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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Conclusion (by Vladimir Antonov)

How God Can Be Cognized/Conclusion (by Vladimir Antonov)

(by Vladimir Antonov)

John Lennon once said to us:

“When we were unknown boys and were creating our music, we lived as if tomorrow we would conquer the entire world!

“You do not have such boldness of thought, even though you have indeed much more rights to have it than we had!

“We lived with a bright feeling that the whole world would be at our feet tomorrow and would praise us! It was an impulse filled with power and confidence! We lived as winners, and we became such! The world had to yield to the four daring and brave guys who wanted to flood people’s hearts with a new wave of music of freedom and love! The world began to live with our ideas, our songs, and our music! The liberty of our ideas seized people’s minds, and our music began to sound on all continents!

“We lived as winners, as the forerunners of freedom! Even though none of us knew the True Freedom at that time, this state of us as souls anticipated and shaped our future!

“Perceive yourselves as those who were sent into this world in order to change it! And this should happen not some other day in the future but right now, today! Every day of your lives should transform the world and bring a new Divine Wave to it!

“You should do this right now instead of waiting for some day when researchers of ruins of antiquity find your works under the computer junk of the 21st century and exclaim with surprise: ‘Oh! This was already discovered once!’

“At this very moment, you need to give people this vivifying wave of the ideas of Freedom, Love, and the Path of the Spiritual Heart!

“Feel the Power of God that goes through you and let Him realize, with the help of your spiritual group, what He has planned! Be filled with daring confidence that you can accomplish this!”

* * *

Even though we always sought communication with Divine Teachers only, we had a great number of meetings with very interesting non-incarnate people as well during the years of our discipleship with God: Pushkin, Gorky, Talkov, Vysotsky, Lennon, different physicians, travelers, writers, poets, musicians, etc.

The writer Akinfiev asked us to mention his great book on the ethics of nutrition [1].

The academician Kruzenshtern wanted modern people to know that he and Vasco da Gama are the same soul in different incarnations.

On another occasion, when we worked in the forest on the place where we usually met Divine Lutherans, we had an unexpected opportunity to speak with Martin Luther, the founder of the Lutheran Church.

The last happened in the following way.

A non-incarnate soul, with whom we had not been previously familiar, suddenly appeared in front of us.

“Who are you?” — we asked.

“Martin Luther the First,” — he joked, trying to emphasize that there was another Martin Luther — the fighter for the rights of African Americans, Martin Luther King.

“Have you been incarnated again after your well-known incarnation?”


“Have you attained Divinity?”

“I live in the glory in which I immersed myself by becoming the high priest of the Lutheran Church.”

“Are you going to be incarnated again?”

“Let’s forget about this! Right now I am not here to teach you about how to distribute the consciousnesses in the Absolute but rather to support you in your struggle for the religious freedom!

“This is my field of activity as well! Specifically, I participated in the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Long before this, I became the founder of the existing Lutheran Church and laid its main fundamental idea of personal responsibility of everyone before God, ‘personal’ means without intermediaries in this case! Every Christian and every truly religious person should think in this way.

“You did well! You are walking in the right direction!

“I personally directed you, Vladimir, in your student years, to the path of respect for freedom. Do you remember? You had helped me in my struggle in your previous incarnation, and I helped you in this one.”

“Yes! A thousand times — thank you!

“Will we accomplish our mission that consists in getting all people of the Earth to know about the knowledge that we received from God?”

“Look how difficult it was for me! I managed to turn only a small part of Christians to the right path, and this was achieved at the cost of a military campaign.

“It is unlikely to happen in your country in a time of peace.

“But remember that I and all reasonable non-incarnate people are with you!”

“What do you do now?”

Martin shows that he holds the “reins” in his hands — the “reins” of all and each in the Lutheran church:

“I supervise the Church created by me.

“I am its ‘high priest’. I remain in this state, and the attention of the leaders of many parishes is aimed at me. I understand this and behave, in my relationship with them, as if I were Jesus Christ. In other words, I give them commandment after commandment, as I understand this and as it is shown to me by the Supreme Hierarch Himself at our regular personal meetings. When I say ‘the Supreme Hierarch’, I mean Jesus Christ.”

“Can you learn from Jesus now and, through this, approach Him even more?”

