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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

First Stage of Buddhi Yoga

How God Can Be Cognized/First Stage of Buddhi Yoga

First Stage of Buddhi Yoga

Before that, I was familiar with Vladimir absentia, reading his “Autobiography” and other books. In fact, thanks to his publications I, for the first time, understood why we live in this world and what can and should be the relationships between man and God.

But his level of being initially seemed to me completely unattainable: meditations of merging by consciousness with the Creator, direct spoken communication with the Divine Teachers... Unless I can this? Of course, no! I’m — just an ordinary person... “Probably”, — I thought — “a level of development, which is described by Vladimir, is reached by only exceptional, gifted people — the units around the globe...”.

In general, I even did not thought that I could learn this!

But I really wanted to thank this person for the assistance, which he provided to me through his books.

I wrote him a letter of thanks. Vladimir replied and even invited me to come: to join some time to his friends to travel to the forest on the places of power.

But I thought, it was for me overly. How can I work in a group of associates of Vladimir, who certainly achieved a great level already? And I did not react...

But after a while, God, yet, “lured” me. It happened so:

... One of my strongest desires was to see Sathya Sai Baba. To read about the Messiah — is one thing, but to see Him with my own eyes, to be a bit in His presence — it is quite different.

One day, I received a letter from the wife of my friend. She wrote me that she and her husband are invited to engage to Antonov, and that on these classes all could get acquainted with Sathya Sai Baba.

I knew that neither she nor her husband did not practice Raja Yoga. And if Vladimir invited these people, I, it seems, could also be able to deal with it.

In addition, I can there to get acquainted with Sathya Sai Baba! I read in one of the books of Vladimir that even at one of the places of power near St.Petersburg it’s possible easily transported by the consciousness to His Indian ashram and meet right there with Him.

I got in touch with Vladimir: I wrote that I ask to participate in the sessions and really want to meet Sathya Sai Baba. Vladimir again invited me to come.

... While going on a trip, I thought I must tell to my friends about this wonderful chance. Because some of them may also want to use this possibility! I thought that when I stand before Baba, He ask me: “Michael, why did you come to Me alone? Why did you take this chance alone, and did not help to come to Me none of your friends?”

But starting gently questioning them, I realized that no one does express a desire to join me on the trip. Only one guy, who was more interested in books of Antonov, wanted to go. But he refused, because right now he had a rift with his wife, and this trip could only more strongly to angry her...

As a result, I went alone.

... And then, in the early autumn morning, I got out of the train arrived in St.Petersburg, and, after a short time, was standing at the door of the Vladimir’s flat.

Bell, the door opened, and Vladimir warmly embrace me. Although he first saw me, and because I was unfamiliar to him man, he gave me a warm welcome and immediately surrounded with care. He offered to take a shower, fed a delicious breakfast, which was followed by our first conversation, and then he offered me to sleep — just in case I did not sleep well at night in the train.

So at the very beginning of our conversation, Vladimir, by his example, showed me the example of relationship of the Master to his disciples: neither arrogance, nor condescending, nor commanding tone, nor the expectation of deference to him — but the simplicity and love-care with respect to even the most novice.

* * *

From the first day of participation in the work with Vladimir, I was able to communicate with the Divine Teachers, and this was for me the most amazing discovery in my life!

Previously, They seemed to me completely out of reach! If even the earthly rulers are so far away and inaccessible to ordinary people, then how is unaffordable and inaccessible should be Heavenly Lords!

Going on a trip to Vladimir, I thought about the possibility to see Sathya Sai Baba — as something quite extraordinary. And it was an accomplishment to talk with Him!

And it came to pass! And I even got a chance not to see His physical body, but much more than that: to see He Himself as the Divine Consciousness! And even — to merge with Him by consciousness!

... When it happened, I felt His state, His emotion of Love — and I realized that... He is completely open to each of us!

That is people can be “closed” from the others. But He — was completely open and as if invited: “Look and learn — what I am! Merge with Me and learn what does it mean — to be Divine!”.

... Two lovers can come into contact with each other with naked bodies. But their bodies cannot merge into one completely and forever! But in the compound of the consciousnesses there is no such a limit. Falling in love with each other allows the consciousnesses to merge into one, feel oneness.

What more can wish a loving heart, than to merge into unite with the beloved, to feel this oneness?!

... I found that I could merge with Baba! And between me and Him... there were no barriers that could separate us! Great, Divine, and, as I thought before, unattainable Baba — was suddenly closer to me than anyone of humans!

