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How to Become Osho (Ocean)?

Essays on the Main/How to Become Osho (Ocean)?

How to Become Osho (Ocean)?

When Rajneesh had felt himself to be the Ocean of Consciousness — since then he had asked to be called Osho (Indian word; it means Ocean). This level of spiritual development was reached by him in previous incarnations. And therefore, in his last earthly life, it was boring for him to do what other people do.

Therefore he began to try to teach others himself.

To what?

Yes, he read a lot, so he had common ideas about the meaning of human earthly lives and spiritual transformation. But about how to help his followers also become Parts of the Ocean of Divine Light-Fire, — he did not know. Why? Because he did not remember how he learned this very long ago.

At the beginning of his teaching, he even offered nothing to purify and develop chakras. He had met with this opportunity only at the end of his earthly life. Apparently, it had happened thanks to my books (which were not yet published in English in those years): because there were no publications with full information on this theme before mine.

He did not have time to pass this knowledge to his disciples.

So what did he start teaching his disciples, whom he gathered around himself? He himself did not even call this as the spiritual work, but psychotherapy. He suggested that students begin working on themselves — with the “destruction of the human form” (in the language of Juan Matus, books about Whom Rajneesh was familiar). This means the desire to live not according to the patterns, adopted in an unspiritual society: that is, not according to the patterns that can hinder spiritual growth. And this gave the result that His disciples — in their majority — were existing in a state of harmony, peace, a sense of happiness!

Rajneesh also believed that by “piercing” by himself-consciousness the contaminated middle meridians of the disciples, he brings them closer to Enlightenment… Yes, this contributed to the purification of their bodies from bioenergy pollutions. But on the new steps of spiritual ascent, one can be consolidated only through one’s own efforts. What was received in the form of a gift, an advance, without one’s own understanding of how one can return independently to the cognized states, is of little use. Such states are quickly lost. Students would need exactly the methods of cleaning the chakras and the main meridians — by their own efforts. But Rajneesh could not teach them this.

Were there any among his disciples who could achieve more? I do not know, I’ve never heard of such.

I personally saw only three of those who called themselves the direct disciples of Rajneesh-Osho.

One of them, a young guy, was almost unable to pronounce other words, except for the name of the guru. Therefore, nothing about him, nor about his personal studies — he could tell. But — under his influence in that town — people began to systematically conduct paid (for renting halls) meetings. However, the owners of those halls did not allow admittance of Osho’s followers more than once. Because the halls and stair platforms turned out to be littered with cigarette butts and other garbage: they declared: “Long live the Permissiveness!”.

Two other men proclaimed themselves — to be Osho’s Enlightened Disciples!

One of them was proud of the fact that he had learned to wrap other people in hell — in order to demonstrate his superiority over them. And he also criticized Antonov for the emphasis on working with the spiritual heart. In his opinion, it is necessary to develop only the lower chakras!…

The other such man proclaimed himself to be a sex-guru — and he was not able to talk about anything other than sex. About the meaning of our lives, about God — he did not know anything and did not want to know!

However, the women who tried it with him, then spoke about him in such expressions: “Nothing special…”.

Because of such an obvious meaninglessness of his life — God “awarded” him with cancer.

We then managed to heal him — against the backdrop of talks about the most important things, which would make sense in life.

The physicians, who had previously diagnosed him, were very surprised by what had happened: the absence of signs of oncology…

But he himself has not changed for the better.

To such people, God usually brings back the disease. However, I do not know how his fate developed after years.

* * *

And how, after all, to become the Ocean of the Divine Light-Fire?

We must begin with an ethical cleansing of the soul. We have considered this topic in a very detailed and versatile manner in all our books listed in the end of the book.

Then it is necessary to cleanse the bioenergy in our bodies; how this can be done — this is described in detail, first of all, in “Ecopsychology”.

