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On Prohibition of Abortions

Essays on the Main/On Prohibition of Abortions

On Prohibition of Abortions

There is no doubt that abortions are evil. Although are guilty in this, as a rule, namely men, not women!

To avoid this evil, sexual education of children must be conducted, beginning before the age when pregnancies become possible.

Also adult fighters against abortions are not able to understand that there is no and there cannot be a murder of man by an abortion! Can be killed — only the rudiment of the human body!

One of the foundations of elementary spiritual illiteracy is the lack of understanding that man is not a body! Man is the soul!

To kill man — in the truest sense of the word — there is no possibility! People do not have ways to kill man-soul — neither by abortion, nor by any other way!

Although God usually does not give people the right for killing human bodies.

… To those, who intend to continue the fight against women, who want to part from unwanted pregnancies, I can offer a more radical slogan: “Ban menstruation!”. Every menstruation indicates the death of an egg, from which the “man” could come out!

(But how it could be implemented, I will not prompt: or someone will seriously insist that all women must be chronically pregnant, then there will be almost no menstruation.)

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