grew on a big old stump covered with green moss!

God truly works miracles in order to knock down our human patterns of perception of the world!

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