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“Ice Ages”

Essays on the Main/“Ice Ages”

“Ice Ages”

In recent centuries, the following amazing discoveries have been made, including: in those places where the severe cold constantly reigns, deposits of coal were discovered! It was also found in the depths of the large islands of the Arctic Ocean, and even in Antarctica!

But in fact, coal in ancient times was formed from the remains of abundant vegetation in the localities with a hot and humid tropical climate!

On this basis, it was suggested that the climate on our planet periodically changed: there were hot epochs and “glacial periods” when the Earth was completely covered with snow and ice for a long time.

And now there are battles about how we should be in connection with the “global warming”, which, in fact, is not. There is another: local climate changes in those or other parts of the Earth’s surface. For example, the last winter in north-west Russia was the warmest in decades. But in Yakutia (Sakha) it gets colder and colder. This winter the temperature dropped to minus 61 degrees Celsius! But this is the Antarctic temperature! And the winter cold snap here is the trend of recent years! The northern “pole of cold”, as the experts say, moved from geographically polar latitudes — deep to the south!

And in the same Antarctica — somewhere it becomes warmer, and in other parts of the continent — colder…

… In an attempt to come up with an explanation for the total “ice ages”, a hypothesis was advanced that their cause was in volcanic activity. Namely — the most powerful eruptions of volcanoes emitted so much ash into the atmosphere as to prevent solar heat on the surface of the planet.

But this is not to be tested in practice: is it really that under such conditions the cooling of the Earth’s surface will come — whether ashes in the atmosphere will cause a “greenhouse effect” and, conversely, warming up?

For example, if the sky at night is covered with a continuous cloudiness, then such nights are much warmer than with a clear sky!

It is possible to continue to develop this idea. If the atmosphere becomes less transparent, the solar heat will heat up the entire conglomerate of the Earth with its atmosphere, and the ash will prevent the dissipation of heat outside. As a result — not cooling, but warming up the Earth?

But to test these hypotheses in practice — there is no possibility. Therefore, it is better not to waste time on their further discussion.

… But how, after all, to explain the mentioned fact of the discovery of coal in the localities with the present “permafrost”?

In fact — it’s quite simple. Into our planet, in its long history, repeatedly pierced — from different angles to its surface — large cosmic objects. They changed — in one way or another — both its orbit, and the parameters of rotation. The axis of rotation was changed, new poles have been formed, a new equator has been designated, the climate has been totally transformed in accordance with these new parameters. Glaciers formed where the heat had previously dominated… In other places, where there was a cold that seemed to be eternal, the ice melted, tropical vegetation gradually developed, and deposits of organic fossil formed over the millennia of a new climate…

I emphasize that such local climate transformations occur, of course, not for one day and not for a week, but over much longer stretches of time.

… The last question that I would like to consider in connection with the topic of climate changes observed on our planet is the influence of nuclear explosions.

Every such powerful explosion pushes the planet. And because of this, its flight trajectory around the Sun, as well as the speed and the axis of its own rotation, can change. This effect can be especially pronounced if the nuclear explosions are repeated at the same polygons.

And are not the observed climate changes on the planet — the result of such multiple nuclear explosions?

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