Martin did not understand the question:

“I am already ‘the right hand’ of Jesus Christ! I see myself as an intermediary between Him and people and I consider this as the summit of my personal achievements!”

… On another occasion in the forest, Alexander Pushkin and a large group of his friends, “Decembrists”, attracted our attention. Nicholas Bestuzhev and Peter Chaadaev talked on behalf of all of them:

“We are embracing you! We are watching you constantly…

“Those who have cognized God are especially dear to us, the Decembrists! We could not achieve this due to the reason that is obvious to you: due to the absence of the correct religiosity in our country…

“Indeed, extraordinary heroism is required in order to break false stereotypes of thinking!

“Unfortunately, there are no positive changes in the life of the country… The efforts of all previous heroes were in vain!… And your efforts will be wasted here too…

“We all bless you! You are to realize a long service! But this does not concern Russia…

“In Russia nothing came out of those things that we fought for…”

“Where do you work now?”

“In Central Europe, in the northern parts: in Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden.

“After 20 years, you will not recognize the Earth! People will begin to perceive streams of new fresh knowledge!”

“Is anyone from your group incarnated right now?”

“We do other work: we help people from our non-incarnate state. We all formed a favorable destiny for ourselves, and the Lord has sent us to do this job.”

“Have any of you reached Divinity?”

“No, nothing of that kind! Right now we are fully engaged in the process of service. None of us have been incarnated since that time. We do great righteous deeds under the guidance of the Creator and we try to do them the best we can!”

“How many of you are working together?”

“Approximately 200-250.”

“Who from your group is the head of your activity?”

“You should look from another perspective! You should see that the Creator guides us without any intermediary! Every one of us perceives Him directly!”

“What will your destiny be? Will you be able to flow into the Creator without being incarnated again into material bodies?”

“No, it’s not possible. A new layer of the destiny of every one of us has to be formed. Many years will pass, at least two decades, so that we can see more and know more. And then a certain layer will be “washed out” so that a new one can be unfolded: a new program of our further development. Some of us have yet to serve 20 years in such a way, others — 50.

“We wish you success! We are with you!”

… At some other time, when we were in the forest at a favorite place of Pushkin, one of us asked him:

“Whom do you help now among incarnate people?”

“I help all those who listen to me! There are very few such people in Russia and even less abroad.”

“How about those who make trips to your grave?”

“No. I don’t accept such people. Trips should be made to other places.”

He shows the image of the estate where he lived being embodied. It has a peaceful backwater.

“This is my estate, which I often visit and recall the dear years of my youth. Being near this backwater, I recall my young beloveds of those days, the images of whom I keep in my memory at present as well…

“… But right now I want to tell incarnate people about something different: about those ‘backwaters’ in which water becomes foul and in which midges appear during the summer and bite everyone…

“… There are tender spring brooks that run among the roots of trees and stones. A soul that is young and still fragile blossoms in love just like this…

“However, the law of the universal nature is severe: everyone has to develop himself or herself! And if formerly babbling water gets into a foul swamp of the loss of love, of stagnation, and of coarse emotions, it then also turns into stinking mud…

“On the other hand, if one merges with a large river, which quietly and smoothly flows into the Ocean of the Highest Universal ‘I’ years after years and centuries after centuries, the destiny of such a soul then is to become this Ocean as you already became, my dearest friends on this Earth!

“And may other souls merge their currents and flow together, along the channel opened by you, into the Ocean of the Primordial Reality! Amen.”

* * *

The existence of God is neither a fairy tale, nor fantasies of undeveloped and uneducated people.

God indeed exists and He is cognizable for those who are sufficiently developed in their personal evolution and who have dedicated their lives to the cognition of Him.

Who is He and where is He? He — in the Aspect of the Creator — abides in the deepest and subtlest layer of the multidimensional space. He is One but is composed of the infinite number of all Those Who — over a time of eternity — have attained the completeness of the Divine Perfection, entered this layer, and merged there with Him — with the One Who is called the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Jehovah (Yahweh), Ishvara, Allah, Tao, Svarog, Odin, etc. in different human languages.

Communication with God is usually realized through non-incarnate Divine Teachers Who come out from the Abode of the Creator with some Part of Themselves and Who, in the aggregate sense, are called the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition. It is less frequent that people can communicate with incarnate Representatives of the Creator, Who are called — in different languages — Messiahs, Avatars, or Christs. They come to incarnate people, having diverse Appearances, that is, in male or female bodies, and They realize diverse forms of Service. Some of them express the Truth through prose, while Others — through poems, songs, or other kinds of art.