Bioenergy pollutions in bodies come into existence mainly because of one’s own negative emotions, ethically perverse nutrition, as well as from communications — primarily sexual — with rude (in terms of bioenergy) people.

And — we must learn love!

“God is Love!” (1 John 4:8, 4:16) — as He Himself spoke and speaks of Himself. Therefore, there is no other way to approach Him without full mastering of this quality!

And the Creator has created in His Creation for embodied people the appropriate conditions — for people to master love.

First and foremost, a great help in this, which we can use, is attunement with harmony, beauty of nature, especially in calm mornings! We tried to explain this in more detail, first of all, in such books as “Ecopsychology”, “Spiritual Work with Children”, and also show in films.

The beauty of human bodies is also a very significant component of the Creation! It gives an opportunity to attune with the subtle and the beautiful, which essentially brings us closer to the states of Holy Spirits. And those, who have a bodily tender subtlety in their temporary disposal, can serve God and people without hiding this quality, but, on the contrary, helping — with its help — others growing spiritually. This is for the owners of such bodies — their service for God and people. (But we should not forget that we live in — mainly — spiritually deprived and aggressive society, impregnated with dumb hatred. And the causes of this are atheism and the lack of true religious and philosophical knowledge among the masses of people).

The presence of a harmonious satisfaction in sexuality in relationships with spiritual like-minded people is also very important.

… To cleanse one’s own body of bioenergy dirt and not get polluted again — this is fundamentally important before presuming a direct acquaintance with the Holy Spirits and the Ocean of Divine Light-Fire. It is so, because to go out of the body into the Divine Purity and Subtlety or even to approach one’s state to the Creator — this cannot be done with a contaminated body.

And then, one has to start — in earnest — developing oneself as a spiritual heart.

To begin with, one will learn looking from the chakra anahata forward, to feed with one’s love all living beings, holding them on the palms of the immaterial hands emanating from the spiritual heart.

Moreover, as one grows up as a spiritual heart, let the hands of the soul become larger and stronger.

Then, when it is mastered, one will have to learn the same, leaving the anahata chakra backwards and expanding there. This is how we can perceive intangible worlds (spatial dimensions, eons, lokas). With the help of the already developed hands of the soul — we can move there between the layers of multidimensionality. And we will learn to stay in the most subtle of them.

Such work can be best done in the mornings in sunny weather on sandy areas: sandbars or deserted beaches. There are no interfering bioenergy fields of plants, and most often the energy purity, which favors the perception of the help of the Holy Spirits, dominates.

When we have already mastered the Mergence with the Divine Light-Fire both under the body, and in all segments, and in the middle meridian, and the Ocean is now perceived not only at the level of the body and below, but on all sides of the body, including, above, — then it is possible — from the state of such Mergence — to begin the transformation of the matter of one’s body by the Divine Light-Fire.

And the Holy Spirits will help Their incarnate disciples learn all the details of this work.

* * *

Let me summarize what has been said.

To become the Ocean of Divine Consciousness, to achieve Mergence with God — it is realistic, but one just needs to know — how.

The main obstacle on this Path is the lack in aspirants of ethical purity. And this, in turn, is largely determined by the level of intellectual development.

A very large negative role in this can be caused by the informational contamination of this topic, which finds its place in bad pseudo-spiritual literature. These are both the hope for “instant enlightenment”, and the statement that “the more sex — the more a person accumulates personal power”, and attempts to find God “at a point above one’s head”, and much more…

Rajneesh-Osho manifested himself as a Revolutionary. He focused his listeners and readers of his books with His lectures — on the manifestations of human stupidity, which formed and maintained false religious concepts. By this, he taught many to start thinking on their own — and only for this he deserves our respect!

I advise you to read his books, although they must also be treated critically. Just one example: he claimed in the book “Mustard Seed” that it is the norm for human males to be aggressive — as opposed to the majority of women’s calm. But not about the aggressiveness of men, here it would be necessary to speak, but it was necessary to use a completely different term: for example, intensity.

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