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Tolerance — or Blame

Essays on the Main/Tolerance — or Blame

Tolerance — or Blame

The Creator’s basic state is Blissful Calm.

And the Holy Spirits, emanating from the Abode of the Creator, manifest Themselves — in relation to those approaching by the state of the soul to Them — as the Most Sublime Love.

Opposite states (that is, the states of the inhabitants of hell) are hatred, anger, irritation, vanity within these emotional states.

We have the choice: where do I want?

We have to watch how some people who want to look like “mighty bosses” intentionally develop in themselves infernal qualities. What a pity that they do not accept the Teachings of God!

Another very noticeable category of infernal souls is drunkards. What are they talking about? What are their emotions? This, first of all, is hatred for everything and everyone around, even for the food they eat. And also — compassion for themselves because of their own “bitter fate”…

Why did Jesus ask us to learn not to blame others? (Luke 6:37). It was to save us from the perspective of hell!

Emotions of blame arises in the head chakra ajna (its name means stupid which does not contradict the fact that it should be cleared and developed, like all other chakras).

In those, who consciously or unconsciously prepare themselves for hell, bioenergy complex of this chakra with manipura (the chakra of upper half of the abdomen) forms. If this complex already has formed, getting rid of it can be very difficult.

It makes sense to carefully monitor our own emotional states, not allowing even weak manifestations of harmful emotions. (But a mental critical analysis of what is happening, including the actions of other people, must necessarily take place).

If we see what, we think, is wrong, we must stay in the chakra anahata. And if we have already reached the state of a huge developed spiritual heart, then — in it.

If we can help the sinners — against the background of our own emotions of love — we will help them. If we cannot — go away, watching our emotions and correcting them, if necessary. (On the art of psychic self-regulation, we discussed in more detail in the book “Ecopsychology”).

This quality, saving from hell, is called tolerance.

Perhaps it will be useful to note that in our country, which considers itself to be mostly Christian, they talk about tolerance through television only in order to blame it…

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