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Perfection Means to Become the Holy Spirit!

Essays on the Main/Perfection Means to Become the Holy Spirit!

Perfection Means to Become the Holy Spirit!

What only do people call perfection? This can be both the mastery of one or another professional activity, and the posts, ranks, titles achieved in society, and even success in mastering the “art of murder”…

But so think atheists and those who, although they call themselves as believers, do not have an understanding of what the word God means and what He expects from us.

But He desires, first of all, us to aspire to namely spiritual Perfection. And He waits for us to make efforts in this direction. In other words, the Creator is waiting for us — having become Perfect — in Himself!

The Holy Spirits serve us as the models for imitation. They are for us the Standards of Perfection. And also — the Divine Teachers.

But for successful improvement, we need, above all, to master the ethical Teachings of God. It consists of refusing, as it is possible, harming all good beings, and also developing in ourselves the quality of unobtrusive love-caring for others. (You can read more about this in the books “Ecopsychology”, “Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present” and in all other books published by us). “Non-killing” nourishment (i.e., vegetarianism) is an obligatory component of spiritual ethics.

Let us also consider such a principle: “We aspire even not to grieve anyone of good beings!”

The second necessary component of readiness for spiritual ascent is the bioenergetic purity of the body. We cannot leave the material body, polluted by bad energies, — into the spatial dimensions of Divine Purity.

Bodily bioenergy purity is achieved by methods, which have been described in the book “Ecopsychology”.

All that is said is the prerequisite, on the basis of which one can move on to the real direct cognition of God in all His Aspects and direct study from the concrete Holy Spirits. This study is intended to become like They are. This will be the Perfection. Then it becomes possible to freely enter the Abode of the Creator, to merge into Him, to leave the Mergence with Him partially — again to help incarnate beings.

The main and final stage of spiritual growth consists of two main components: a) further refinement of self-consciousness (buddhi) and b) direct quantitative growth beyond the limits of the material body.

On the Way of subtling the consciousness, we must become as refined as our Divine Teachers — the Holy Spirits. The first place in this, should be a categorical rejection of gross emotional states, which may arise, among other things, against the backdrop of stressful situations. This may be achieved by means of the methods of psychical self-regulation (see the book “Ecopsychology”).

As for the quantitative growth of the consciousness, it is carried out by the appropriate meditative methods.

Development in both listed indicators is possible namely through the methods of hesychasm — in its modern developed version. This means the growth of consciousness as the spiritual heart. There are no other variants of refinement and a significant quantitative increase of the self-consciousness.

Let me remind that we have repeatedly discussed in our other publications: God in the Aspect of the Creator (God-the-Father, Tao, Ishvara, Allah, Svarog, etc. — as He is called in different human languages) is the UNIVERSAL SINGLE ORGANISM; but He consists of the Multitude of Interconnected Holy Spirits, that is, from Those Who have comprehended this status throughout the infinite history of the existence of God.

“So, be ye Perfect, as your Father in Heaven is Perfect!” (Matt 5:48).

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