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To the Theme of Beauty: about Mammary Glands

Essays on the Main/To the Theme of Beauty: about Mammary Glands

To the Theme of Beauty:
about Mammary Glands

In the old years, I repeatedly heard the question: why do males have these rudiments of mammary glands with nipples?

I did not have a clear answer then.

After years, I became convinced of the existence of God-the-Creator. So — this arrangement of male bodies was not a “misunderstanding”, a “foolish accident”. Hence — it was conceived and planned by Him. But why?

The answer came to me later — and I will share it with you.

… The mammary glands in women have not only that purpose to feed babies. But they are an important element of beauty, created by the Creator for spiritual refinement, especially for males. And most women have also the ability to admire its harmonious form, softness, subtle tenderness.

And even when the youth of the body has already left behind — there is the opportunity to admire the nakedness of such women: their openness, willingness to accept their fate with its age outgoings. This, too, — in itself — is wonderful!

And to observe the age-related decline of young beauty in others is very significant for those, who live in God-given bodies without understanding that the youth of the body is not eternal, and it is necessary to hurry up to fulfill — while there are fresh forces — most important, for which we have received our earthly bodies.

… But why exist these rudiments of mammary glands, inherent in males, which may even seem to some as ugly?

This is to ensure males see their physical imperfection — in comparison with women’s beauty!

Male bodily beauty — it’s just a pitiful semblance of women beauty!

… I’m writing this for those males who are proud of their sex — for no reason at all!

* * *

But I do not propose women uncover the breasts in inadequate for this conditions. Normal people are happy with beauty, they are refining, doing better. But too much exist among us of those embodied infernal creatures who hate beauty, seek to desecrate and torment it…

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