In one of our recent conversations, Alexander Pushkin compared Divine Writers with quills, which are used by the Creator to write the Holy Scriptures for people and which are even “dipped” by Him into the “ink” sometimes. Igor Talkov* then immediately added that the Creator incarnates Divine Singers into the world of matter in order to use Them as His microphones…

It should be mentioned that They do not necessarily start at once talking to people about the most important things; sometimes They just wisely and smoothly try to correct the direction in which the society thinks…

Divine Incarnations are a rare phenomenon, but there are many non-incarnate Divine Teachers Who work on helping incarnate people in different areas. Focusing on any of Them and diligently learning from Him or Her will necessarily bring you to the Victory or closer to It. We were fortunate to directly learn from tens of Holy Spirits, and each of Them gave us some of His or Her personal favorite techniques of self-development in addition to the common elements of the curriculum for all disciples of God. Direct communication with a great number of Them allowed us to obtain a much more vivid and complete notion about the most important things for all incarnate people, and we share them in our books and films.

… We have cognized Him and impart our knowledge about Him to you.

What was required of us in order to cognize God?

First of all, it was ethical purity, which includes our relationship not only with people, plants and animals, but also — and this is the most important point — with the Creator.

Besides ethical purity, it was the monastic dedication* of our lives to the only Goal — the cognition of God and service to Him.

* * *

All people differ from each other, primarily, by their psychogenetic age (the age of the soul) and by how successfully they have evolved in their distant and recent past. Everyone, therefore, requires a different amount of time and effort to get closer — by the state of oneself as a soul — to God so as to be able to see, hear, and really embrace Him with the arms of consciousness consisting of Love only.

However, it is also important to note that the speed of personal spiritual development depends, to a great extent, on the correct understanding of the Goal and of the methods of such work on oneself. That is why we made so much effort to describe and illustrate as detailed as possible the methodology of spiritual self-development and the methodology of the cognition of God, created by us.

We ask you to contribute — as far as possible — to the preservation of this knowledge for the entire humanity and to its extensive implementation, especially in the educational system.

* * *

One of the peculiarities of human development is that an individual consciousness (or a soul) can grow quantitatively.

However, only the souls that are qualitatively developed to a due degree have the right to such growth. In other words, they have to be intellectually and ethically mature and sufficiently refined by their energy status.*

The souls which have developed themselves in the mentioned qualitative parameters and then have grown themselves to a sufficiently big size — if they have transformed themselves into Love and are in love with the Creator — reach His Abode and enter the eternal Mergence with Him.

Thus the individual development of successfully evolving people ends and the Divine stage of Their existence begins. This is the existence as the Divine Teachers (Holy Spirits) Who are the integral Parts of the Creator.

We also need to remember the following:

a) the quantitative growth of a consciousness is possible only during its incarnate state, because the body with its digestive system is the “factory” that transforms (sublimates) the energy of food into the energy of the consciousness;

b) the material body has to be perfectly cleansed of all coarse energies — in order to achieve success in serious spiritual advancement, because it is impossible to enter the Divine Purity and Subtlety from an unpurified body.

You can find a detailed description of how to progress on this Path most successfully — in our books and films.

Do not miss this opportunity, our dear readers!

* * *

In the flame of the heart,

A human soul uncovers itself!

In the purity of love, it appears

Before the Beloved One!

And nothing else exists for the soul

But the Beloved!

It — is always before His Sight.

The arms of the soul caress the Dear One,

And it never takes its eyes off Him.

And it has no other light

But the Light of His Love!

His Light is reflecting in the radiance of its eyes,

His words of love fill its lips!

The hearts merge

And there is nothing but Him!...

He fills Those Who become One in Him

With His unspeakable Bliss!


(written down by Anna Zubkova

in March 2005)

The one who has touched the Ocean of Love

Will rush towards It again and again!

By submerging into Its transparency,

Such one will attain the Mergence with It!

By rejecting self, by forgetting self,

Such person will dissolve in It!

The heart that contains the Ocean

Becomes the Ocean!

The soul that has become the Ocean

Lives the life of the Ocean!


(written down by Olga Stepanets

in March 2005)

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