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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Divine Teachers

How God Can Be Cognized/Divine Teachers

Divine Teachers

“Hearts of the going are ignited with love.

Hearts burning with love — they light the Path, not letting go astray or go to sleep.

The seeking so — will find.

The going so — will come.

The only Source of true love is God!

Blessed are Those Who have reached Him!

For their thirst for a perfect love will be quenched!”

Philip the Apostle, from a conversation with Him

Divine Teachers, Holy Spirits are the Representatives of the Creator. Each of Them had His or Her own journey to the Creator. Each of Them had Their own life experience [8,15]. They have already passed the Path and now help others going over it.

All of Them are One in the Abode of the Creator. They are — Love, Strength, Wisdom of the Creator! But, at the same time, Each of Them is unique!

Each of Them, Who worked with us, gave us Their Love, including creating by Themselves the Divine Standard for the attunement of consciousnesses. They were opening for us by this the passage into the Abode of the Creator.

Many thanks to all of You! Infinite love to You all!

... Over the years of our traineeship, the Divine Teachers Who guided our work, have become beloved Friends and the Dearest.

Our task now — to continue strengthening ourselves in the received: for having stood beside Them, for love and help all those going to the Creator — from the One United Heart of the Absolute.

* * *

... Lao — Divine Love-Caress for all worthy beings!

He taught us to love by the Divine Love — nature, merge with it in love and harmony, to feel oneness with all dear beings, to nourish them with His Love and Power, holding them on palms of our endless arms of love.

One day He told me this:

“Become now a little gentle warm sun, warming the Earth and all life on it!

“Get down under its surface: in its gentle pure Light — and fill the whole Earth inside with your love!

“And now feel on your hand, outstretched from the spiritual heart, this one flower — feel its gentleness, subtlety, purity, feel its flavor. It is trusting and gentle! Give it your love!”

... I touched the flower by my hand of consciousness — and felt it like a small living clear creature. Infinite tenderness filled me! I caressed it gently as a baby, and spoke through my mouth of the heart: “I love you!” Love flowed down through my arms to this little part of life...

* * *

... Huang Di — it is difficult to imagine how without His help it would be possible to cognize the structure of the Absolute!

He revealed for us by Himself the pass to the eons “on the other side of mirror”. He offered Himself as this Pass and taught to cognize the universal Depths, “slipping” from His Face — into His Universal Anahata.

We were mastering the eon of protoprakriti — as a warm, gentle rest of southern summer night. We were floating in an endless starry Ocean, moving within it with the help of arms of consciousness in all directions...

Then, if one goes deeper, the “southern night” of protoprakriti gave way to light, soft, furry, gentle, like a morning mist state of protopurusha...

And under the “Veil” — the Main Essence of the Absolute, His Spiritual Heart...

* * *

... Ptahhotep — in His huge, for kilometers, Mahadoubles, we learned to be the subtlest Divine Fire that comes from the Abode of the Creator, cleansed from this Fire our bodies.

Many excellent fundamental meditations were given to us by Ptahhotep!

I also often turned to Him for advice.

... Earlier, I used for this the book of Elizabeth Haich “Initiation” [31]. When I had questions, I turned to Ptahhotep, opened this book — and always immediately found in it answers.

But once Ptahhotep Himself offered to help me.

We that time worked in one of His Mahadoubles. I did not succeed in entering the state of Mergence with Him. I filled the form of the Mahadouble and tried to dissolve — but all to no avail.

Apparently, He was tired of my scuffling, and He said:

“You’re trying to feel yourself in the meditation. But you try to feel Me!

And at that moment, I had disappeared. I just changed the direction of the vectors of consciousness: from “i” to “non-i” — and then I felt all alone the subtlest Living Light of Ptahhotep’s Tender Love! There was the Bliss of Mergence!

From this moment, all my difficulties, of which I spoke, were left behind.

* * *

... Divine Eagle — tuning to the alertness, the intense aspiration to the Freedom in Mergence with the Primordial! Tenderness of Love, connected with the Force! Jump of consciousness from bodily anahata backward... — and begins the flight into the Infinite Creator!

