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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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What Can We Do in Nature?

Essays on the Main/What Can We Do in Nature?

What Can We Do in Nature?

God can be cognized in nature, but not in temples! In the temples — there is not more of Him than in the natural landscapes!

He is everywhere. And in the Aspect of the Absolute — He is Everything, except hell, which was called by Jesus “darkness of outside” (Matt 8:12).

Temples are also needed. They gather neophytes — beginners in religion: to accept the initial information about God and the Way to Him. But how often people receive there instead of the truth — a lie!…

Demons (spirits of hell) in the temples, too, are quite a lot. Most of all, I met them in the temple of the educational institution of one of the totalitarian (especially large) sects…

I visited temples of different religious branches. I compared, I looked for everywhere the best. Looking back, I can note that the most beneficial for me was the Russian-Orthodox religious branch. The best thing I gained in it is the thoroughness of penitential work: finding my own ethical mistakes and trying not to repeat them.

And how often then I saw in my friends, who did not have such a life experience, a complete lack of understanding about the ethical work on themselves!

In Orthodoxy, I also for the first time became acquainted with the theme of hesychasm, which became the basis of my further spiritual search and the prerequisite for victories over my imperfection.

… Once Jesus asked me to fill, in the Orthodox church, the whole temple to the top by myself: myself — as a spiritual heart. Gradually it began to turn out!

But about ten years later, after direct apprenticeship with Jesus and other Holy Spirits in living nature, I suddenly realized: it was not that I could fill the temple, but all the temples… exist in me.

… Holy Spirits create — by Their presence — working sites: variants of places of power, intended specifically for Their communication with Their incarnate disciples and teaching them. It is about these places — we can say that the concentration of God here is much greater than in the surrounding space!

Jesus, for example, taught on His working site to become His Tenderness. And then, having learned, we ourselves flooded the surrounding forests with this state, and even the birds began to sing like during spring… in late autumn!

Cleansing our bodies from the consequences of ethically incorrect nutrition in the past — taught Sufy, Danish Lady Gott, Swallow, Oleg Sukhodolskiy, Igor Vysotin, Han, Huang, Ngomo, Hajji Bei Murat, and many Others.

Assyris taught being a spiritual heart, consisting of Light and located beyond the material body.

Yogananda and Yasin explained the possibility of working with the “microcosmic orbit”, which later had to be developed into “the macrocosmic orbit”.

Ptahhotep, Kurgan-Bashi, Ariadna, Elena Sabashnikova, Bogatyr, and Others taught us, in particular, to create huge Mahadoubles like Their Mahadoubles, and to act by Them.

And Sathya Sai Baba — by His example — showed how we could easily penetrate the Earth’s firmament, “fall through the Earth”. This gave the most important practical experience of transition from one spatial dimension to another; we, in particular, have learned from personal experience that matter, however hard and impenetrable it might seem to us, cannot in any way impede the Divine Consciousness.

To distinguish spatial dimensions and become Light, we were taught also by Kair, Vasilyok, and Others.

And to see with vision of the soul the boundaries between dimensions — Dobrynya taught us.

Eagle taught us for the first time “jumping into the Fiery Abyss” (of course, not by bodies, but by consciousnesses). So — we learned to be the Divine Fire, to cleanse our bodies with It.

He, together with Sathya Sai Baba, created for us optimal opportunities for effective work with Kundalini.

Thanks to, first of all, Babaji from Haidakhan — we mastered the methods of sustainable Mergence with God. I mean, in particular, the method, designated as “total reciprocity”.

Krishna — from a certain stage of our advancement — taught us to work with the “energy block” of the organism hara, which greatly strengthened our meditative abilities.

Kim focused us on the development of intangible hands — the hands of the soul, consciousness.

Huang Di showed us the eon of protomatter, taught to distinguish it from Tao: the Turiya state of God (the state of the Creator in His Abode).

And Elizabeth Haich on Her working site taught us to live in Turiya.

Surya, Yamamata, О́din taught to be the “Sun of God” and wash our bodies with Its Light-Fire.

Nakhimov and Nikifor taught to be the Ocean of Divine Peace.

And Pythagoras, Adler, Larisa, Konstantinos, Thoth-the-Atlantean, Boris — offered us to develop ourselves in breadth and distance above the real sea spaces.

Khem, Volhva, Ariadne, Yemelyan — taught to be the Fire Pyramid, under which we find Adler in His extraterrestrial state.

