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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

“Test of Durability”

How God Can Be Cognized/“Test of Durability”

“Test of Durability”

“... Ethical purity in a budding person should be absolutely unconditional...

Ethical purity must be consubstantial with the soul!”

Kim [8]

I reread the Teachings of Jesus, Krishna, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, Vladimir’s books, trying to understand the very essence of the Divine Wisdom and applying it to myself.

God spoke to me:

“Without the constant work on yourself, it is impossible to achieve success on the spiritual Path. Remaking yourself according to My Will — is not a toy, it is — a serious, thorough and scrupulous everyday work. To get down to it — it needs full responsibility and awareness of its fundamental importance. There can be no place for frivolity, crudity, passivity. Only with diligence and patience, acting absolutely sincerely and honestly, — this is the only way for you to work on yourself here.

“It is easy, even without understanding it, to destroy, to break down, the best that is already in the soul!

“Slowly and patiently cultivate in you all the best!”

... And the help of Vladimir in this work was invaluable.

He almost never spoke to us — on his own initiative — what defects everyone should correct in themselves. But he, with different examples of similar situations from his vast life experience, was trying to lead us to our own understanding of ethical problems. And he always did it brilliantly and never repeated himself.

For example, he explained, as if in the abstract, in general, not referring specifically to me:

“We must fully use the psychic self-regulation and always try to live in happy and bright emotional states of consciousness. It is one thing — when any dirty little ‘shrimp’ being the consciousness of the size of its cocoon generates bad emotions: the harm from it is minimal for the surrounding beings. And another thing — a great consciousness which cripples others by rough states! Never, no matter what happens, can we leave the state of love! And we are responsible for this before God!”

... At first, I was frightened by the nakedness of the soul before Vladimir and tried to “hide” from him my lower “i”. But then I realized that, being closed, I cannot remake myself as a soul! And it is a great benefit: to open the soul to the Master, who strikes precisely at the vice, not me... And I completely stopped “hiding”.

At exactly the same time, I got confirmation of the correctness of my solution: one of our more younger friends, who lived in another city, wrote to Vladimir the “request”: “You for so long do not scold me!... But it so helps to approach the Perfection!”

... We continued to go to the forest for meditation work. I tried to meditate, but my efforts did not meet God. I could not, as before, merge with Him: it was impossible.

And God “added momentum”: He began to create in me a sense of almost constant physical pain: not even pain somewhere specific in the body, but all the body at once. Very often I felt a pain in the heart. I went to the clinic, and the cardiogram was recorded. The doctor carefully examined the lines on the paper tape and said:

“But you have a completely healthy heart!”

I realized that it is useless to trouble doctors.

... But I did not get any better: God wanted from me the complete, deep changes in my entire essence due to my personal efforts.

Finally, He spoke:

“Direct your attention deep into Me, not on your body! Love for Me solves all problems!

“I want from you the constant creative cooperation with Me in all aspects of your life! You just are obliged to live in a state of giving away!

“Also — cast away all the manifestations of violence! Learn to not want anything from anyone!”

... Vladimir told me that time, and it helped me very much:

“Larisa, God will help you, but He will not do anything in this situation in your stead!”

... I began constantly to observe myself: monitor, analyze, control the states of consciousness in which I was. I would not want to harm incarnate and not incarnate people by allowing myself to be in my bad emotions!

Pursuing this work, I realized that the lower “i”, producing thoughts, is like a computer, which laid the various emotional and behavioral response patterns and programs. When there is one or other situation on the material plane, it issues in response to this — a ready response pattern. But it does not, however, always correspond to the norms of ethical purity. So, my “computer” needed to reinstall the operating system: it was necessary to remove all the existing trash of incorrect stereotypes — and to lay a new program of ethical purity. I had found it in the Teachings of Jesus, Krishna, Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, books of Vladimir.

I also realized that one cannot control oneself, watching oneself from the head chakras: when manas* is activated — which is precisely the creator of the lower “i” — nothing good happens. The lower “i” cannot control itself nor fight against itself! For the success, it is necessary to move the “assembling point”* into the lower “bubble of perception” [21] and to place the center of self-awareness in the spiritual heart. We must also learn to feel ourselves as free — from the body — consciousnesses. Plus we should learn to think by the consciousness; that is without the participation of the brain! Thinking by consciousness, consisting of the spiritual heart, makes possible the controlling manas and managing thoughts.

I set the tasks before myself:

1. Always send all aspirations to the Creator — the main Aim of my life.

2. Always maintain the maximum speed of applying efforts, not stopping at the received.

3. Be always ready — that is, trying to be always, at any time, able to control myself and looking for opportunities to become better.

... Once I turned on the television to watch the news. But instead of news, it was showing the film, where the master of martial arts, checked the always readiness of the student.

Student was lying on the ground on the back between two tall trees. Between their tops, the rope was the stretched and a stone of impressive size was tied.

“Ready?” — the teacher asked.

“Ready!” — the student responded.

Stone fell exactly at the center of the student’s abdomen. He — brilliantly withstood the shock and relaxed in joy. But immediately after — the second stone dropped, which until then was not seen. And the student, not expected such a turn of events, got hit, was writhing in pain.

“Not ready!” — the teacher stated.

... I also began to recollect all that Vladimir taught on this theme. I have mobilized myself to super-efforts: ... because I’m obligated to become a true spiritual warrior!

And the pain receded.

Relying on God, redirecting the indriyas into His Depths and depending only on my own strength, I continued to go forward.

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