He taught courage and gave a sense of the true and complete Freedom. He learned to fly and live, spreading the wings of love, feeling the connectedness of these huge wings — with all the boundless Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness.

And, at the same time, He loved to joke, have fun...

... Today, we did not go to the forest: there were urgent urban affairs. Therefore, we did the meditative work on the places of power in the city.

I walked on the sidewalk, practicing past meditations. And suddenly... it was a very clear border — and I was falling into the infinite Divine Light — the fathomless, boundless... I felt great wings and... — the flight! I flew in the infinite Light and dissolve in the Divine Tenderness! Such a familiar, native feeling... — that was Eagle!

Then I began to doubt: no, because Eagle lives in the forest, there are His places of power, but here — the city.

And I hear:

“Why do you think so? I was the civilized American Indian and lived in cities,” — Eagle laughed.

I am, too, amused, but also shamed: I did not recognize Him in an unusual place for me, blundered again...

* * *

... The city, the summer heat, a haze over the asphalt. We worked meditatively in Giant Mahadouble of Sacral. The subtlest Divine Light hugged us. He was like a Dome above the clouds and around us. And under the base — the Abode of the Creator — the boundless Ocean of the Primordial Consciousness.

I walked along the asphalt path, learning to be the “Ocean of Pure Love”*. Because the heat, the body, it seems, just about to melt away. I thought: “How did Sacral work in His latest incarnation: because He lived in the desert?”

And He, answering my question, began to show.

... City and heat suddenly disappeared from my perception. In front of me — spreading out to the horizon soft, yellow, swaying sand. And behind — the Great Ocean of the Endless Living Light. Wave after wave, He waved gently the small island of land, washing it by Himself. Nothing could impede the movement of the Ocean. Desert, like a docile lamb, lay before Him. Ocean carefully and gently stroked by soft waves, caressing His Creation...

Sacral invited to dive into His Depths...

I realized: I love the Ocean, He is my Home. I felt myself His Wave — and merged with Him — endless...

This was great happiness and bliss — to be the Part of the Original Ocean, to be consubstantial to Him and inseparable from Him!

* * *

... About Sathya Sai Baba and His Teachings, I learned from books. And then Vladimir... led me straight to Him: to His Mahadoubles, and said:

“Look: He welcomes us and wants to say to you something.”

And Vladimir was gone, leaving me alone with Him.

I tried to hear the words — but only felt His Love. I never felt such caring Love, and tears of gratitude fell from my eyes...

It was very easy to communicate with Sathya Sai Baba! If only — with love and affection in the heart to think about Him, turn to Him with the question — and He came, enveloped with His soft, gentle heat.

When I before found myself hard, He said:

“Every time when it seems that there is no way, and that everything is collapsing around you, the pain and despair are trying to possess you — remember: life is infinite!

“Your pain — this is the old dying in you, to give way to a new course of life.

“Nothing, coming from the outside, can crush the power of life, the power of love that lives within you! This is — I manifesting Myself from the depths of you, from the depths of your spiritual heart!

“Maintain the complete peace, but do not stop on the Path: move on! Life, which has become a full-flowing river of Love, let it always flow — flow into the Ocean of Me!

“Trust Me completely, neither cling to your body, nor other people, nor material things of the material world! That’s all — external. While I — inside, in the Depth under everything — sustaining and nourishing with Love everything created by Me.

“I am independent of the Creation, although inseparable from it.

“You do not need more “home” on the Earth! Previously, your body was your “home”, where you were hiding from Me. But now — your heart abides in Me, and only a tiny part of you continues to live in the material body. It remains — to return Home — that is, into My Abode — with this little bit. For this, make this little piece of you clear, bring it to the full purity and transparency, then — combine it with Me.

“Don’t separate more, don’t hide! Stay always in Me!

“Returning after meditation to the world of matter –– don’t close the door to Our Common True Home. Let this door always be widely open!

“Your love for people has to grow, manifesting itself in different ways.

“Learn the true compassion — the manifestation of the Divine Love!

“Learn to take care of all, but remember that care — should be, but it should not be anxiety.”

* * *

... Krishna — always spring, golden, tender — greeted us from the railway station, when we go to Him on His places of power.

