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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Places of Power

How God Can Be Cognized/Places of Power

Places of Power

God — the Great Infinite Universal God — is Love.

And in order to get closer to Him, to cognize Him,
to join Him — we also have to become
very-very big love!”
Vladimir Antonov

(From the film “Sattva of Spring”)

Then we went to the forest to Assyrisplace of power. The things that I did not even dare to dream about — were starting to come true…

A huge sphere of Living Divine Light, which was visible by the eyes of the consciousness developed as the spiritual heart… The Shining Sun of the Divine Love… Again — it was giving an intense Bliss of Contact…

It seemed that I was burning with happiness — and I asked and prayed:

“Assyris, what are You? I want to see, hear, understand, feel you so much more fully — in all of Your Divine Omnipresence!”

Vladimir saw my troubles and approached me:

“Exit back from the anahata. And try to push off from the back of the body by the hands of consciousness. Then you will be able to swim into Assyris’s Light of Consciousness. Then you can try to merge with Him through filling His form.”

After an hour of efforts in this hard work, which were replaced only by a piercing feeling of blissful Merging for a few seconds, I was tired and exhausted like never before in my life.

… As we were walking to our campfire, Vladimir asked me on our way: “How did it turn out? Did you like it?”

I was confused as I did not know how to reply. Because I had no idea of how THIS should turn out!

He smiled, and then assured and encouraged me that it turned out okay… He then began explaining to me how a human consciousness gradually develops. In the beginning, most people are the consciousnesses about the size of a tennis ball and that they are often attached to some chakra. The methods of Raja Yoga allow one to learn how to move oneself-consciousness through energy structures of the body and, at the same time, clean them. When energies of the body and consciousness itself have been cleaned and made subtle in a sufficient measure — then a human can begin to learn how to get out of the body, to tune, as a consciousness, to the level of subtlety of the Divine Teacher. The next steps — growing in size, volume of the consciousness; is called “crystallization” — similar to the growth of crystals in a proper environment.

… Then we had lunch and rested at a fire. After that — we were given some home-work to do: to continue the work of cleansing and development of the chakras further. In particular, we had to sing special mantras for chakras.

To show us how this should be done, Vladimir, coughed slightly, and sang all the mantras in an amazingly high pitch. They sounded gentle, subtle, the whole snow-covered wood space was filled with the sound of his voice, which did not seem to belong to his body. Vladimir, with his soft fluffy beard framing his face, wearing a quilted jacket and rubber boots, was standing in front of us, and the sounds of the mantras were filling the whole space around. His body seemed to have nothing to do with it. All the air transparency was suddenly coming to life and it was huge, composed of a flow of his soft voice…

... Those tuning sounds for chakras allowed us to tune our bodies with their energy structures — as tools which are suitable for further work to improve consciousnesses.

* * *

He left us to work independently for some time.

I was feeling and watching, being amazed and delighted at how powerfully God was coming into my life and throwing away “garbage and trash” from my everyday life.

From that moment, every morning, as soon as I woke up, I kept remembering Assyris. He immediately was coming to me — and was filling me with joy and hope.

When I “was forgetting about myself” in the hustle of the city life, sometimes like out of nowhere, through the haze of clouds over the wet snow, for a few seconds appeared in the sky the solar disk… — and I was igniting with joy when this made me remember about Assyris. Inside the consciousness, lines of poetry were beginning to be heard. I did not compose them, they began to manifest themselves — as some kind of rhythm, gradually were filling with words… — words, which took me away and beyond the bounds of this world of illusions… [5]

* * *

Every morning we were doing a set of exercises given to us and were singing mantras for the chakras, while hiding in the bathroom: in order not to wake up relatives at six in the morning. The neighbors above and below, probably, were wondering what was this suspicious hum coming from the water pipes…

And so I wanted to go — faster, further!

One time, Vladimir called us to inform us of a new class.

