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Giving Away

How God Can Be Cognized/Giving Away

Giving Away

Then it was necessary for us to strengthen ourselves in the achieved states. And it was not so easy...

“The best way to understand and remember the most significant of the received is to teach others!” — Vladimir joked.

And he seriously continued:

“Learning from God, we need to accept very many skills in different areas of life — in order to effectively help others. Each needs, in particular, to receive at least the most common knowledge in medicine. To do this, all buy and learn from, for example, a ‘Handbook for practitioners in medicine’. We also should be competent in general political issues, also to become psychologists, to possess at least general knowledge on psychiatry. It is necessary not only for ourselves — but also to better understand other people, helping them.

“And it is possible to teach others only with what you yourself know.

“At the first stage of spiritual study, when non-incarnate Divine Teachers and an incarnate Master hold you in Their Arms and give Their Love, — it is very easy to go. But then your study continues through giving the received to others.

“The desire for such giving away certainly is one of the properties of a mature, loving soul. But for this, one must have the extensive desire to possess knowledge in everything that can be useful in the spiritual development of man.

“Moreover, it is necessary to give away, as our Divine Teachers do, i.e., in particular, to be completely disinterested financially: only love should lead one to those whom you are giving away.”

... And then I discovered that... I'm afraid to give meditations. Fear binds, paralyzes — and then nothing can be done.

A new struggle against myself had begun...

God spoke to me:

“Giving away should be the quality of the soul, a way of life.

“And giving meditations — this is also an opportunity to give others love. It is also service! It is your Karma Yoga, the proof of your love to Me!

“Do you think that you love them? But in fact it turns out that you only take, while the real love — is giving away!

“Namely because of this, it feels bad for you!

“Also it is necessary to give away more, than you picked up!

“Break all barriers in yourself! For love — there should be no barriers! Let it be!

“You build the barriers and obstacles for yourself by your negatives: ‘I cannot!’, ‘It’s for me too early!’ ‘I’m yet little!’. But this is not so! You’re — an adult, and the demands placed on you are those of an adult! You already are adult; understand this!

“Know that to give your love away — this is the only opportunity for you to exist and grow! Cross quickly into the existence with emanation and giving away! Only then you will understand entirety — to give love! This is, too, the main implementation of the principle of the existence of the Absolute!

“If a person only gets and rejoices and lives by this — he or she is still small, a child. But, growing up, it is inevitable — for each of the worthy — the transition into giving away mode of living! This is — the law, failure of which leads to the real death: the death of the soul. If a person only takes and is not able or does not want to give away — he or she dies like an overfed animal from indigestion.

“Do not worry, if it will be not well enough at the beginning! How long can you be afraid for yourself?! The fear is generated by a mind and is inherent to a body. But you are not a body! Forget about yourself! So pass to people My Love!”

... But I continued to resist...

Then God began to put pressure on me...

He withdrew from me my meditative achievements.

I was horrified to find that now I cannot even get out from the body through anahata! Although before this, it was easy for me even to be merged with Him by all the consciousness...

He wanted me to continue my own efforts on self-transformation. And at the same time, He checked: how much I longed for His Gifts?

... I had to start all over again. Once again, I grabbed the books, the Raja Yoga, for the ethical work on myself...

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