On these places, it was possible to talk easily with Him, to plunge into the Abode of the Creator, also very efficiently work on cleansing the chakras and meridians, in particular, using Mahamantra, which glorifies Krishna and was presented to people by Chaitanya.

Vladimir also taught us it: we choose any pair of the chakras and enter (from behind) the first half of Mahamantra into the top of them, and the other half — into the bottom. And so we were working on all the chakras gradually.

Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!

Krishna, Krishna — hare, hare!

Hare Rama! Hare Rama!

Rama, Rama — hare, hare!*

Chakras were filled by this method with the golden Light of Krishna-Consciousness, Who cleansed them of coarse energies, deifying them.

Or we gently and quickly, like the murmur of a spring stream, pronounced the whole Mahamantra, letting the golden stream of Krishna’s Light flow into the top of sushumna or the middle meridian. This stream washed and filled these meridians.


... When we once worked with Krishna, Chaitanya came. He danced, slowly moving the Body of Consciousness and radiating by every movement His Divine Love.

I asked Him:

“How do You serve the Lord, Chaitanya?”

He replied:

“There are different ways to serve the Creator. It is possible to directly teach students passing the knowledge of God and the Path to Him, or you can write books about Him, or you can create works of art. And also you can set the example to people by yourself: it means, to be in love with the Lord so that always — in every moment — appears the love to Him, dancing an ecstasy dance of love and bliss, and giving this love to people!

“Dear, Darling, My Only Krishna!

“You are giving the Heavenly Living Light!

“Bliss Love opens the humans’ hearts!

“Krishna! Lord! This Love is perpetual!”

* * *

But They spoke not only about love and stages of the Path, but also explained the reasons and mechanisms of social processes occurring on the Earth.

Once we were meditating in a pine forest near the lake, where there was the Mahadouble of Divine Teacher — Giant. There we had a very good possibility to master the hesychia inside our spiritual hearts extended in the Infinity.

Vladimir drew our attention: in addition to Giant, also Lao is present with us. Vladimir invited us to disperse to some distance through the forest — to be alone-on-one with Them.

I found a seat next to a high pine tree and stopped, listening to Giant and Lao. But in the surrounding me on all sides silence... I suddenly thought about war.

“We are so fortunate to be pampered by You and grow in Your Love! But somewhere on the Earth now are thundering explosions, bullets flying, fires raging, people suffering from injuries and dying... Why do people make wars? Why does God allow it?

Lao approached:

“As I’m glad to meet you!

“I will answer your question.

“Understand that any war — is a voluntary choice of the people. And if they choose war, then I usually do not create obstacles: this is their own choice, through which they receive their life experience.”

“Yes, but ask any normal person: what he or she chooses — war or peace? After all, almost no one can say that they choose war!”

“‘On the surface’, it looks, yes, namely so. But, in fact, war is because those, who are involved in the war, have lost the meaning of their existence, have lost God.

“War matures within the society of the country. And when ‘firewood for the fire of war’ has already ‘been gathered’ — absolutely no matter, who and how puts a match. What was the specific reason for the outbreak of war — then it does not matter.

“Objectively, it is necessary to fight only when needed to protect the world from such evil as fascism and other forms of fanatical terrorism.

“In general, wars... accelerate the process of evolution — in the sense that they create extreme conditions in which people make their choices. Some of them exhibit the best qualities: protect others, sacrificing themselves or, helping the weak, etc. Others show dormant in them during peacetime propensity for violence: they kill, rob, taunt; for them — a straight road to hell.

“Pain and suffering are the extreme measures of My upbringing. Criminal leaders, guiding the masses and pushing them into the chaos of war, of course, will bear the entire burden of responsibility for their actions. But everyone — he or she — also is responsible for what they choose: to love — or to hate.

“That is why it is important to convey to each of the people knowledge of the true meaning of life — not to be cheated, but to make a choice consciously: a choice based on understanding the laws of universal Evolution.

“I am Love! I do not get tired of repeating it again and again! Live in love — and then peace and happiness will always be with you!”

* * *

... It is — only very small fragments of what and how the Divine Teachers taught us.

“Learn from Us! We are ready to help everyone!” — all Them say so. — “And who wants to learn — let him or her learn, but not only by thinking and talking about this!”

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