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“Evening at Roadstead” — the Song by Nakhimov

Essays on the Main/“Evening at Roadstead” — the Song by Nakhimov

“Evening at Roadstead” — the Song by Nakhimov

Let’s sing now, my friends! Tomorrow we trek

To pre-dawn downy mist.

Let’s be cheerful! And let’s harmonize

The gray-haired war captain!

Goodbye, the city beloved:

We leave tomorrow offshore!

And flickers astern at the mooring berth,

Familiar blue her headscarf!

The evening again is so calm that we

Can’t live without singing the songs!

On maritime service, on big sea friendship,

Let’s sing this together, my friends!

Goodbye, the city beloved:

We leave tomorrow offshore!

And flickers astern at the mooring berth,

Familiar blue her headscarf!

At vast roadstead, the silence has fallen.

And sea is enveloped in fog.

And native the shore is kissed by the waves.

And quietly is heard bayan.

Goodbye, the city beloved:

We leave tomorrow offshore!

And flickers astern at the mooring berth,

Familiar blue her headscarf!

This beautiful song was first performed on the radio in the USSR in the middle of the last century and then it was repeated quite often for about twenty years. The music for it was created by the famous composer Vasiliy Solovyov-Sedoy, and the lyrics — by him together with Alexander Churkin. (You can read more on the Internet).

The song was performed by a male chorus, at a slow pace, emphasizing by this the silence and harmony — of both the calm sea, and the whole situation on the ship, and in the souls of sailors.

It was also executed by Muslim Magomayev at his concerts.

I think that now, with much richer modern instrumental possibilities, its accompaniment could sound much brighter. The music, like the words of the song, should tune to meditative inner silence spiritual hearts, on the unity — in harmony of soft calm — of souls.

… The essay, you are currently reading, was created at the personal request of Admiral Pavel Nakhimov, Who has acquired the Divinity and is now in the status of the Holy Spirit. He says that this song-meditation was composed by Him and is passed — with great difficulty — to incarnate people through those two mentioned artists.

Let us worship Nakhimov emotionally, let us thank Him for this wonderful Gift!

And let His song sound in our hearts, helping souls approach the state of Divinity!

By the way, you can ask the Divine Admiral for help in this. He teaches the same as other Holy Spirits: acquiring peace in the spiritual hearts developed to oceanic size.

* * *

Almost all modern people, living in material bodies on the Earth, do not have the fullness of knowledge about God, about the meaning of our earthly existence, about what God expects from us. God for them is, rather, a symbol, not the Reality.

But this Reality is so Vast that there is nothing — more in the universe than It!

Without cognizing God personally, such people can be sure that God, if He exists, is unknowable, and if someone communicated directly with Him, then these were only a few great prophets in remote antiquity… And if someone says that he or she currently talks with God, then this is an obvious psychopathology… Such was the atheistic psychiatric concept on a state level in the USSR…

Yes, crazy people like that, are, really, enough…

But God, still, exists.

And He — even — can speak!

And His successful disciples really communicate directly with Him — their Main Teacher!

God — in the Aspect of the Supreme Primordial Consciousness — is the universal in size Totality of Those People Who have attained the Divine Perfection — during the entire infinite history of His existence. He is Their United We, Oneness, the One United Consciousness, consisting of the Great Multitude of the former people who have attained the Perfection.

Being at the zenith of your own spiritual ascent, you will see this United We and can learn to pour into Him.

But we usually communicate with His Representatives — the Holy Spirits. Among Them is Divine Admiral Nakhimov.

… Incarnate people can have contacts also with not Divine spirits, including infernal ones. And often, it happens that the lack of proper competence and reasonableness allows some such mystics to believe that they communicate not with spirits, but with God. That is when schizophrenia can arise — if a person subordinates to them his or her behavior in the material world.

… How to distinguish: spirits — and Holy Spirits?

The Holy Spirits are huge, enormous in size. But the main criterion is — Their ultimate subtlety on the scale of multidimensionality.

The hellish spirits are coarse in energy terms and dark in color.

One is able to perceive only those “living” energies which correspond to one’s own level of spiritual advancement, and also — the rougher ones. Fundamentally more subtle energies are not perceivable by one — whether one is incarnate, or in the non-incarnate state.

Therefore, in particular, God does not become perceptible even after disembodiment — for those people who have not attained His level of subtlety during their lives in material bodies. That’s why, it’s useless to ask about God from spirits!

It is also necessary to take a very critical attitude to the content of books written by mediums from the words of spirits: no spirit, except Holy Spirits, has the fullness of spiritual information!

Also among the spirits, there are many jokers-liars who amuse themselves, mocking the overly gullible occultists, for whom ethical values are not absolutely obligatory for execution.

But the total rejection of the ethical principles, offered to people by God, — often becomes a “lure”, especially for the youth. One of such “baits” may be the statement that spiritual Liberation is… just in refusing all restrictions imposed by the society. “What I want is what I do!” — and, as a result, there must necessarily become a mysterious and longed-for “instant enlightenment”… This foolishness can be aggravated by the assertion that, since I am a particle of God-Absolute, it is only necessary to recognize this by the mind — and then all my desires and deeds become Divinely flawless!… I want to — and I kill, I want to — and I steal, rape, rob, humiliate, slander, desecrate!…

One of the leaders of sects founded on this “methodological basis” even adopted the “spiritual name”, which is translated into English as “Mr. Sin”…

Or — I was once familiar with a stupid young mystic who, although he was a thief, — at the same time he honored and called himself as the saint. In particular, he claimed that he hears the Voice of God!… I asked him to tell more about this. He replied: “In my head, streams and vortexes of different thoughts are constantly running. My task is to select from them the information that is suitable for me.”

I hope that my readers understand without complementary explanation the absurdity of such a “method” of “hearing God”.

In fact, the Voice of God clearly sounds not in a head, but only in the developed spiritual hearts of ethically pure spiritual ascetics.

… God — in the Aspect of the United We of all Holy Spirits — allows to approach Himself only those, for whom the strictest observance of the Divine ethical principles is the vital priority. And the second most important is the refinement of oneself as a soul, consciousness.

* * *

Once in a summer, many decades ago, I gathered mint on a meadow — to dry it and then brew instead of tea in the winter. And for several hours, I heard repeated two names: Voloshin and Akinfiev… These names… have been really remembered in mind…

I told about this my friends. And immediately received a proposal: let’s look in the book with postal addresses!

And in fact: in this book there were settlements “Voloshino” and “Akinfievo”… So, apparently, there were landowners-noblemen with the appropriate surnames. I began to search in the library’s catalog. And I found the wonderful book of I.Akinfiev on vegetarianism. Since then, I suggest to everyone to read it. The author of this book managed to “get through” to the mind of the incarnate person with consonant spiritual world-view!

But the former estate of Voloshin, where he invited me, I could not visit: it was possible to get there only by car, but I was forced to sell it (together with the garage), in order to publish on the proceeds one of my first books.

It was the early episode of my hearing non-embodied consciousness… In what follows, the correct line of spiritual development I chose, allowed me not to “hear voices” of invisible persons, but to communicate with the Holy Spirits as clearly as with incarnate people. And of those who walked along my path, some wrote down verses from the Holy Spirits. And through my colleague Anna Zubkova, the Holy Spirits presented mankind with many books of the highest spiritual significance, illustrating the various nuances of spiritual progress…

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