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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

Sathya Sai Baba

How God Can Be Cognized/Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba

When we came to the place of power of Sathya Sai for the first time, His Mahadouble rose higher above young birches, and it seemed that warm orange reflections fell even upon the white birch bark and on the unmelted snow.

We clung to Him, and He folded us in His Arms! We melted, we dissolved in His Love... The forest disappeared, we disappeared, and nothing remained but His Tenderest Love...

... On His other place of power, His Mahadouble rose high above a valley with a small river and above nearby meadows. We stayed not far away in tents for several days, and no matter where we moved our bodies, I felt that Baba was holding my hand and led me everywhere, as if I were a little child. He was absolutely Living and Intimate! I felt His love all the time!

He said to us in verses:

“Having taken My Hand,

“Hold it! Don’t lose!

“I will lead you through your life

“To My Abode!”

Baba often gave advices to me, taught me to listen to Him and to write down His words.

One day, when we again came to Him, I felt the necessity to take out a pen and a notebook from my pocket. However, my mind was resisting, saying: “There is nothing to write down, no one says anything!” In spite of this that impulse kept appearing, and finally I prepared everything necessary. Only then His words started flowing:

“You must become a pure source that spills My Knowledge for people: those people who still do not know Me and do not hear Me!

“Manifest Me through yourself!

“The purity of your perception has to be perfect, without any admixture of the self!

“My Love should flow from your eyes and from your heart in everything you say and do! My Love should flow from your entire way of life on the Earth!

“Service to Me through giving My Knowledge to people is what I can do only through sufficiently developed incarnate people, including you.

“I am Everything! I am the One Who creates inside Myself and from Myself! The universe is developing by expanding inside Me.

“I am Love, Which goes to people on the Earth, which manifests Itself in the form of My Fire Mahadoubles through Which I help people on the Path to Me!

“Feel this Love that has neither time nor space boundaries! Dissolve in It! Become It! Hold the entire universe on the arms of Love together with Me!

“Love and help people in their evolution, but remember that they have freedom of choice!

“Carry My Word to people! Whoever has ears, let them hear!”

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