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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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How God Can Be Cognized/Ecology


Ecology is the science of a being’s interactions with its environment. We must learn — from the perspective of ethics — to interact correctly with the whole world around us: incarnate and non-incarnate beings. Simply stated, we need to learn to love them. Otherwise, it is impossible to love God and draw close to Him. And the full love is possible only having a developed spiritual heart.

Vladimir taught us in practical ecology. Having great experience as the scientist-biologist, and studied, in particular, the multidimensional structure of the universe and the Creator, he happily shared all his knowledge with us.

To love nature — you need to live alone with it in harmony: respecting its laws, attuning with it, take care of it. And through this, you can learn a lot — including, silence, peace.

* * *

We leave the city before dawn — to be early in the forest. Namely at the dawn, nature fills with the greatest tenderness!

We walk on a forest path to the place of power. Each carries a backpack in which — the essentials: first-aid kit, paper for kindling a camp-fire, a hacksaw, a plastic raincoat in case of rain, the foam pad so that it could be possible to relax on the damp ground, and, of course, sandwiches for breakfast with cheese, coffee, jars with rice and mushrooms for lunch.

… That is the dawn!

Ants paved their trails across the track on which we walk. We navigate so as not to step on them.

Around — pine forest saturated with sunlight! And every pine glows and radiates fragrance!

Vladimir says:

“It is best to feel the harmony of nature in the morning and evening sunset; the day — is not ideal.

“A long time ago, when I yet had no understanding on the spiritual work, I looked at this beauty — and very strongly wanted to give it to others. And — as a result of that, my desires, our spiritual School had been created.”

... We stopped under high fir-trees, have breakfast of sandwiches with coffee.

Then we start to work. First — the trees of power.

Vladimir explains:

“These are the unique — with regards to bio-energy — spruce and pine. They grew up together — side by side — from their childhood. And they have formed the most interesting place of power.

We should, first, fully enter — by the consciousness — in anahatas and stand by bodies between their trunks, embracing with love these trees. And let’s see what happens.”

... I went to anahata, stand between the trees, embraced them by arms of the soul, and... disappeared! Complete dissolution, the state of non-existence of the material world... It suddenly ceased to exist for me... Now there was only the space of peace and quiet... I did not feel my body, as if it was not... Then I did the super-effort to understand what I now am... With effort, I realized that I was just the limitless and eternal peace and quiet! Wow! Here, it appeared, the Nirvana... With Vladimir — it is so easy!

... And Vladimir smiles:

“It’s just the ‘gate’, clearing the mind and preparing to perceive the much more important...”

... When all members of our group had passed through this ‘gate’, having been in this place for about a few minutes each, — we went further.

We came up to the border of the next place of power inside a huge Mahadouble of Babaji.

Vladimir explained the technique of the work:

“You can, just having crossed the border of the places of power, freely and easily swim — by consciousness — from anahata — and immediately feel like a very large spiritual heart, the diameter of a few hundred meters.

“Pay attention to the arms of consciousness: we can embrace, caress — both the tops of trees, and birds, and clouds, and the sun, and Babaji, of course!

“Let us feel the Divine Love of Babaji, which He gives to us! You can easily communicate with Him, to ask for advices, instructions for yourself and for others.”

... I went into the place of power, am trying — very cautiously — to feel Babaji... And suddenly — was filled with His Love! Nothing like I had felt ever before! Here it was — the Love of God: the all-penetrating and filled with happiness and bliss of Living Light-Tenderness!

Vladimir reports that Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba came here as well.

... I walked on the place and asked — but by force of old habit — not Babaji but Jesus — to accept me, to allow me to go to Him by this Path. I turned to Jesus again and again with all my being, and, when deep peace suddenly filled the soul, I realized: my request is accepted...

... Each of those few days was filled with new discoveries, familiarity with other Representatives of the Creator. Vladimir worked this miracle — revealed God to us. He introduces us to the Divine Teachers, while he himself remained to the side — so that everyone could personally feel God — the Living, the Real.

There was a feeling that in those days I spent months of life... A new love came to me — Love of God! And I would like to fill all people with this Embracing Divine Love!

This was a complete opening of the spiritual heart. And, at the same time, — only the beginning of great work on the Path to the Creator...

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