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“Religion” — against God?

Essays on the Main/“Religion” — against God?

“Religion” — against God?

We have already discussed that some “religious” rules and customs, invented by people who are very far from God, are — from God’s point of view — destructive, harmful.

I will give one more example:

There is an opinion in a primitive sectarian social environment that any attempts to become better are unacceptable, because they can evoke pride (pride because of one’s own achievements). And pride, they say, is the most terrible sin!

So people of vice justify both drunkenness, and any other vices and crimes.

But the Founder of Christianity taught namely the opposite: for us to become Perfect, how perfect is our Father in Heaven (Mt 5:48)!

Conclusion: it makes sense to study the Teachings of God and follow it — rather than the opinions of representatives of certain sects.

However, this requires a level of intellectual development no lower than that of that black grouse…

So, we should strive to develop intelligence, rather than being content with primitive fun like contemplation of how others play ball, honoring it as the main thing in their lives, and not with false hopes that someone will “pray” for me — and so will save me from all my sins and from hell…

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