... And then, when Vladimir asked me, if I still was going to visit that place of power, where it was possible to travel to the Indian ashram of Baba and to see there His body, I replied: that my desire has lost all meaning, because I had already received a lot more!

... Another fundamental discovery for me was the fact that Vladimir invited me to interact immediately directly with God and learn from Him, not with Vladimir...

Prior to this, of course, I also meditated — and developed through it. But my meditations then had never been directly focused on God, they were dedicated to cleansing and development of the energy structures of the organism, studying of the different places of power, with which I encountered. But my love for God, at the same time, always remained as if on the sidelines: because God, as I thought, was unreachable, incognizable!

And only now, I have seen how it is possible to navigate directly to God, to cognizing Him — with His help! And only in this case, the love for God takes its natural central place in this work!

... This was, too, told us by God Himself. In one of those days Baba said, referring to the group:

“Your task is to cognize My in the scale of the entire universe!

“I am the Goal! The meaning of your lives — it is the Mergence with Me!

“Difficult are the ways of those who do not understand this!”

* * *

... In many earthly religious trends, the main motive is to obtain by adherents something for themselves. It is from this purpose, but not from altruistic love, students are invited to build their lives, to form relationships with the material world and with God. Such students are never taught to love!

But is it possible, for example, to create a happy family, if between the spouses is not love? What a family appears in this case?

And just as soon, it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship with the surrounding world and God without sincere love!

* * *

I spent time with Vladimir about ten days which were filled with trips to the forest places of power, the mastering of new options for coordinated actions with God.

But it was time to return to my previous scientific work in the field of physics. I took with me new knowledge about the methods of self-development and the future prospects of the cognition of God.

Now, I already knew that — no matter where I was — I can rely on the direct assistance and guidance of Divine Teachers.

And that was Babaji Who took me under His care. He came to me — and from that moment I felt His presence almost constantly.

He directed my meditative work, told how and what to do, simply gave His Divine Presence. With Him, it was a pleasure to be together — just as pleased to be in a communication with close and beloved one.

His concern extended to help me in meditation trainings and even in everyday details. So, one evening, He told me that it is necessary to shut the window at night. But I usually kept the window slightly open to keep the fresh air. I closed it. And in the morning, I discovered that in night suddenly hit the cold, and I could — with the open window — to catch cold.

Waking up early in the morning, every day I happily realized: “Babaji is with me!”. He always was waiting for me at the moment of my awakening. I embraced Him with hands of consciousness, feeling His response embraces, full of Divine Love.

My mornings before leaving for work in the Research Center, were filled with meditations, which I carried out under His leadership. And in the evenings every day, I also had time for meditative work and conversations with Him.

He was with me also in the daytime, when I worked in the study of the physics of elementary particles.

I lived with a sense of constant presence and assistance of Babaji, and it was so unusual for me! Great Babaji almost all the time — with me! He helps me! If I could believe in this until recently?!

So God has become for me close, beloved Friend!

* * *

I began to regularly come to St.Petersburg to Vladimir. In each such visit, I got new knowledge, mastering the techniques of further development of consciousness, that Vladimir and his group have developed and accumulated in the course of their own continuous apprenticeship from God.

In particular, I began to be teached the planned development in Buddhi Yoga, that is, development, growth of consciousness beyond the material body.

It was interesting to notice how my perception of space changes with the growth of consciousness. Before, I felt like a little — compared to the vast fields, mountains and sky dome. But — as far as the development in Buddhi Yoga — I began to notice that I could easily be in any remote objects.

For example, a mountain wall, located within walking distance from the science Center, looked for me before as staggeringly huge! The mountains were perceived gigantic! — in comparison with the usual for me in past scale of feeling as the material body. But, when I grew substantially by the consciousness, then I began to feel that these mountains... are not larger than me anymore. I could now easily cover them with myself, took them on my hands of consciousness.

Then, thanks to further meditative training, I could already feel myself so big spiritual heart that could cover the mountains and the valley in front of them, and fills all foreseeable sky... It became amazing to feel inside me the sound of a flying airplane...

But, of course, it became not immediately, but only after several years of study.

However, it turned out fines — compared with that was disclosed further.

And then — we mastered the galactic and universal spaces, feeling them within ourselves and were merging in the initial eon with the Creator...

... After some time, I realized that the work of a physicist, to which I devoted so many years, no longer needed neither me nor God. Therefore, after defending a dissertation, I have left the Center — and now was able to engage in the work of the group of Vladimir a hundred percents.

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