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Hesychasm — and Harmony of Transition to “Other World”

Essays on the Main/Hesychasm — and Harmony of Transition to “Other World”

Hesychasm — and Harmony of Transition to “Other World”

In different ways, people experience the death of their bodies. Someone — at night in sleep, not noticing the “death”. Or — “the heart just stopped”, almost without pain… Others “die” in horrible torments…

The average person most often dies by the body not on one’s own, but by God, Who sends to ensure the transition “into another world” some among many spirits.

And how this happens — is determined by the fate of the “deceased”, created by himself or herself. Those who recklessly inflicted in vain pain and death to other beings, although one’s level of development in psychogenesis was sufficient to be able to compassionate with the pain of others and not cause it — to those God shows what is pain — on their own life experience.

There are still young psychogenetically people who, although they did not become full-fledged puritans, were known as good. Their “death” is easy.

… Children can be spectators of “deaths”. But they are not yet able to imagine their own “death”: it looks so far away for them that it is not thought to be real. And this — for them — is correct.

How to explain to them someone’s “death”? It is quite convenient to tell the truth: a person does not die at all, but only goes to live in a disembodied world — a world of non-incarnate people. Only the body dies — and this does not mean much for that person.

And crying, grieving over someone’s “death” — this means protesting against the Will of God. The theme “Why did you leave me?” — this is the manifestation of someone’s own stupid egoism.

After all, a good individual guaranteed for himself or herself the good destiny “in another world”; he or she is there — well! Why protest against this?

… But, when one “is already over thirty” — it’s time to think about one’s own future “death” more seriously. It’s time to ask questions: “What does God expect of me?” What do I have time to do — both in serving Him, and in my own development?”

… I will share my experience of a never-ending up to now bodily dying.

The first time it happened when I was gossiped by a gang of primitives, directed and supported I will not tell by whom. Then, after the attack, I was dying in severe pain for about six months. This culminated in two clinical “deaths”.

What for? — For the non-repentance of every sin of killing animals.

Why? — To cognize the reality of life without a body. And — to be convinced in the unpromising results of trying to help spiritually — the idle crowd…

In those years, I had just finished cleaning the chakras and the main meridians and for the first time got acquainted with the Holy Spirits, Which to some extent condensed Themselves — specifically to be visible for me.

Because in those years, I was still an insignificant in size consciousness, I could not tear myself away from the body — so far as to not feel the pain. And — tasted it in its entirety!

… After years of daily work on self-improvement — I found a completely different experience of dying of the body. You could read about this in the essay on the devils.

At this time, when the body was dying, it was quite good for me! Being now a huge and sophisticated Consciousness, I — from the Bliss of Mergence with the Primordial Oneness — could look towards my material body, which was looking so tiny, and understand that, if God cuts off my connection with it, I will not lose anything, except the possibility of taking more Higher stages of perfecting. I then completely relied on the Will of God — and He again instructed me to continue my discipleship with Him, remaining in the same body.

… And then He added the thought: “All devils are completely subject to God!”…

And it turned out that this devil was easily “washed away” by the Flood of the Divine Light-Fire, carrying the intention “Take away!”…

For me, it became a new life experience.

Here is, for what, including, God created for me this situation!

… Whatever is being broadcast now on television for the entire Russian-speaking population of the planet!

Someone gives the main advice to all viewers: do not take from the cemeteries into your houses any objects! Because with them you will bring in “the dead”!

Other information of the same level: the hair on the head is the antennas through which we are guided by God, Who is, indeed, above our heads. And, if the hair is cut off, — such man remains without contact with God and lives now according to one’s own will…

The population of our country is now intellectually “fed” by such information…

Plus — as if religious rituals “save”…

Plus — ajna’s “digging” into fantasizing about the number of chakras: 8, 9, 90, even already 110…

Although — for starters — just one chest chakra anahata would be enough, the other six — let them be just clean…

… I offer the Path of spiritual perfecting, which has been passed and studied, which really gives worthy results! It has been described in detail in many of our materials. This is a Modern Developed Hesychasm. Its essence, to which the Founders of Christianity, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and some other smaller religious trends tried to teach their followers, — consists in developing oneself as the spiritual heart.

There are no other ways to full cognition of God and to fulfill the higher meaning of our lives!

And remember: life in the body on the Earth is given to each of us by God — for perfecting! In this — His interest! And our interest — too! Without a body, we can live, but we cannot radically improve ourselves!

We are improving ourselves only here on the Earth! Therefore, it is good reason to cherish every day, every hour of life in the material body!

And it also becomes clear that the voluntary withdrawal from this life because of a misunderstanding of the meaning of my life — is a very wrong action! It leads to the repetition of all the difficulties that we are facing now — in the next incarnation.

… I started this essay on the death of the body. And I end with how everyone can most successfully realize the Will of God, fulfilling our higher meaning of life. It must be performed voluntarily, without “urging” from the side of “death”. Although…

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