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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Life of Monks-Scientists

How God Can Be Cognized/Life of Monks-Scientists

Life of Monks-Scientists

Lifestyle of a group of monks-scientists had no resemblance to that of the usual working collective. Our life was not divided into the “work-time” and “leisure-time”, also into “working days” and “days off”. Living and working were one whole: it was the work the only essence of life for us. And we simply do not have a “leisure-time”.

We just consciously participate in the Process of Universal Evolution, which also involves — though usually without realizing it — all people and all other beings.

Now I do focus not on the evolution of species on the planet Earth, but on the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

The awareness of our own involvement in this Process and the understanding of our perspectives in it — can fill the life of each by the supreme sense and therefore do the life, in particular, truly happy!

But, unfortunately, only a very small number of people are familiar with what is the Evolution of Consciousness. And the dominant principle of human interaction with the environment — is consumerism: the use of material world for ourselves, for our best existence just now or — in the case of belonging to a certain religious doctrines — after the deaths of the bodies.

Only after learning about the Evolution of the Absolute, one can understand that his or her purpose — it is not a short life on the Earth and then disappearance from here, and also not eternal and unchanging existence in the paradise or hell!

God offers people the Mergence with Him, being Him — and not anything less!

But how to implement this? Where to find God, how to merge with Him?

It is in this direction, our group works. We learn God and — under His guidance — develop methods of development of human consciousnesses to the Divine level.

We do this for all people of the Earth. Our current knowledge about the laws of the Evolution, of the development of methods for self-improvement — anyone can take it and use. This knowledge could form the basis for further development of the entire human civilization.

In this case, mankind would be understood by people not as the set of the populations of countries, competing among each other for short-term benefits, but as a community of people, united by a common, unified spiritual task!

We would like — as much as possible — to disseminate this knowledge throughout whole the Earth, and this is the task for us set by God.

He, in particular, says:

“Spread the knowledge of Me — all over the planet! We should make sure that people of all the Earth may know and start talking about it! The Truth about God and about why people and all beings on the Earth have appeared — should be available for each person!

“The situation in the Earth must be radically changed! From you, with your participation, should begin to develop a new culture on the Earth! The principle of the Spiritual Heart should be the basis for all!

“Come out to the government’s level, to scientific and religious circles! Among scientists — introduce a new paradigm of scientific knowledge about the nature of existence! Through the Internet, inform teachers of different countries, also representatives of various art forms!

“Disseminate this knowledge by all channels! Enable TV, reprint books in different languages! Keep the widest informing throughout the Earth!”

* * *

God led our group, suggesting us other new milestones in transforming ourselves, showing us our future opportunities.

In particular, on this Path, man must go out from the familiar to him or her since childhood feeling of self-limitation, from the usual terrestrial scale — to the feeling of the boundless Ocean of the Creator, to feeling this Ocean.

This is what God told us on this stage:

“Make habitable the new your state — the state of infinity of yourself! Whatever events may occur in the material plane — compare them with the Endless Life in Me! By this, in particular, you will become free from the influence of the apparent adverse “earthly” factors.

“Proceed from the Ocean, being It! This should be the most familiar, the natural state of all.

“In the state of the Ocean — you have to walk on the Earth!”

* * *

The Creator — as the Loving Heart — would like to give each of us the Highest Gift — Himself.

But to be able to accept this Gift, the person must love Him with the same force like He loves. And — too, to give oneself wholly to Him.

Let this desire will be in each of you, dear readers! It will be the key to your future Victories!

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