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On Signs of Human Stupidity

Essays on the Main/On Signs of Human Stupidity

On Signs of Human Stupidity

I heard from a physician who spoke on television that all the bacteria, which got into the stomach, are surely killed in it by hydrochloric acid. The conclusion came from his speech: “Eat any infection! Do not be afraid: hydrochloric acid will save!”. But, in fact, hydrochloric acid is produced by the group of appropriate cells in the walls of the stomach — only in response to the intake of protein food. And also when there is no food in the stomach, there is no hydrochloric acid in it. It, too, is not produced for digesting carbohydrate food: the latter is processed, on the contrary, by alkaline enzymes, which are produced, including, by other group of cells of the same stomach.

… There are many who do not know the difference between ships and vessels. I will explain: ships are military boats, and vessels are civil ones.

… And it is wrong to say “animals and birds”, “animals and insects”, etc. Because both birds, and fish, and insects, and worms, etc. — all are animals.

… When a lot of half-witted (from my point of view) citizens of our country were massively awaiting the advent of the “Aquarian age”, a certain physician tried to explain to me that the “change of epochs” will be conditioned by the fact that the solar system… “will fly into the constellation of Aquarius”. Although, from elementary astronomy, which he should have mastered even at school, it is known that the solar system does not approach any other star systems and does not directly touch them. As for the “Aquarian age”, all these fantastic expectations inspired — I would like to think — not those who had graduated the higher education…

… Another physician told me that one’s own religious orientation is to be determined in accordance with one’s nationality. “I’m Russian, so I have to be Orthodox!” He was a member of a religious group within Orthodoxy. This group was headed by the “father” with a very large potbellied body and with the most pronounced aggressive arrogance towards other people. The Teachings of Jesus Christ in no way affected his rectitude…

Why do I mention that those people had doctorate degrees? Because I want to emphasize in passing that the received education, even the higher, does not always make people smarter and more ethical. I happened to communicate professionally with physicians for dozens of years — and I’ve seen enough of this!…

And the same is true in the religious environment: no ritual “initiations” and “ordinations” add to the members either decency or mind!

… There are among the physicians and people of other specialties amateurs in speaking, whose speech is filled with “weedy words”. If in the years of my childhood these words — among some members of the teenage environment — were those that are now called “foul language” — now the phrase “Do you know?” has become “fashionable”… I do not want to continue listening to such an orator or interlocutor. Why? Guess it yourselves!

… There are women who live on the upper floors of high urban homes, and in front of their windows — clear space: not a single high building! But at the same time, they, before undressing, necessarily tightly close the windows with curtains: “so it is accepted”, so that no one sees me naked…

… There are a lot of those who — in our unspiritual social environment — feel negative emotions towards other people only on the grounds that they have a different nationality, a different skin color, even just another country into which they were embodied by God… I remember the case from childhood. Then the president of the United States of America was Jimmy Carter. And my dad at any rate expressed his hatred of him. I then asked the father: “Why do you hate Carter?”. He answered with hatred: “Because his name is like a crow’s croak: karr, karr*!”. He was a sincere member of the “Communist Party” and was accustomed to hating both President Carter, and crows, and people of other nationalities…

… And how many there are now of those who are ready to carry out thoughtlessly any orders of the commanders, even if these orders are criminal!… Turning soldiers into zombies through “marching exercises”… The introduction of the ideas of aggressive militarism in the mentality of the masses of people — against the background of the sound of slogans about “the struggle for peace”… But everyone has personal responsibility before God for one’s own actions, thoughts, emotions… Although… for this, one must understand: what God is, where He is, what He expects from me… Or the state policy in some countries is built specifically so that people do not know anything about God, except for just this word itself, — but worship only the head of state (as the most important; the real, visible and audible chief) and his “angelic” environment?

It would be possible to mention many more examples of human stupidity… But it is better — I will end this topic optimistically: if you notice these and other shortcomings in yourself — eliminate them! And then no one will suspect you of stupidity! Including — God!

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