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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Advices from God

How God Can Be Cognized/Advices from God

Advices from God

Once in the forest, Sathya Sai Baba, Sulia, Kayr, and Andrew-the-Apostle spoke to us:

“… Is it enough for your happiness — only Me?

“When two loving people are touching tenderly the bodies of one another with fingertips, then in this touching the two disappear and only TENDERNESS remains — one for both…

“When two lovers are kissing one another, there are no lips, there is only the KISS — one for both…

“When two lovers are looking in the eyes of spiritual hearts of each other, they, as souls, unite in the flow of LOVE — one for both…

“How can you gain Wisdom? Through calmness of the mind, immersed into your spiritual heart, filled with the Creator.

“In this state, every thought of His becomes clear. And every thought here is now also yours. But this thought is free from the human ‘i’.

“Learn — in the silence of the mind — contemplate Me by the purity of the spiritual heart! Learn to live in this contemplation!

“This is how I become the Basis of all your actions.

“This is how you can learn the state which allows to act being in Mergence with Me.

“I understand how difficult this task is… However, you learned to walk, to speak… — it was a human childhood. Now — it is a ‘childhood’ of the other level of being: learn to think, to walk, to speak — being Me!

“Do not be afraid of falling: I am infinite in the Depth under everything! If you ‘fall’ — then you ‘fall’ into My Embrace and stand up being Me!

“Learn to live from My CALM and My LOVE! Learn to act in the state of Mergence!

“You have to carry the field of Calm around your body — the field of tenderness, love, harmony.”

* * *

“I need campfires of My schools throughout the Earth — campfires which cannot be blown out by winds or quenched by rains!

“In storms and in foul weather, I want — through you — to kindle campfires, which will attract those who want it, and whom I want to help to come out of darkness, to bring closer to Me at this time!

“As to the rest, they have to see that these campfires are burning, burning always, that Love is the Way by which I lead people into Me.

“You have to warm the people’s hearts before each of them will rush to the Light and get kindled from My Fire. This is your service to Me!

“You are a scientific-spiritual School, and your task — is to carry the light of knowledge about God to people, the ethical laws of God! True supreme ethics, love for God, scientific knowledge about God, man, Evolution — here is what you have to bring to the masses of people, first of all! It is necessary to change the worldview on the planet, restore the lost knowledge!

“The ancient school of Pythagoras can serve you in this respect perfectly. The laws of life in harmony with God, love and wisdom — are the foundation. On this basis, should be held the upbringing of the spiritual leaders of different levels and trends, politicians, artists, scientists, and the education of children — to build the future of society.”

“What can be done for this right now?”

“The first and most important for you — is finally to gain the state of the Waves consubstantial to the Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness! Any earthly affair cannot replace this! Real serving on the scale of the planet may take place only from the final Unity with Me!

“Service of the Avatar is the work that is carried out from the Ocean of the Creator, and not only through the body. This is — the work of the whole complex that includes body, Brahmanic Mahadoubles and the impact directly from the Ocean of the Creator. This work is implemented from the constant Unity with the Primordial Plane of Being!

“Look at Sathya Sai Baba: He wrote books and lectures, He pierced the planet with rays of His Universal “I”, He attuned those with Himself who loved Him and were willing to listen to His Teachings, He gave the highest methods of self-perfecting to those who were ready for this…”

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