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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
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Life “According to Cliches” — or Life on Principles, Offered by God

Essays on the Main/Life “According to Cliches” — or Life on Principles, Offered by God

Life “According to Cliches” — or Life on Principles, Offered by God

Most people of all countries live in accordance with cliches of behavior that are common to particular sects or human traditions. It is about how to dress, what one can and what cannot do on certain days of the week or on “holidays”, which “religious” movements, prayers, or incantations should be performed. This also includes the religious tradition of mutilating the sex organs of both men and women.

And after all, homos erectus can be convinced that for all this is the Will of God!

But what’s the use for God from all this?! He needs us as the Perfect Souls, and not at all as the primitives, observing stupid “rules”, invented by equally stupid people!

It is often seen how God becomes completely ousted from the worldview of the masses of such pseudo-adepts of religion — with these “rules”!

… Homos sapiens, wondering, observe how primitive people distort religious truths — right up to the opposite!

God invites incarnate people to devote their lives to becoming better in accordance with His Doctrine of Love, Peace, Subtlety, Wisdom — but pseudo-pastors can preach (clothed in religious form) violence, murders, bullying, development in themselves the infernal qualities, believing that by this they will deserve a paradise…

A characteristic example is the relation to beauty, including the beauty of a naked body. The Holy Spirits try to explain to us that the true erotica, which refines souls, is an important device for spiritual perfecting! But there are sects, opposing God, insisting that it is a shame, sinful deeds, leading to hell…

The same — and with respect to ethically impeccable sex — as a means of refinement of consciousness, comprehension of tenderness, harmony, and peace, the possibility of developing in oneself caring for another…

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