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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Coming to the School

How God Can Be Cognized/Coming to the School

Coming to the School

In former times, I asked God to help me find an incarnate Master.

Having been acquainted with Antonov, I asked him if he himself conducts classes. But he said, “No”.

Then I decided to engage myself with his book “Spiritual Practices”.

Every morning I got up at five o’clock and, before going to work, I was doing warm-up and psycho-physical exercises, trying to work with the anahata chakra. The first results were very soon felt: emotional state of joy and cheerfulness continued the whole day.

But what next?...

One day, in the early spring, the phone rang. The familiar voice of Vladimir sounded in the handset:

“Peace to you! How is it going?”

“That’s well, I do warm-up and other exercises. After the exercises, I’m good: joy and strength add.”

“Very good! So — God leads!

“What is with nourishment? Understood?”

“Yes, I eat cruelty-free food.”

And I was invited to the session.

After the first lesson, Vladimir said:

“With such a state of energy in the body, like yours, the people, however, are screaming in pain... Let’s assign to you “winter ice-bathing”. You can try to find an ice-hole close to your home, or you can go to Ozerki: there, on the lake, there is a club of “walrus” and the ice-hole. And take children with you!”

He explained in detail how to bathe in an ice-hole.

... Never before I had even poured over myself cold water. And now... right into the hole!...

I went home immersed in heavy thoughts... There was a feeling that in the soul, there was as if the stagnant water which suddenly began to move and a turbidity rose from the bottom...

The next day, I made a decision: am trying, to start, to pour!

I dropped into a bath — and poured on the body three buckets of cold water!

The result, however, was not happy...

I thought: so, if in the bath is so bad, it means that in the ice-hole exactly will be my end...

The whole evening was an internal struggle...

But I knew: either the ice-hole — or I stay forever in the former life...

I understood that I had nothing to lose: to live as before — it was not possible!...

The next morning I was going: I take the children, a swimsuit and a towel — and we go to the lake. After yesterday’s pouring in the bath — I was feeling bad: starting cold, the state on the brink of an illness. But I am thinking: in the ice-hole one of us has to die — either I, or germs!

... On the lake — the sun is shining and a light frost.

The snow sparkles and crunches under our feet, as we walk across the ice to the ice-hole.

I changed my clothes in the little club-house on the beach and went out barefoot in the snow…

I came up to the water and, as was taught, — throw arms of consciousness, let the sunlight into anahata, embraced with arms the space over the lake! I invited Holy Spirit to enter into my body!...

I went down by wooden steps and dived into the icy water... And — a miracle! The icy water — was not felt! Plunged into it with my head, then came up and restored the breath. But I did not jump out of the water, instead submerged the head again. From under the water I heard the plaintive cry of my daughter:

“Mama! Come out!”

Okay! I went up the steps on the ice and felt like... — like the newly born! An approaching disease had disappeared! Every cell in the body — as if it’s filled with sparkling joy!*

Happy, we then returned home.

... At the next meeting, when I told it to Vladimir, he was very earnestly glad for me. And he added:

“The faster you completely rebuild your life — the more you can have time to get on the spiritual Path!”

... The circle of my former acquaintances very quickly had broken up. They just stopped inviting me, it became not interesting for them to be with me: because I no longer drink alcohol, did not smoke, did not eat meat and fish, did not discuss the endless television series because I did not watching them any longer... I was now interested only in God and all that is connected with knowledge of Him.

At work, I said that I pass a special course of treatment, and the doctor ordered “winter swimming” and a strict diet. Everyone calmed down — and did not bother me with questions.

At home, my children knew about my new life, and they accepted it.

Only the father, who lived alone, could not understand how it is possible not to drink a small glass of homemade vodka on a holiday?! And then he just stopped communicating with me.

In the meantime, I had devoted all the free time to mastering Raja Yoga and to studying spiritual literature. “Winter bathing”, daily exercises with pranayamas etc. had allowed the first stages of cleaning the body’s energy. Now, I was watching my, coming from the spiritual heart, flow of love for people — friends and strangers — they smiled in response, they became well. Because of this, the happiness overwhelmed me so much that I wanted to hug the whole world with my love!

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