Also, many other Holy Spirits taught us over the past decades the same and much more. Alexey, Who named Himself at the first meeting with us as the Orthodox Priest of All Russia, also Symeon the New Theologian, Pantaleon the Healer, Dmitriy Pozharsky, Wrestler, Rada, Yeremey, Bayan, Sulia, Grand Master of Sufism, Eaglesform, Bartholomew, Son and Mother Borovik, Lao, Bright New Moon, Lao Tse, Yamamuto, Manuel, Apostles of Jesus Christ Mark, John, Matthew, Andrew, Philip, Mary Magdalene, also Radek Volynsky, Radomir, Emil and His Divine Mother, Tkhya, Hugh, Lin, Sarkar, Sacral, Karas, Carl Rossi, Conrad Lorenz, Lorenz Byron, Yogashira, Divine Finn, Divine Scandinavian Lutherans, Juan Matus, Genaro, Juanito, Carthage, Avalokiteshvara, Rosa, Nadya, Tchiao Li, Sophia, John-the-Baptist, Shakyamuni, Annie Besant, Emperor of Ancient Japan, Silvio Manuel, Isida and Master M, Abby, Chaitanya, Roman, Mahavir, Patanjali, Lahiri Mahasai, Yuktishvar, Guru Nanak, Divine Imam, Al Byul, Sunny Wind, Titus, Anatol, Maida, Lada, Giant, Theodore Kraysky, Peter and His Wife Katia, Pavel, Alagar, Aumirа, Etey, Nicholas Nekrasov, Nicephorus, Tikhon, Zoya, Cairo, and many Others… I was often ashamed before Some One of Them when I did not recognize Him or Her, could not recall the name…

… When They saw that we were ready to receive a new portion of knowledge, They invited us to their working sites — and explained how and what to do next.

There is no way to enumerate all Their names, as well as the methods of development that our Divine Teachers have bestowed on us. Each of Them at different stages of our growth showed us the methods of perfecting which were necessary for us at those moments. (Details about many of Them can be found in the book “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present”).

And now we pass to everyone who wants — through our books and other materials — the Knowledge that They presented to us.

* * *

I tried to tell you, my readers, how interesting and extremely useful can be our lives on the Earth!

… But let’s take a look: what did and do most believers in the existence of God?

They, first of all, visit temples, make body-movements accepted in corresponding sects and pray. The main theme of their prayers is “Give, the Lord!”…

But God expects from people very other!

Also people argue and quarrel among themselves because of what word is necessary to name God, how to dress, what nationalities are “good” and what are “bad”… Although this does not have any meaning!

How many people in Russia were burned alive, how many tongues were torn out and hands were cut off — so that they would neither pronounce nor put “heretical” thoughts on paper!

It occurred though the causes of discords were insignificant, not having any real importance! For example — with how many fingers should people cross their bodies — with two, three, or even five?…

Also the first hesychasts in Russia, who claimed cognizability of God, were cruelly tortured in Orthodox monastic prisons… Who did this? Those who were convinced that religiosity is only a scrupulous observance of the rituals usual in this sect…

But are really needed people’s rituals for God?

After all, no! He is interested only in the fact that people, embodied by Him on the Earth, are perfecting themselves!

And this improvement consists in what we have said in our books many times: first of all, in ethical purification and in efforts to approach the Standard of Divine Perfection, Which the Holy Spirits show us!

* * *


Once I made through the internet the distribution of information about our work — to the representations of all countries in UNESCO. I said that true knowledge about God and about the meaning of our lives can radically improve the entire social “climate” on the planet. Let’s cooperate!

I had received only a single response from the representation of one of the Southern-European countries. In it was written the following:

It’s great that you, too, are eager to help people of the whole Earth! We are glad to cooperate with you!

We are here now planting olive trees in the name of peace!

We also understand that in your north they do not grow.

Therefore — plant fir-trees!

It was just at the time when some head of the government level foolishly declared fir-trees — as weeds which hamper the growth of pines. The orders were “downed” to forestries: abolish in each household so much firs! And the economic utilization of that wood in those directives was not envisaged.

And the workers of forestries were forced to simply cut down the firs in large quantities and leave them lying on the ground, littering the forests and creating fire hazards…

It became clear for me that it was useless to continue the conversation with that lady from UNESCO.

A few months later, I read in the press that it was she who was awarded a huge (in my understanding) premium in UNESCO “for the outstanding contribution”: that is, just for the campaign to plant trees… in the name of peace…

… I do not bother those who do not want to accept God in their worldviews, in their lives! Let them while improving their intellectual abilities in the material world. And — if they want — let they pray!

But let they, at least, not disturb work for those who are in love for God and really dedicate their lives to Him!

By the way, through the Prophet Muhammad (Quran 2:256 or 257) God forbade people the compulsion in religion. How wonderful it would be if all people adhered to this rule!

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