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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Constantly Feel God!

How God Can Be Cognized/Constantly Feel God!

Constantly Feel God!

God speaks with every one of us constantly. To realize this, it is not necessary to have clairvoyance or a special ability to hear God. The Creator can easily explain something to us by using images of the material world; the only thing that is needed is our willingness to perceive...

I remember how my daughter and I were caught in a heavy summer shower. A huge storm cloud, which darkened all visible space from our view, was above our heads; peals of thunder and flashes of lightning were all around...

We were walking home under a single raincoat. My daughter, pressing to me, was mincing along with her legs being in water up to ankles and suddenly started singing happily: “I love Baba*! I love Baba!” Immediately the black cloud parted, as if some giant arms had moved it apart, and in the midst of the stormy sky and unceasing downpour of water — we saw the dazzling ball of the Sun, the rays of which shone on the Earth, piercing the wall of rain!

When someone in his or her affliction bewails saying: “O Lord, where are You? Why did You abandon me?” — we need to comprehend that it was not God Who abandoned us, but we are who abandoned Him by hiding into our shells, by becoming isolated in our ignorance.

God is present always and in everything. He can never abandon us, in the same way as the Sun cannot leave the dome of the sky during the day. Even if the Sun is shrouded by a mantle of rain, this does not mean that it is not here. It shines as brightly and dazzlingly as always above the clouds.

After this event, God showed me such an image: the Sun with countless rays and each ray is like a straight road. We only need to put ourselves on such a road, turn our faces towards the Creator of Light, and rush to His Arms with all our possible strength and passion!

It seems that this road is so easy and simple! But why do only few follow it?

To explain this, God showed me a great number of people who are standing with their backs to this Light and do not see anything in front of them, except for their own long and dark shadows... Others are so retreated into their shells of separateness, having battened down all the doors and windows of their hearts, that not even a single ray of Light can pass through. Still others are just warming themselves and delighting under the rays of the Star, and they feel so good that they do not want anything else...

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