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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Choice

How God Can Be Cognized/The Choice

The Choice

“The free will of a human being,
as a whole, manifests itself in one’s own choices,
and determines in which part of the Absolute
he or she will continue his or her existence”.

Giant [8]

One day, we worked and then were resting on the floodplain of a small river. It was an amazingly beautiful place! The little river, which spreads here on a huge open space during spring, was calmly flowing down the stream. Meadows surrounded us with soft waves of grass almost to the horizon.

This was a special place by the quality of its energy: a place of power. “River” of the Holy Spirit, called Pranava, smooth and quiet currents all over this huge open space.

Near us two shepherds were passing by with bull-calves. They went into the Stream of Living Divine Light, but didn’t see or feel It. As the majority of people, they didn’t feel anything special there…

They wished us a pleasant rest and accepted us as fishermen. They told us, that fishing at the river Vuoksa is better than fishing here… From this started a conversation…


“Thanks, but we don’t eat meat and fish. For God commanded people: ‘Do not kill!’”

Surprise was the first reaction of the shepherds. Then one of them, having waved away with a hand gesture, went his way, but the second didn’t agree in any way:

“How is it possible not to kill? After all, I – must eat! I work a lot and can’t live without meat!”


“Animals feel pain and die in anguish. What right do we have to kill — for the sake of satisfying our own gustatory whims? People may live well and work, without eating meat.”

“I kill them myself, quickly and without any pain! I do not want them to be tormented: I know what pain is!” — the shepherd objected.

“Everyone makes a choice: to kill or not to kill, to eat or not to eat, to love or hate… But that determines how we live on the Earth during our lifetime in the bodies (and that is only a short duration of the souls’ lives) — and also after their death.”

“But do you know: what will happen after death?” — the shepherd asked having become interested.

“Yes, I know. I am a scientist and I have made such researches. I know that souls living in malice and hatred, turn out to be among those like themselves after death in hell, and, on the contrary, the souls, who live in love and goodness, — provide for themselves heavenly existence after the death of the bodies.

“We spend relatively very little time on the Earth in incarnate states. And the way we live now, defines our own destinies for the future.”

“And how do you know this? Have you been there — have you been in the afterlife?”

“Yes, I have been.”

“And have come back — why? Didn’t you like it there?”

“I did like it.”

“Then — why?”

“God returned me.”

“And are going to teach us?”

“Not teach, but to explain to those who want to know.”

… Then the shepherd started to blame the state for all his troubles: that it was guilty of all…

But Vladimir objected:

“Yes, it is guilty in many respects. But each person is responsible for him/herself before God.

“There are two most important ‘milestones’ in the life of each human: God and death of the body.

“And the way we live this life — is just our choice, ours — and no one else! No one and nothing can be an excuse for the way we live, what we choose, and what we do in this life…”

* * *

Once, as if by accident, Vladimir and I met too. This was the moment when my whole life “turned around”…

He then said almost nothing, just mentioned his books…

But by reading them, I realized that... beside me here was a man who knew Jesus perfectly and also cognized the Creator!... His books showed the Path of transforming oneself as a soul — up to the very end: to gaining the true Perfection!

… God for me, thanks to him, now ceased to be “distant”, “incognizable”, “unavailable”. He became my Real Loving Teacher!

But I will try to tell you about this in detail…

* * *

Each person makes his or her own choices all the time — how to live in general and what for, how to act in a set of concrete situations… Sometimes these choices — are conscious, and sometimes — purely reflex: either the results of formed patterns from our upbringing, or on the basis of imitation…

It can be similar to watching TV: someone can choose to watch either a philosophical program, or about medicine, about natural sciences — or an action film, a horror film, a sugary melodrama… And to some people — even this doesn’t matter: they just need something “showing pictures and making sounds”…

So all of us constantly decide: how we will live during each of the following phases of our lives.

The person, who follows the spiritual Path, makes such choices consciously. And God then can actively direct his or her movement: that person and God begin to work in cooperation.

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