I informed Maria about this… But she said that unfortunately that day she was busy and could not get rid of her work…

This situation, and what happened to her next, became a life lesson for me with the meaning that we had to go to the limit of opportunities. She was despaired that God did not take her, did not let her come closer to Him… And, if not now, the opportunity could never present itself again! “The bird of freedom flies — and it never stops and does not come back!” — this is what Juan Matus taught through Castaneda’s books. Her despair was so great that I did not know what to do. I had no way to console her…

But everything was resolved very simply. God having done His test, Vladimir just postponed the time of the meeting for two hours, so Maria could come to work, and at our class.

... So, snow and rain was splashing under our feet, the sky was gray with heavy clouds…

But before us — there was a wonderful plant of power — a poplar. It differed from all the surrounding poplars by its huge cocoon of subtle and bright energy, and it was completely consonant with the energy of the developed human spiritual heart. This was the warm tenderness and light, which could be seen by the consciousness, despite the dampness and gloom around. We could also feel the boundaries of the cocoon from outside and inside, through filling the cocoon by ourselves — ourselves as spiritual hearts. Or we could even go by the concentration of the consciousness below the Earth’s surface — to the place, where the cocoon covers the powerful roots of the poplar. The surface of the Earth ceased to be perceived and we then could freely pass through the earthly firmament…

But this poplar — was not just a tree with anahata energy: it was a consciousness, which had human incarnation in the past. And through the life of this tree body, it now develops a peace that could not have been learnt when living and loving as a human…

We could speak, and emotionally communicate with this soul… The reality of communication of consciousnesses beyond the material world, through it, became obvious for us at that time. It was impossible to no longer understand that life is only a movement of material bodies… But, as we looked deeper under this matter we could feel its heartbeat, and so it was getting clearer to us that we are not bodies but consciousnesses, that there are an infinite number of other evolving souls around us — as alive as we are…

We were instructed to continue to work with the poplar. And we worked there every morning before we got to work and every evening. We came back to it, greeted it, hugged it with the hands of the spiritual hearts. And this big and kind soul taught us harmony, tenderness, love, and peace, and helped us to clean the energy structures of our bodies. It also helped us to get used to being as big as it.

… I recently came back to our poplar friend and asked it: what should I write about you in the book? What would you like to say to people? The poplar replied:

“I hardly remember what books are. But I know what it means to love, love, love!…”

... And I no longer wanted to hear any words, I just wanted to respond with my love — to its love.

After all, to love — is much more, than to speak about it!

* * *

Then Vladimir taught us to exit from the anahata through the meridian chitrini and to merge with the Holy Spirit above the Earth’s surface…

During the few hours living with him we were able to master what people sometimes take more than one incarnation of hard work to do…

At that time, we did not realize yet by what enormous steps God was offering us to go to Him…

... In particular, I have got the gift of experiencing a fundamentally new state. Speaking in the terms of Juan Matus, I managed to completely “collect myself in another world”, leaving the material body to go into the Living Light of the Holy Spirit in the third level of density of Its manifestation.

The sensation of my body completely disappeared. I was swimming by consciousness, extending the hands of the spiritual heart and aspiring to be there with all my being, where many Great Divine Souls are mutually merged into One Consciousness manifesting Itself by the Light and Love of the Creator. I stopped looking and perceiving the material world, I did not remember where my body was, also that I’m performing the meditation… Meditation — as an active job — suddenly ceased to exist for me. No more efforts were required… The world of the Infinite Living Light became the only Reality… I was met there by the Embrace of Love, I was expected there, was expected for a long time

This state did not last very long, but, while I was there, I was not realizing time. When I “flipped” back into my body, I could not repeat it again by myself. I only captured this state and subsequently tried to “catch up” to it. It was the advance of God: He had shown and given me once again, in one other variant, the bliss of really cognizing, feeling Him. And then all depended on my efforts — to cognize Him fully and Merge with Him in His Abode.

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