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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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On Sectarian Narrowness of Thinking

Essays on the Main/On Sectarian Narrowness of Thinking

On Sectarian Narrowness of Thinking

Sects are religious associations of people whose worldview differ significantly from the true knowledge about God, His Evolution, and our responsibilities in this regard.

Moreover, the more primitive the sect, the more aggressively behave its leaders in relation to other religious associations: they have to keep in obedience and retain their “flock”! Because such leaders are “fed” financially from their duped adherents.

At the same time, “adepts” of the sect can be kept in fear of punishment for attempts to leave the sect or for doubts in it rightness.

One of the indications of sectarianism is instilling hatred and hostility toward all dissidents and freethinkers.

It is clear that spiritual success is excluded in this situation: the Creator does not allow people with such pronounced vices to approach Him!

On the contrary, the development in oneself of the ability to differentiate between truth and falsehood may be conducive to the achievement of spiritual progress. This is called the ability to think critically.

Personally, I managed to walk the Path to the direct cognition of God — thanks to the fact that even at the very beginning of my spiritual awakening in this earthly life, I defined for myself such credo: “To accept and integrate all the best from all good!”.

… Once followers of one of these sects started talking to me — with the intention of turning me to their faith. I answered them quite benevolently, agreeing with the right things I saw in their sermons and gently trying to correct in the wrong.

At the end of our conversation, they offered me to take as a present the brochure printed by their publisher, entitled “What Is the Meaning of Life?” I flipped through it and realized that only this question was put there, yet there were no signs that the authors even approximately knew about the answer themselves.

I thankfully and politely declined the present and offered to take in response my brochure “Our Meaning of Life”.

“Here,” — I said, — “the answer to the question, put in your book!”

… But they… recoiled and waved their hands:

“No-no! We are forbidden even to keep in hands books that were published not in our organization!…”

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